Custom mobility solutions for transportation and logistics industry

Custom mobility solutions for transportation and logistics industry

Manage your logistics and transportation business at the ease of your fingertips. Schedule a 30-minute discussion about your Logistics Application Development Project.

Build a real time mobile app for your business to establish a seamless synchronization across your logistics and transportation business. Our robust and highly scalable mobile app solution can improve operational performance, automate your shipping, gain real-time visibility into supply chains and help you to achieve superior on-time delivery performance.

Make Your Logistics And Transportation Business Smarter, Faster And Even More Profitable

Make Your Logistics And Transportation Business Smarter, Faster And Even More Profitable

Just like other industries, digital transformation has had a significant impact on the transportation and logistics industry. Every segment of the logistics and transportation industry, including freight, railroad, air transport, motor and water transportation, pipelines, logistics providers or couriers, and support services – is in a serious pressure to minimize operating costs, fulfill the bigger and greater customer expectations, improve ROI and promote operational excellence.

At Bacancy Technology, we strive for developing logistics mobility solutionsto assist enterprises to automate their shipping, improve operational excellence, better supply chain visibility, superior on-time delivery and overcome every operation hurdle. Our skillful expertisein providing end-to-end IT services and futuristic solutions help the organizations to streamline the functioning of their business.

Customized Mobile App Solution

Customized Mobile App Solution To Bring Everything Together And Accelerate Innovation

Bacancy Technology possesses in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field transportation and logistics industry. We have the skillful expertise to develop customized logistics service app solutions to address the ever-changing requirements of transportation and Logistics.

To complement the business requisites and to simplify complex and highly challenging business operations, we design and develop futuristic mobile app solutions that the world admires. Bacancy Technology is geared to simplify your transportation and logistics industry with a mobile application. Our advanced app solutions are trusted by global retail logistics and transportation services and we have a huge portfolio to develop advanced logistics mobile app solutions.

How Our Mobile App Solutions Help Logistics & Transportation Companies

Inventory Management

Our customized mobile app solution works as an accurate tool to get the real time data of inventories, returned goods and manpower distributions. Having a mobile app for your business means minimize business-running costs and increased work efficiency.

Real Time Tracking

Our mobile app solution has inbuilt real-time tracking feature. The tracking can be enabled at few taps. Customized mobile app development technology, let the customers easily and accurately track their shipments.

Tracking the productivity of field employees

Supported by high precision GPS tracking to track the location of field employees. So with GPS enabled mobile app,it will become even easier for managersto track their employee’s productivity.

Proof of delivering goods

It is one of the significant parts of the logistics process. As it generates a valid proof of delivering the shipment to the planned recipient and ensure that it has been received in good condition.

Better decision making

Having a business mobile app help your employees to capture and supply data in real time and assist them to make better business related decisions.

Customer Communication & Satisfaction

Increase customers happiness and delivery efficiency with automated delivery notifications and reminders. A dedicated app can let the customers track their shipments and let them know the estimated delivery time.

Easy Pickup services

Every individual customer has their own specific requirements for pick-up, like some customers want them to get their courier picked up from their home, whereas others want to get picked up from an office, shop or the place at their convenience.And having a mobile app for your logistics business can be an effective mean of booking shipments.

How Much Dose It Cost To Develop Mobile Application For Logistics?

The quick answer? The cost lies between $20,000 to $22,000 Ideas don’t have to be unique, they have to be viable.

We are an army of Logistics app developers to get almost anything you want on demand. We calculated the accurate cost for an on-demand Logistics Mobile application based on our latest project that functions like Uber. Below are the hours that go into the design and development for the both iOS and the Android platform along with the web services and frontend & backend development.

Index Description Estimated Man Hours 
IOS Android Web Services (API), Frontend & Backend Websites Graphics Design
User’s Application
1 Business Analysis & Communication 24 24 24 6
  2 Base Code & Architecture 16 16 8
  3 User Features:        
  3.1. Instructions 8 8 2
  3.2. Create a Profile:         8
  3.2.1. Email & Phone 8 8 4
  3.2.2. Name 6 6 4
  3.2.3. Link Payment 16 16 8 0
  3.3. Terms & Condition 6 6 4
  3.4. Sign In 6 6 4 4
  3.5. Sliding Menu 16 16 6
  3.6. Main Screen:        
  3.6.2. Map View 24 24
  3.6.2. Bottom Car Menu 16 16
  3.6.3. Pick Up Location 8 8 4
  3.7. Set Pick Up Location:         16
  3.7.1. Base View 8 8
  3.7.2. Choose Locations 8 8
  3.7.3. Fare Quote 8 8 6
  3.7.4. Promo Code 8 8 8
  3.7.5. Select Payment 16 16
  3.8. Request Screens 16 16 4 6
  3.9. Rate Driver & Feedback 16 16 4 6
  3.10. Profile 16 16 4 8
  3.11. Payment 16 16 8
  3.12. Support 8 8 4
  3.13. Promotions 6 6 6 6
  3.14. Share 16 16 4 4
  3.15. About 6 6 4
  4. Graphics Design Integration 32 32
  5. Push Notifications Logic 24 24 16
Drivers’s Application
1. Business Analysis & Communication 8 8 8 6
  2. Base Code & Architecture 8 8 8
  3. User Features:        
  3.1. Authorization 16 16 6 6
  3.2. View/Edit Driver’s Profile 16 16 6 8
  3.3. Orders Monitoring 32 32 16 6
  3.4. Accepting an Order 16 16 6 4
  3.4. Navigate to Destination 24 24
  3.6. Order Completion 16 16 4 6
  3.7. Interaction with Supervisor 16 16 4
  4. Graphics Design Integration 24 24
  5. Push Notifications Logic 16 16 8
Backend Features
  1. Business Analysis & Communication 8
  2. Base Code & Architecture 8
  3. Web Services (API):        
  3.1. Authorization 4
  3.2. Payment Systems 8
  3.2.1. Customer-Driver Connection Functionality 16
  3.2.2. SMS Messaging System Integration 24
  4. Frontend Website:         40
  4.1. Home Page 16
  4.2. Help Center 8
  4.3. Careers 8
  4.4. Drivers     8  
  4.5. Cities 6
  4.6. About Us 6
  4.7. Blog 16
  4.8. Member Area:         16
  4.8.1. Dashboard 16
  4.8.2. Promotions 8
  4.8.3. Payment 8
  4.8.4. Settings 6
  4.8.5. Get FREE Rides 8
  4.9. Graphics Design Integration 32
  5. Backend Website 100
  Subtotal: 550 550 500 180
Note: If you are providing Graphics / Design for the project, then you can exclude the estimated hours.
Developer’s Efforts 1600
Designer’s Efforts 180
QC/Testing Efforts (12% of Developement ) 192
Developer + Designer + Tester’s Total Efforts 197.2
Project Manager Efforts (10% of efforts ) 197.2
Total Project Efforts 2169.2

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