Best of Bacancy Laravel Development Services

The Laravel technology chops off complexity and expenses from the coding endeavor like nobody’s business. This makes it perfect for solutions and application ideas of all sizes and budgets. There are a number of ways in which you can incorporate the Laravel technology into your digital solution today and benefit from it.

Our utmost laravel development services where we have proved our mettle and hence can help you immensely include:

Laravel Extension Development

At Bacancy Technology, we offer Laravel developers that perfectly match with your requirements. Together with their invaluable experience and useful insights, you end up with feature-rich and high-end extensions.

Laravel Porting and Migration

Your current application may or may not be running on the PHP framework. But with the right porting and migration technology, this transition can be made without a glitch. No need to worry about the loss of data or any other features since our developers excel at enabling smooth Laravel solution migrations.

Laravel Web Development

Time, effort and a good chunk of your budget get saved when you use Laravel technology for your web solutions. The quality and utility of a solution thus created will always be backed by this rich and comprehensive PHP framework.

Laravel Social Networking Solution

The Social network is the new currency that your business requires to thrive in the current information-rich ecosystem. Your solution needs to be the right kind of innovative yet familiar to keep the audience engaged all the time. And our Laravel developers are well-versed in this lingo!

Proper Maintenance and Testing

An app or solution has to cross a lot of hurdle before finally being of good use to the client. And that is where you will find our testing team of great help. After giving outstanding service for a good number of years, our maintenance team will solve all the minute problems that might have cropped up over the years.

Laravel Template Design

A well-designed template helps developers within your team to create future projects with utmost ease and swiftness. It also removes the complexity factor from the development process even if certain aspects of the technology might not come that easily to the newbies.

Hire Laravel Developer and get positive outsourcing experience

Positive Outsourcing Experience

Along with Laravel, We are offering End to End Full Stack Laravel Development Expertise

At Bacancy Technology, we have top-of-the-line expertise in combining a possible number of front and back end technologies like Laravel+ VueJS, Laravel + Angular, Laravel+ ReactJS to build scalable web architectures, so you don’t have to worry about scalability and flexibility when your product grows.

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Experience with Laravel development stacks

Laravel Functionality BroadcastingCacheEventsQueuesTask SchedulingEtc
Packages spatie/laravel-permission Snappy dompdfLithiumHosting/LaravelExceptionMailerkodeine/laravel-aclmacsidigital/laravel-zoomfirebase/php-jwtgoogle/apiclientlaravel/socialiteEtc
Unit Testing phpunit
UX Desiging ZeplineInvisionadobe XD
Laravel version 5.X6.X7.X
APIs Facebook API Instagram API YouTube APISpotify APIGoogle APIGitHub APIGoogleMap APIPayment Method integrationTwillio API
Platforms: firebase analytics Amazon Web Services(AWS)DockerAzureHeroku
Version Control: Github Bitbucket Gitlab
Communication Tool: Slack Microsoft TeamHangout
Meeting: Google MeetZoomGoToMeeting
Editor: PHP StromeVisual Studio CodeNotepad++Sublime
Database: MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL
Other Language: Javascript JQueryVue.js
Project Management Tools: JIRA Trello BaseCamp
Other: AgileTest-Driven Development (TDD)

How We Drive Success for Client (Laravel Folder Structure)

Our proactive and enthusiastic laravel developer have worked on broad range of products and possesses a vast skill set of developing front end having complex designs and effect. Our Laravel developer have extensive knowledge and using ideal structure of code to improve user experience for end user of your product

Providing the best Laravel development services to drive success for the client
Providing the best Laravel development services to drive success for the client

Expert Laravel Development Company And Benefits Across Industry Verticals

Each industry comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. Our dedicated Laravel developers are well aware of this and can help you across multiple domains. All you need to do is let us know what you have in mind and hire laravel developers for full time.

Industry verticals where we have proved our mettle and hence can help you immensely include:

E- learning

  • Touch base with the modern times.
  • Leave behind the traditional clunky LMS (Learning Management System) Layout.
  • Educate in a much more effective format.

