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Embrace AWS Migration for Business Excellence

In today's digital landscape, migrate to AWS cloud isn't just a choice; it's a strategic necessity. Here's why your business can't afford to miss out:

Our AWS Migration Services open the door to these benefits and more. We have AWS Expert who will dedicatedly work with you as your AWS Consultant and propel your business into the future together.

Our Amazing AWS Migration Services

Bacancy's AWS Migration Services stand as the cornerstone of successful digital transformation journeys. With a proven track record of guiding businesses across industries, we bring innovation, efficiency, and security to the forefront of your AWS migration strategy. Our skilled AWS consultants are well-versed in harnessing the full potential of Amazon Web Services, ensuring your transition is smooth and strategically aligned with your long-term goals.

We don't just migrate; we transform, future-proof, and elevate your business to new heights in the AWS ecosystem.

AWS Application Migration Service

Migrate your applications seamlessly to AWS with our AWS Application Migration Service. Our AWS Consultant ensures a smooth transition, optimizing performance and minimizing downtime. Trust us to harness AWS's power for your application's advantage.

AWS Database Migration Service

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Rely on our AWS Database Migration Service to securely and efficiently move your databases to AWS, enhancing scalability and performance while maintaining data integrity.

AWS Migration Hub

Manage and track your AWS migrations effortlessly with our AWS Migration Hub. Gain visibility into your migration progress and streamline the process with our intuitive tools and expertise.

AWS Application Discovery Service

Unlock the potential of AWS for your applications. Bacancy's AWS Application Discovery Service identifies opportunities for optimization, ensuring your applications run efficiently in the AWS environment.

AWS Server Migration Service

Migrate your servers to AWS without disruptions. Bacancy's AWS Server Migration Service guarantees a seamless transition, minimizing business interruptions and maximizing server performance.

Microservices on AWS

Modernize your architecture with Microservices on AWS. Our AWS experts will design, deploy, and manage microservices to enhance agility and scalability, ensuring you're ready for the future.

AWS Infrastructure Migration Services

Transform your infrastructure with our AWS Infrastructure Migration Services. Whether you're rehosting, re-platforming, or refactoring, our tailored solutions optimize your AWS infrastructure.

Data Center Migration to AWS

Simplify the complex task of data center migration with us. We ensure a smooth transition to migrate to AWS, minimizing risk and cost while maximizing performance and scalability.

AWS Storage Migration Service

Effortlessly migrate your data storage to AWS cloud with our expertise. Our AWS Storage Migration Service guarantees data security and efficient transfer, enabling you to leverage AWS's robust storage solutions.

Kickstart Your AWS Migration Journey with Bacancy!

We ensure you’re matched with the right talent based on your requirement.

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Migrate to AWS: Our Smooth Roadmap

Let's embark on a journey that promises cost-efficiency, seamless transitions, and a clear path to your business's digital transformation. Here is the process we follow when we begin your migrate to AWS journey with us

Step 1

Platform Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive Platform Assessment designed to set the stage for a successful migration. We believe that understanding your current technology landscape is paramount. We meticulously evaluate your existing infrastructure, applications, and data to achieve this. This step allows us to gain valuable insights into your unique requirements.

Together, we define clear migration objectives, ensuring they fully align with your overarching business strategy. Our experts assess the suitability of your applications for the AWS environment, identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Step 2

Migration Strategy

With insights gained from the Platform Assessment, we shape your Migration Strategy. At Bacancy, we understand that every business is unique, and so is every migration. Our team of experts develops a tailored migration plan that outlines the sequence of migrations, target architecture, and critical milestones.

Cost efficiency is a core focus of our strategy, ensuring that your migration maximizes savings while minimizing disruptions. We also take proactive steps to identify potential challenges and outline mitigation strategies, safeguarding your migration journey.

Step 3

Migration Estimate

Transparency and predictability are our commitments to you. We provide a Migration Estimate that ensures you understand the costs and timelines associated with your migration. Our detailed cost breakdown lets you see the expenses of each migration phase, ensuring budget adherence throughout the process.

We project the timeframes for each migration step, empowering you to plan and prepare accordingly, minimizing any potential business impact. Our continuous communication approach means you're always informed about costs, timelines, and the progress of your migration.

