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Listen to What Data Has to Say With Our Certified Tableau Consultant

At Bacancy, we have a pool of Tableau experts skilled at combining data visualization capabilities in Tableau with years of data and BI consulting experience. Our Tableau consultants develop, customize, and deliver insights-driven analytics and BI solutions that help you see your business from an entirely different perspective. Leverage the expertise of our Tableau consultant to implement, adopt, and train your employees to work seamlessly with Tableau.

Tableau Consultant

We will help you find the hidden patterns in your data and deliver actionable insights into operations.

Tableau Consultant

We will create interactive dashboards that are clickable and navigable so you can understand data easily.

Tableau Consultant

We will allow you to perform ad-hoc analysis of millions of data rows in seconds using Tableau Data Engine.

Tableau Consultant

We will help you in data visualization using versatile elements that will reflect data changes in real-time.

Tableau Consultant

We will ensure you get feedback as you analyze aiding you in faster decision making.

Tableau Consultant

We believe in customized approach to address businss challenges using Tableau capabilities.

Tableau Consulting Services We Provide

We seamlessly connect all your data sources and use Tableau to explore data, discover insights, spot trends, identify threats & opportunities, create interactive dashboards, and customize them to tell stories through data narration.

To offer bespoke Tableau consulting services, our consultants first understand the business challenges you face and then vet different options to create a strategy for Tableau adoption, integration, and deployment per your business needs. Hire Tableau consultant and get answers to all probing and complex business questions.

We have a team that will help you build modern data analytics architecture with flexible and modular structure using Tableau software. Hire a data consultant to customize data analysis solutions for real-time data analysis and batch processing. We will empower you to ask questions about the data and extract more value from it.

Our Tableau consultant has the appropriate data visualization technique for presenting data and information in pictorial and graphical formats. Our experts use graphs, charts, maps, icons, and sometimes images to help you understand the data patterns, trends, and outliers. By changing semantic data into optical structures, we make data tell stories.

Our tableau certified professional leverages Rest API or Tableau Server Client tools for developing customized applications and visualizations to increase the visibility of essential data insights throughout the organization. Hire Tableau expert from us to integrate Tableau with your existing business applications and processes.

Hire Tableau consultant if you want to migrate from legacy BI and Data analysis or visualization tools to Tableau. Our experts ensure a smooth transition and work on assigning user permissions, setting up data updates in real-time, and customizing the data visualization software for smoother integration and faster adoption.

Tableau comes in different forms, like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Mobile, and Tableau Prep. Under Tableau consulting services, we help organizations decide on the best Tableau software. We create deployment and administrative strategies accordingly, ensuring seamless deployment and administration steps necessary to create a better Tableau environment.

Tableau needs to be optimized and fine-tuned to perform optimally. Our certified Tableau developers understand the proper method of optimizing tableau performance per your business requirements and expectations. They also adjust the Tableau environment for data collection, extraction, analysis, and visualization.

Tableau visual analytics is known to take data visualization a bit further. It demands expert skills from a Tableau consultant to connect the data available in graphical form with the analytics process so you can visualize the data using different filters and metrics. We ensure you get the power to visualize the peculiar data insights in real-time for making effective business decisions.

We have a team of certified, highly skilled, and experienced Tableau consultants ready to train your employees so they can manage Tableau independently. Following best practices, they will train your employees to use Tableau efficiently, create compelling dashboards, develop or customize data visualizations, and publish data reports without writing a single line of code.

Tableau is an excellent data visualization tool, and the appealing dashboards narrate the data story effectively to yield desired results. Our Tableau consultant will transform unamusing data insights into interactive dashboards using different elements such as graphs, charts, plots, images, GIFs, and much more. We will ensure that our visual dashboards tell impactful stories and make decision-making fun.

Our Tableau developers are well-skilled in every aspect of Tableau implementation, deployment, and integration. We provide full-value Tableau consulting services encompassing project inception, defining requirements, data analysis, customization, and visualization. We will also offer post-deployment support for addressing any challenges or technical issues within the Tableau environment in the future.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tableau Products We Can Help You With

Tableau offers five different products, making finding the best option for your company challenging. Not all products are perfect for all companies. Let us help you find the best Tableau Product for your company.

Our Tableau Consulting Success Stories

Here are some scenarios where we helped our clients in overcoming data visualization challenges.

Manufacturing Facility


Manufacturing Facility

Core Technologies - Tableau | Splunk

The client wanted to derive insights from the machine-generated log data that was complex to understand. We used Splunk to collect, index, and analyze the data. We did data visualization using Tableau to present insights related to the unit upgrade, unit up rate, unit addition, Plant expansion, Pipeline addition, etc.

