Popcorn Palace is a platform that champions fundraising for children’s futures through a popcorn business. They provide a unique avenue for kids to engage in entrepreneurship, fostering responsibility and initiative while generating funds for their education and growth. Popcorn Palace stands out for its commitment to shaping the promising futures of the younger generation.

Technical Stack

  • Node JS
  • Docker
  • Polymer
  • Postgre SQL
  • Industry


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  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Dynamic Platform For User Needs

Fundraising Progress Tracker

Connect Mentors With Youngsters

User-Friendly Payment Gateway

Challenges & Solutions

Encouraging children to actively participate in the popcorn business and engage with the platform can be challenging, given the multitude of distractions in the digital age.

  • Solution: Implementing gamification elements, such as achievement badges, friendly competitions, and interactive tutorials, to make the entrepreneurship experience enjoyable and educational. This would enhance user engagement and foster a sense of achievement among young entrepreneurs.

Handling sensitive information about children and their fundraising activities raises data security and privacy concerns.

  • Solution: Implementing robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption for user data, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, obtaining parental consent and ensuring transparent communication about data usage can build trust with users and their guardians.

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Core Features

  • Continuous Integration For Seamless Updates
  • User-Friendly Architecture
  • Customizable Fundraising Campaigns
  • Educational Resources And Mentorship
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    March 2022 - Ongoing

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