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Services We Offer in Data Cleaning

We ensure our clients get consistent, complete, and robust data to improve the outcomes. Get our data cleansing services focused on cleaning, de-duplicating, verifying, and validating a large pool of erroneous and rogue data.

Auditing the existing data is the primary focus of your data cleansing services. We perform a detailed assessment of your current data to ensure its efficacy and quality. Our expert data cleansing team can compile data from large datasets and aggregate it in a more straightforward medium using sum, average, mean, or medium references.

Our end-to-end data verification services can help you identify if your organizational data is in the acceptable range, accurate, and consistent. We verify your data at every level, even if it is merged or migrated from an outside source. Our data engineers use manual, semi-automated, and automated methodologies for data verification.

We combine data collected from internal sources with siloed data sources from internal, third-party, and external sources to enrich the value of data in your possession. Our professional data cleansing services empower you to monitor the changes in the quality or sources of data enrichment without compromising data security or compliance.

Our data duplication expertise helps companies to eliminate duplicate data or redundant entries. Besides, it helps to increase the data storage capacity significantly. Our skilled data team performs data deduplication using in-line or background processes, ensuring zero data loss and no downtime.

Our data standardization services help you harmonize data across systems and improve data portability and interoperability. By adhering to the data standards, we transform data collected from numerous sources into a consistent format. These standards cover capitalization, acronyms, punctuation, incorrect value fields, and alpha-numeric characters.

As every dataset is different, there is no standard approach or single process to clean data. Our policy to offer data cleaning services depends on the unique errors, inconsistencies, or quality of data you possess. We use cutting-edge technology and tools to provide data cleansing services.

Our data team is highly skilled in managing data health and hygiene. They can monitor and manage your data handling process, from collection to implementation and distribution to analytics. Providing error-free and consistent data that can serve your intended purpose is the primary aim of our data cleansing services.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech Stack We Use for Data Cleansing

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies, and modern approaches to scale up your business

Data Cleansing Integrate.ioTibco ClarityDemandToolsRingLeadTrifacta WranglerOpenRefine
Data Quality Melissa Clean SuiteWinPure Clean & MatchInformatica Cloud Data QualityOracle EnterpriseData QualitySAS Data QualityIBM Infosphere Information Server
PM Tools JiraTrelloSlackAsanaAzure DevOpsHubstaff Tasks
Communication Tools SlackHangout
Meeting Google MeetZoomGotoMeeting

Our Data Cleansing Case Studies

We have completed many data science, BI, and analytics projects. Data cleansing was the central part we executed in many of those projects.

Automotive Insurance Company


Automotive Insurance Company

Core Technologies - CloverDX | ApacheNIFi | MongoDB | Tibco Clarity

The client maintained an in-house server to manage all the business data and wanted to move to cloud storage. We helped him move his entire data infrastructure to the cloud. Post-migration, we performed data cleansing and ensured the client had the right data quality to achieve his intended purpose.

A supermarket chain in Australia


A supermarket chain in Australia

Core Technologies - Power BI | Trifacta Wrangler | IBM Infosphere Information Server

The client came to us requesting detailed insights into their marketing activities. We used Trifacta to cleanse the data and send it to BI tools for further analytics. We automated the entire process and set KPIs to monitor and manage the data quality.

Manufacturing Facility


Manufacturing Facility

Core Technologies - Tableau | Splunk | SAS Data Quality | Trifacta Wrangler

The client wanted to derive insights from the machine-generated log data that was complex to understand. We used Splunk to collect, index, and analyze the data. Before sending the data to analytics, we aggregated, cleansed, enriched, and standardized the data to get quality insights for visualization.

Our End-to-End Data Cleansing Expertise

At Bacancy, we offer data cleaning services intending to keep the data clean, lean, and green. That’s why we use our expertise to give you clean, free of errors, and consistent data.

Why Choose Bacancy for Data Cleaning Services?

As a reliable data cleansing service provider, we have gained essential skills and industry expertise to manage and maintain data quality. Our team saves you time and money by providing clean, consistent, and accurate data.

Cleaning your data manually and making it error-free is time-consuming and complicated. But our expertise in utilizing different data cleansing tools and technologies ensures systematic assessment and cleaning of your data in minimum time.

Why Choose Bacancy for Data Cleaning Services?

Advantages of Partnering with us

  • Agile methodology
  • Experienced and highly-skilled data team
  • State-of-the-art data cleansing solutions
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Focus on data security and compliance
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Proven results and a happy clientele
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Fully signed NDA
  • Easy exit policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Both concepts have similar functions but with a slight difference. Data wrangling is also called data munging and is a process of converting one data format to another. Data cleansing, also called data cleaning, is a process of finding and rectifying errors from a particular dataset.

Generally, we use both manual and automated methods to cleanse the data. We clean the data by removing duplicates, fixing errors, filling in missing values, deleting irrelevant data, and correcting syntax errors. We also perform data profiling and verification to ensure clean and healthy data.

The cost of our data cleaning services depends on different variables, such as the amount of data, the number of fields, the age of the field, the location of the datasets, and how old it is. Besides, the complexity, methodology, and technology also have a role in determining the costs.

You can contact us with your requirement to get a custom quote.

You will come across different clickable action buttons on the page; click any of them, fill in your requirements, and we will get back to you. Besides, you can fill out the requisition form at the bottom or call us.

Yes, we have successfully delivered many data science, BI, and data analytics projects where data cleansing was a significant attribute.

We have a vetted team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts offering bespoke data-cleansing services.

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