GiveEase is a distinguished platform dedicated to facilitating philanthropic contributions and fundraising initiatives with the utmost professionalism. Serving as a conduit for societal assistance, GiveEase streamlines the process of identifying individuals in need, providing a seamless and efficient way to extend support to those facing life’s challenges.

Technical Stack

  • JavaScript
  • Tailwind
  • Node
  • Strapi
  • NPM
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size



API for Universal Search

Incorporation of Dynamic Links

Seamless Payment Experience

Tailwind-based Responsive Web App

Challenges & Solutions

The client wanted to develop a fast, secure, and SEO-enabled web application from scratch to gain traffic for encouraging user donations and charity fundraising.

  • Solution: Our development team used the Next.js framework for speed, and SEO-friendly features with support for server-side rendering to meet the client’s requirements effectively.

The client was looking for a system to auto-update content and data periodically without altering the code, along with a feature for operational control.

  • Solution: We implemented a headless CMS, which enabled the admin to easily update content and manage operations through simple checkbox inputs where the SQL database handles the data storage.

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Core Features

  • Keyword search for charity and news.
  • Subscription control with pause and resume for monthly donations.
  • Anonymous transactions for privacy.
  • Shareable charity and fundraising pages.
  • Reminder system for pending donations.
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  • No. of Resources


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  • Time Frame

    June 2021- March 2023

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