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Explore Our Data Analysis Services

Leverage our data analysis services to make effective use of data. We can help you collect, store, cleanse, visualize, analyze and explore large datasets to unearth hidden patterns and meaningful insights.

At Bacancy, we have data analysis consultants skilled at developing data environments with the right approach, strategy, enablers, and datasets. We can help you develop strategic, technical, and human capabilities to derive value from your data.

With automated data audits, we guarantee the data's completeness, correctness, and clarity. Our data analysis experts, consultants and engineers are well aware of DQA guidelines and skilled at using DQA toolkits to offer data quality assurance.

Apart from data collection, interpretation, validation, and hypothesis, our data analysis services cover statistical data analysis. Our data analysis consultant and team uses modern technologies and tools to perform statistical operations and build statistical models to validate business issues and quantify them.

Let our data analysis specialists apply their proven expertise in data engineering, cloud, data privacy, and compliance to build modern data architectures. Our data modernization approach helps organizations optimize, transform, and digitize their approach toward real-time insights.

We have data analysis consultants who are masters of end-to-end data lifecycle management. We can help you design a modern and futuristic data platform that enables data identification, acquisition, collection, preparation, storage, delivery, and governance. Our data engineers can build customized data solutions to tackle your data challenges.

Experience our services to create, integrate, disseminate, and manage data across organizations. Our data analysis experts can help you make data available to all who need it, ensuring it is secure, valid, sustainable, and scattered by maintaining defined exactness and quality. We can also manage and process various data types and formats, including legacy data, variable structures, and business policies.

Tap into the wealth of your data by leveraging our focused, practical, and domain-specific data analysis services. Gain proven excellence in data analysis and data science as our data analysis specialists go beyond the limitations of data analysis to produce insights and results that enable your connected data journey and generate actionable insights that make a difference.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Our Tech Stack For Data Analysis

We leverage our skills to utilize cutting-edge data analysis tools and technologies to provide high-quality data analysis services.

Database AWS DynamoDBAzure Cosmos DBAmazon KeyspacesAmazon DocumentDBAmazon RedshiftMySQLPostgreSQLMongoDBCassandraSQLiteRedis
Programming Language PythonSQLRJavaScalaJulia
Data Analysis Tools Microsoft ExcelTableauRapidMinerKNIMEPower BIApache SparkQlikViewTalendSplunkMonkeyLearnAirtableClicDataLooker

Our Data Analysis Case Studies

Find out more about how we helped our clients to navigate away from the data analysis challenges they faced.

Online Grocery Shop


Department Store Chain

Core Technologies - AWS | Jenkins | Apache Spark |

Our client faced challenges managing huge volumes of data stored at different locations. We modernized the data platform and moved it to the cloud. Migrated ten years of historical data from Hadoop to AWS. Automated data pipeline and developed Re-usable data orchestration solution using AWS Lambda, enhancing analysis capability.

Healthcare Company


Healthcare Company

Core Technologies - JAVA | R |Tableau | Amazon Redshift

The client wanted to speed up the data analysis process to enable faster decision-making. We decided to go with Amazon Redshift and migrated 200GB of data to the cloud. Created ML model to query data and implemented real-time data analysis aiding efficient and faster decision-making.

Leading Hi-Tech OEM


Leading Hi-Tech OEM

Core Technologies - Azure Cosmos DB | Scala | Looker

p class="text-18">The client wanted to improve their supply chain using AI/ML prediction analysis. We implemented an end-to-end ML-based forecasting model to predict warehouse scenarios. Implemented five different predictive algorithms, designed an automated ML pipeline, and enhanced the outcome of the predictive analysis model.

Our Additional Expertise in Data Analysis Services

We offer a range of data analysis services beyond traditional data boundaries. Work with our data analysis experts who can help you organize, interpret, structure, and present insights contextually.

Why Choose Bacancy for Data Analysis Consultants?

We have built our data analysis services on a solid data governance and integration foundation with a vision to provide actionable insights that will help your business move forward.

Our data analysis consultants are renowned for their exceptional skills in deriving value from raw and unstructured data. By touching the horizons of technology, strategy, and security, we develop tools and applications to solve your data analysis challenges.

Why Choose Bacancy For Computer Vision Services?

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • A team of data analysis consultants with niche skills.
  • We bring data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to address your data challenges.
  • We have experience working on multiple data projects across multiple industries.
  • We bring expertise, excellence, efficiency, and ethics to the table.
  • Completed 100+ data projects and served 50+ happy clients across the globe
  • Transparent and flexible hiring models
  • Sign Strict NDA
  • Easy exit policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide an array of data analysis services. If needed or if you have any particular requirements, we are flexible enough to customize our services to meet your needs. To learn more about our services, visit the “Explore Our Data Analysis Services” section.

At Bacancy, we have a flexible hiring model. You can hire data analysts or data analysis consultants hourly, weekly, or monthly. The charges of each hiring model depend on your requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our hiring model or hire a data analysis consultant.

Yes, we offer data science services and have a talented team of data scientists to hire.Visit our Data Science Consulting Services page to learn more about our offerings.

Our data team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals capable of managing everything data right from collection to ML model training.

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • AI Developers
  • ML Engineers &
  • Data Scientists

Leverage our trustworthy and dependable data analysis services to know your customers better, enhance sales, improve personalization, maximize productivity, and enjoy efficient ROI.

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