Case Studies

Our solutions in action

Red Bull Sputnik

Taking care of your customers by mobile sputniks


iOS Development. Android Development. Backend Development.

“Collaboration with Bacancy presented us new opportunities. High expertise, friendly client-service and full dedication — these guys are great professionals. Our project Red Bull Sputnik had very saturated functionality and short deadlines — but we definitely succeeded in it and got positive feedback from Red Bull HQ.”



Cars that drive their way into your imagination

3D modeling. Game Design. Concept Development. Interaction Design. UX & UI Design. Multitouch table game development.

“With their vision and our artistic skills of app development, it was an astonishing experience of building promo product for the most admired luxury brand. There were surreal requirements along with great expectations and our mavens did it successfully to amaze the urbane audience of Mercedes.”

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems

Online solution for offline business

Concept Development. UX & UI Design. Interaction Design. Visual Design.

“It took us 2 years to find a team who can provide proper UX/UI solution. Bacancy was the one that understood our request in a right way. CheckPoint is more than an app — it is a tool that workers use everyday, so it has intuitive interface and is easy to interact. This tool brought simplicity to a complex solution and evolved our business for sure.”

Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile

Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile

Helping enterprise to innovate

UX & UI Design. Interaction Design. Visual Design. iOS Development. Android Development. Backend Development.

“The app has changed our business. We are a large publishing company. The tool they made became very important and popular for teachers in schools around the United States. On any given day, anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 searches are done with our app.”

Route London New York

Route London New York

Transforming a brand

Rebranding. Website Redesign. Identity. UX & UI Design. Interaction Design. Visual Design. Web Development.

“Bacancy helped me rebrand my portal about fashion and jet set lifestyle, starting with the logo and ending with the overall vision. I'm very satisfied with the final look of the website. It's exactly what I imagined it to be.”

Buy For Me

Buy For Me

Lifting idea stage startups to make their first step

Consulting. Product Vision. Product Strategy. Identity. UX & UI Design. Interaction Design. Visual Design. iOS Development.

“I had an idea of how to help neighbours with purchases while shopping for myself. Guys took my vision on a paper and built my startup from the ground and within a budget, offering their professional outlook on matters that I haven’t even been aware of. Being a newbie in digital business, they dipped me into this world through ongoing consulting. I was very lucky to meet them.”

Latino Music Pool

Latino Music Pool

Digital product ecosystem

Redesign. UX & UI Design. Interaction Design. Visual Design. iOS Development. Android Development. Web Development.

“Bacancy were ahead of us when they were working and did a great job taking care of all the small details. We’ve gotten more DJs to come to us and signed many new accounts. We’ve grown slowly, but surely. We're very pleased with our website and mobile applications.”

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