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Outsourcing Staff Augmentation Model We Support At Bacancy

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Scale your project development with our industry-vetted workforce. Onboard our dedicated technical team based on your required skill set. With our flexible team augmentation solution, seamlessly reinforce your in-house team with the skills you need and the expertise required to take your business forward.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Outsourcing a portion of your development project to our self-managed team to achieve faster development cycles with high-quality results. Our development experts collaborate closely with your in-house development team and, with combined efforts, bring exceptional results to your project.

Full Project Outsourcing

Full Project Outsourcing

Entrust your entire software development project to Bacancy, and you can save up to 35% of your overall development costs. You'll also be free from hiring, onboarding, and training the tech staff. Our experienced team will seamlessly handle all the development aspects while you focus on your business.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

If you already have a project in development or have developed it already, our IT professionals ensure the stability and viability of your IT infrastructure through real-time monitoring and manage the overall technical glitches for the future as real-time helpdesk security for your company.

Extend Your In-House Resources With Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Onboard experts who can lend an arm to your evolving project needs. Our IT Staff Augmentation Services offers best-in-class managed resources and IT services to quickly scale your internal development team to align with your unique business requirements. As a renowned IT staff augmentation company, we focus on your development needs and requirements. At the same time, you get peace of mind with our next-gen team augmentation solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Experts in Key Programming techs


120+ developers, 250+ Implemented laravel projects

Ruby on Rails

12+ Years of experience in ROR development


80+ developers, 12+ Years of angular development


80+ developers, Delivered functional and responsive frontend


80+ developers, Wide range of expertise


80+ developers, all are certified developers


80+ developers, 100+ implemented python projects


50+ experts, experienced in full stack development

React Native

80+ developers, All developers have 4-5 years of experience

Experts to Complete a Software Development Cycle

IT consulting

30+ consultants having 7-8 years of experience

Project Management

35+ PM with 6-8 years of experience


25+ UI experts and UX designers

Data Science

10+ Data Scientists with 7 years of industry exp


40+ QA expertise & automation engineers

Database Architecture

20+ Architects with top skills


30+ Devops engineers with 4-5 years of exp


10+ engineers, 200+ implemented projects


50+ L1-L3 specialist, 24/7 services

Experts in Advanced Techs



Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Block Chain

Block Chain

Onboard a Developer with 15 Days Risk-Free Trial

We ensure you’re matched with the right talent resource based on your requirement.

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Benefits Making IT Staff Augmentation Services a Dream Cooperation Model

With the evolving business needs and growing competition within the tech development marketplace. The businesses need a quick approach that can fast-track their development project. This leads to business owners shifting their focus towards IT team augmentation rather than scaling their in-house development resources. The benefits of staff augmentation include:

Quick Onboarding Process

When not looking for a full-time resource with long-term cooperation, it is easier to fast-forward the onboarding process as there are no traditional formalities, unlike with a full-time resource.

The Desired Skill Set

Staff augmentation service providers like Bacancy already have a pool of the best resources who possess the ideal skillset for your business. You can also hire resources temporarily based on your requirements.

Hourly Payments (Only)

When you agree on an hourly model, you pay strictly for the billable hours for the actual work done, with no extra penny. There are also no add-on expenses, corporate activities, training, or other costs.

IT Speciality

Another unprecedented benefit is that you get an experienced professional with expertise in working on projects like yours; this gives you a fresh perspective with knowledge to improve your processes and development.

Our Technical Expertise as Best IT Staff Augmentation Company

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business.