E- Commerce

  • Easy navigation flow throughout the platform.
  • A better understanding of the target e-commerce customer.
  • Obtain end-to-end solution efficiently.


  • Develop highly responsive solutions to deal better with emergency situations.
  • Customized to cater to ailing patients with full dedication.
  • Portable solutions for both desktop and mobile platforms available.


  • Better management of the daily workflow.
  • Result-driven services to improve performance tremendously.
  • Improved ROI and other variables.


  • The right digital presence can make all the difference for your business.
  • Reach out to more people and maintain constant connectivity.
  • Broadcast every big and small news/offers to everyone in your virtual world instantly.


  • Put across your words in a more vivid manner.
  • Create an engaging user experience on your website.
  • Retain your clientele with a breathtaking online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 15 days risk-free trial period completely free?

Yes, It’s completely free. We allow this free time period to evaluate the code quality, communication, on-time delivery, Agile software development process, and more of the hired trial resource. If you get satisfactory work, then you can continue with the engagement, and if not, then you can right-away cancel it.

Absolutely yes. We have skilled and seasoned Laravel developers who have years of experience in migrating a website from different technology into Laravel.

Yes, you can! Migrating from PHP to Laravel will help you boost the performance of your web and mobile application. In the comparison of PHP, Laravel has more advanced pre-packaged features to offer.

Our Laravel developers are based in the USA, Canada, and India. We have 250+ in-house skilled software developers, and for Laravel, we have specifically 20+ in-house developers with an average experience of 4+ years.

it’s not easy to answer a question of how much does it cost to build a home or buy a car? Because it depends on what kind of car you’re buying or the house you’re building. That is the same case when it comes to building a Laravel application. What custom features you want to implement in the application the price of the app depends upon that. We provide three types of hiring engagement models.

  1. Dedicated Developer - Monthly basis 160 Hours a Month. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  2. Hourly Basis – Hours/ Month We use time tracking tools like time doctor, hub stuff for time tracking
  3. Time and Material Base You can share your requirements with our team. Our team will evaluate your project requirements and then will get back to you with the detailed estimation of your project along with time and cost as well as the roadmap of the project

Don’t worry, Laravel is a free open source platform hosted on Github and licensed under the terms of MIT License. The best thing about Laravel is, it comes with minimal restrictions when it comes to reuse.

Well, it depends upon your project size, including the number of features you want to implement as well as the complexity of the application. Moreover, your specific requirements as well as business niche matter too. Our skilled Laravel developers follow the first-time-right coding methodology and ensure to deliver the result ASAP.

Yes, it is possible! Apart from web applications, Laravel can be used to develop mobile apps when it comes to back-end development.

Yes, our Laravel Developers are well-versed with developing SEO friendly web applications keeping all the SEO aspects into consideration that includes Server-side rendering, interactive and emerging UI/UX trends, utilizing schema mark-ups for rich snippets, creating crawlable site structures along with URLs to make your website more SEO-friendly.

Yes, it is possible. Laravel helps to build a scalable app as it offers built-in support for caching, cloud storage, and session drivers; However, it depends upon the availability of infrastructure and architecture to build scalable apps. Our skilled and seasoned developers have top-of-the-line expertise in building scalable Laravel apps. They have served many clients across the globe to build scalable apps.

Yes, we do. Our Laravel developers continuously provide support and maintenance, whatever shape and size of your business is. Our skilled developers also help with security patches as well as fixing the bug issue in your Laravel application.

Yes, we do. You will have 100% ownership of your project. It includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

That won’t be the case with us. However, we provide information to you about an exit policy when the project gets started.

Either Party to this agreement may terminate the contract, with or without cause, by providing at least 14 days (2) weeks written notice to the other Party. Upon termination of this agreement, the Bacancy Technology shall deliver a termination Invoice for work completed to date, which shall be paid by the client (in 3 business days). The Termination Invoice shall specify all unpaid work and the remaining amount of the work done till the termination date. On termination, all work completed to date shall be delivered to the client in a usable electronic format.

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