Nancyfx and owin application development

Nancyfx and owin application development

Nancyfx and owin application development india

Easy To Access And Accurate Applications With Nancyfx And Owin

Connecting the topic to accuracy in an application, windows (Microsoft) services (.NET, ASP.NET etc) comes with lots of tools, frameworks and programming, facilitating application development, neatly. One of the drawbacks found in these services emitting as a result of advanced technology is that they fail to display UI when a user is in need for more information or needs to modify services related to http calls and server.

The most productive way to solve this barrier is to expose an HTTP endpoint in order to allow browsers (able to make http calls) to interact with servers. Developers being familiar to ASP.NET or Classic ASP, sometimes, forget to think outside the box. While those developers who think outside the box use ‘NancyFx’/Nancy.

NancyFx is a lightweight framework for building HTTP based services thus helping us build simple web UIs. As per the GitHub page, unfolding about Nancy it titled Nancy a Super-Duper-Happy-Path to all interactions. Also the page explains that by handling requests like Head, Option, Post, Get etc, Nancy provides a simple domain specific language, reverting, as a response to the HTTP calls, and that too within a minimum keystrokes.

Remember! Nancy performs best when used to convert bulk or vast data into precise and definite volume. As a consequence, providing, précised UIs and Http Calls.

Advantages Of Using Nancy


Flexibility relates to acceptance of Nancy by various hosting platforms. And the good news is that Nancy runs on almost all hosting technologies from .NET ASP to OWIN up to Self-Hosting.


While discussing hosting and Nancy (above), there fell a word ‘OWIN’. Not twisting the tale and explaining clearly, OWIN simply is an open web interface or we can say an specification for .NET applications and web servers, explaining how components in HTTP calls should interact and communicate. And further precisely, the main goal of OWIN is to provide flexible and lightweight hosting platform to decouple server from framework and application.

Low Ceremony

As per the clear definition, Nancy is a lightweight, low ceremony framework. Low ceremony here refers to Nancy Coding. In all, Nancy allow developers to built their application smoothly without any interference of complex coding.

Adaptive To Modifications

This feature of Nancy allows you to modify components and contents the way you want. Modify containers, paths, routes the way you want with the help of bootstrapper provided by Nancy. Further, Flexible APIs, Extensibility, Testing Framework and many more features are inbuilt, all carrying a single aim, an aim of creating accurate applications with ease and pleasure.

Where To Get Your Next Project Done Using Nancyfx And Owin?

Simply agile and highly equipped with experienced developers, Bacancy Technology could be your next destination for developing an accurate and extensive web application using Nancy and OWIN.Our developers are quite frequent with latest technologies like Nancy and OWIN and have provided projects related to Hosting Nancy with OWIN, successfully. Below is the example of a project transfigured using Nancy and OWIN by our developers.

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