Online Toys Seller


Online Toys Seller

Core Technologies - Tableau

Our client is in the business of selling toys online. The client wanted a solution that would help him visualize the data in real-time with the functionality of filtering insights and modifying the visualizations instantly. We Migrated entire data from Excel to Tableau workbooks and created dashboards for conveying data more effectively.

Realty Builders


Realty Builders

Core Technologies - Tableau

Our client reached us to find the precise reasons for increasing attrition in his company. We created a virtual dashboard using Tableau for data visualization containing factors leading to attrition. We used different elements and color codes to showcase insights into every question the client asked us.

Our Approach to Tableau Implementation



  • Define clear business objective.
  • Understand how business teams use data.
  • Analyze the better Tablean Project.
  • Set Timelines and Milestones


  • Identify the different data sources.
  • Capture the right data supporting business objectives.
  • Connect all data sources.
  • Start collecting that at one place.


  • Export data from target sources in raw form.
  • Process and cleanse the data of all duplicities, anomalies, and inaccuracies.
  • Merge the datasets and upload it is a target destination.
  • Ensure that the data meets preset quality standard.


  • Get 360 view of business for giving richer insights.
  • Set KPIs to identify the hidden patterns, trends, and outlines in the harmonized data.
  • Enable real-time data analysis and batch analysis.
  • If needed use appropriate algorithms and customize the analytic process.


  • Identify the KPIs and important metrics that needs to be showcased.
  • Devlop a story data insights wants to tell.
  • Select the appropriate visual elements like chart, graph, map.
  • Use colors, size, scale, shapes, and labels to make the dashboard visually appealing and directing attention to key insights.

Why Hire Tableau Consultant from Bacancy?

If you want to deploy Tableau on-premises or in the cloud, you need one of the experienced Tableau consulting companies to create a roadmap and ensure success. Our versatile skill set and diverse experience in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools give us the upper hand in transforming raw data into an analytical and actionable asset. Hire Tableau Developer to get the most out of your Tableau investment.

Why Hire Tableau Consultant from Bacancy?

Advantages to Partner With Us:

  • Agile methodology
  • Simple & transparent pricing
  • Certified Tableau Developers
  • End-to-end Tableau consulting services
  • Advanced data visualization skills
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Worked with different industries
  • Fully signed NDA
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • No timezone barriers
  • Easy exit policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Tableau is the fastest-growing data visualization tool used in the business intelligence domain. Tableau helps make raw data more understandable. It simplifies data, allowing experts to create customized dashboards for their customers and non-technical users to create their reports.

Tableau is known to perform data analysis speedily, and users can leverage worksheets and dashboards to visualize the data.

Here are some of the notable features of Tableau,

  • Data Blending
  • Real-time analysis
  • Collaboration of data

A Tableau Consultant also called a Business Intelligence Wizard, builds support-free solutions that do not require constant manual fixing. They know and usually master all the tips and tricks necessary for deploying, integrating, and managing the Tableau environment in your organization.

Tableau consultants can create automated analytics solutions on the Tableau desktop and publish them on Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Our Tableau Consultants can develop solutions without much dependency on existing and legacy tech. They can help you visualize and understand your data!

Before answering this question, you need to assess your needs honestly. Consider the long-term goals and consider where a tableau consultant fits in discovery and requirement gathering.

If you have unused data and are full of insights important for your business, it is time to hire a Tableau consultant and create some dashboards. Here are some scenarios when you need to hire a Tableau consultant,

  • To perform interactive visual analysis
  • To perform operations analysis
  • To create functional dashboards
  • To collect and clean comprehensive data
  • To get answers to questions in real-time
  • To perform a particular analysis

Some notable skills every Tableau Consultant must possess are

  • Data filtering, sorting, and grouping.
  • Data analysis
  • Data presentation
  • Knowledge of other Data visualization tools like Qlikview, ChartBlocks, Datawrapper, Plotly,, etc.
  • Understanding of Data Concepts
  • Visual Layout Skills
  • Dashboard building
  • Ability to create visually-focused PowerPoint presentations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Data partition and blending

All the services offered by our Tableau Consultants are mentioned under the Tableau Consulting Services section. However, our consultants are skilled and experienced in providing customized services according to your requirements.

Get in touch to discuss this in detail.

We have a team of highly qualified, certified, skilled, and experienced Tableau consultants onboard. We selected them after conducting rigorous interviews and technical rounds and analyzing their skills in real-time.

We provide you with pre-vetted profiles of Tableau consultants with a guarantee to match your expectations within 24 hours.

Once you shortlist the candidate, you are free to gauge and analyze the skills and talent of the selected candidates. We will arrange interviews; you can conduct technical analysis and hire them once satisfied with the capabilities and skills of our Tableau Consultants.

You get an option to hire a Tableau consultant from us on an hourly, monthly, or project basis. Whatever suits you also suits us.

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