FrontEnd Angular Vue.JS React.JS
BackEnd Ruby On Rails Laravel Node PHP .net .net Core Golang Python
Mobile Flutter React Native iOS Android Ionic
Server AWS Digital Ocean Heroku
Database MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL
Version Control Github Bitbucket Gitlab
Testing & QA Apache JMeter Postman REST-assured Selenium
CMS Wordpress Drupal
Devops Apacheant Xcode Fastlane Gant Gradle Maven Ansible Chef Puppet TeamCity Bamboo Circleci Hudson Jenkins Buildt Apps Git Hawlett Sonarqube Subversion Apptest TravisCi
CRM Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics 365
Deployment Process CI/CD
AI Tools Github Co-PilotChatGPT

Our Amazing Customer Success Stories

Over the past 12+ years, check out these awesome Applications our developers have built for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome start-up challenges.

National Geographic
National Geographic


National Geographic

Core Technologies - React JS | Node JS

National Geographic was dealing with some challenges in mobile apps and subscribers. The user was not able to buy monthly subscriptions. The application did not receive a sufficient number of subscribers even after ranking on top. They want a unified subscription solution that helps their end-users to buy the subscription easily.

Express Store
Express Store


Express Store

Core Technologies - React Native | Ruby on Rails

In commerce project express stores, the user in the US can buy a tablet, mobile, connected devices, or any standalone accessories and easily transfer devices to Verizon. Though, Verizon is the largest wireless network operator company. They target two types of user prospect users and existing users.


Gaming Event


Core Technologies - Angular | Core PHP

WizKids Info Network (WIN) is the ultimate way for stores and players to get the most out of WizKids gaming events. Users can find everything under one roof, from tournaments to keeping track of your game results, all in one convenient place. Retailers can also earn achievements within WIN that can help bring more attention to your store.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Why Choose Bacancy For IT Staff Augmentation Services?

When you choose Bacancy as your preferred IT Staff Augmentation Services provider, you will be onboarded with the best IT professionals to scale your workforce for seamless operations. Our IT resource augmentation works for your project and your in-house development team to boost your development process and efficiency, either with a single team or across multiple teams. Having worked with clients from across the globe, we follow agile methodologies for transparent communications and ensure that your project meets expectations at every stage of development.

Get Started with Staff Augmentation Today!

Ready To Augment Your Team?

Our dedicated team makes sure to provide technical support and guidance with the right talent and at the right time. Our team augmentation services and client-centric hiring models helps you quickly build up your team and meet your objectives. The Outcome? Your Success!

Know More about Staff Augmentation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

We allow you to conduct as many interviews to your satisfaction as possible to ensure that you hire the developer of your choice from us. After your approval, our hired remote developers will start working as your dedicated resource in your time zone. You can monitor and manage the resources directly while we handle the developer retention, admin support, and infrastructure. We also sign an NDA to ensure your idea and project are secure with us.

Staff Augmentation offers companies a flexible, cost-effective solution for staffing needs. Leveraging external talents, you can access specialized skills, scale up or down their workforce, and save the additional costs associated with traditional hiring.

We offer three types of pricing and hiring engagement models for your project.

Dedicated Developer - Monthly Basis

160 hours a month | 8 hours a day | 5 days a week

Hourly Basis - Hours/Month

We use time tracking tools such as Time Doctor and Hubstaff for time tracking.

Time and Material Basis

Share your unique project requirements with our team, and we will evaluate your needs and get back to you with a detailed estimation of your project, including time and cost and a development roadmap.

Staff augmentation refers to adding resources to your existing development teams while maintaining direct control over you and the associated risks of a possible negative outcome. In contrast, outsourcing refers to a specific prearranged outcome, sharing the risk burden with the outsourced vendor and giving direct control to several aspects of your business operations.

Bacancy assigns dedicated project managers to be a point of contact for any requirements at every phase and stage of your business application development.

Yes, you can hire dedicated remote developers from us to work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), deadlines, and milestones. To know more, contact us at [email protected] or Skype "Bacancy."

We are a registered entity in the United States named Bacancy Services Pvt. Ltd, so you can choose to pay us in a Bank of America account via ACH or wire transfer. We can also help you save tax with a W9 form; here is our EIN 83-4332237. Regardless of your physical location, we accept wire transfers from all over the globe.