AWS Cloud Migration Tech Stack

Database Amazon RDSAmazon DynamoDBAmazon RedshiftAmazon AuroraAmazon DocumentDBAmazon NeptuneAmazon TimestreamAmazon KeyspacesAmazon Quantum Ledger DatabaseAmazon ElastiCacheAWS Database Migration ServiceAmazon Database Query Tool
Migration Tools AWS Server Migration ServiceAWS Database Migration ServiceAWS SnowballAWS Snowball EdgeAWS SnowmobileAWS ApplicationDiscovery ServiceAWS DataSyncAWS Transfer for SFTPAWS Data Migration HubAWS Migration EvaluatorAWS CloudEndure MigrationAWS Data PipelineAWS Glue DataBrewAWS Glue ETL
Devops and Automation AWS CodePipelineAWS CodeDeployAWS CodeBuildJenkinsTravis CICircleCIGitLab CI/CDTerraformAnsiblePuppetChefCloudFormationAWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS OpsWorksAWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)Atlassian BambooSpinnaker
Networking Amazon VPCAmazon Route 53AWS Direct ConnectAWS Site-to-Site VPNAWS Transit GatewayAWS Elastic Load BalancingAmazonCloudFrontAmazon Route 53 ResolverAmazon API GatewayAWS Global AcceleratorAmazon Virtual Private GatewayAmazon Internet GatewayAmazon Elastic IP addressesAWS PrivateLinkAWS Network FirewallAWS Firewall Manager
Security AWS Identity and Access Management Amazon GuardDutyAccess AnalyzerAmazon CognitoAWS WAFAmazon MacieAWS Firewall ManagerAWS Certificate ManagerAWS Key Management ServiceAWS Secrets ManagerAmazon InspectorAWS Directory ServiceAWS Single Sign-OnAWS ShieldAWS Security HubAWS CloudHSMAWS Artifact
Storage Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) Amazon GlacierAWS Storage GatewayAmazon EFS (Elastic File System)AWS Snow FamilyAWS DataSyncAWS Transfer for SFTPAmazon RDSAmazon RedshiftAmazon DynamoDBAmazon ElastiCacheAWS Storage Lens

Our Recent Case Studies

Choosing Bacancy: Your First Step to AWS Migration Triumph

When it comes to AWS migration, Bacancy stands as the ideal partner for your journey to success. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of hands-on expertise to the table, ensuring your migration is agile, smooth, efficient, and aligned with your business goals. Our commitment to security and confidence means your data and applications are safe throughout migration.

We have helped more than 50 clients with our AWS migration services, earning the title of the best AWS Migration Service provider globally. Some of the benefits of partnering with us are:

Years of Hands-on Expertise

Years of Hands-on Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in AWS migration, where we've tackled diverse challenges and optimized countless infrastructures.

Security and Confidence

Security and Confidence

Rest assured with robust security measures, protecting your sensitive data and ensuring a seamless transition.

Custom Migration Plan

Custom Migration Plan

Your business is unique, and so is our migration plan, tailored to maximize your AWS investment.

Minimized Downtime

Minimized Downtime

Our strategies minimize disruptions, allowing your business to operate smoothly throughout the migration.

Post-Migration Support

Post-Migration Support

We don't stop at migration; our support continues post-migration, ensuring your systems run at their best.

Skilled Developers

Skilled Developers

Our team comprises highly skilled AWS-certified developers who leverage AWS's full potential for your advantage.

24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 Dedicated Support

Enjoy round-the-clock support, so you're never alone in managing your AWS environment.



We optimize your AWS resources, maximizing cost savings while ensuring high performance.

Choose Bacancy as your AWS migration services partner and take the first step toward a triumphant migration experience that elevates your business in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

AWS cloud migration outsourcing involves partnering with a trusted provider like Bacancy to plan, execute, and manage your migration to AWS. We assess your current infrastructure, design a migration strategy, and then execute the migration, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Post-migration, we provide ongoing support and optimization to maximize your AWS investment.

The duration of an AWS cloud migration service varies based on factors like the complexity of your applications, data volume, and chosen migration strategy. It can range from several weeks to several months. A detailed assessment helps us provide a more accurate timeline.

We prioritize data security through AWS's robust security features, encryption, and access controls. AWS's shared responsibility model ensures a secure cloud environment, while our team implements best practices to safeguard your data throughout the migration process.

We aim to minimize downtime during migrations through strategies like phased migrations, load balancing, and data synchronization. While some brief downtime may be necessary, we plan meticulously to ensure it has minimal impact on your operations.

We analyze your current infrastructure, applications, and business goals to select the most suitable migration strategy, whether it's rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, or other approaches. Our goal is to optimize your migration for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The cost of AWS migrations varies widely based on factors such as the size and complexity of your environment, chosen AWS services, and data volume. We provide detailed cost estimates based on your specific requirements to ensure transparency and budget adherence. For estimation please email us on [email protected] or fill up the form to talk to our expert.

We can help you migrate from your existing cloud provider to AWS using our cloud-to-cloud migration expertise. We'll assess your current setup, design a migration plan, and ensure a seamless transition while optimizing your AWS environment for your unique needs.