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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

At Bacancy, our certified healthcare software engineers provide unrivaled custom healthcare software development services. We prioritize meeting client needs, using advanced tech for seamless solutions to benefit healthcare professionals and patients.

Custom HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Software Development

When building HIPAA-compliant mobility solutions, our clients have shown trust in us. Not once, twice, or thrice, but multiple times when our med-tech software developers have been referred by our clients or got a direct approach from clients.

Healthcare Software Product Development (HPD)

Your wait for a successful healthcare product development is just a consultation away from our healthcare software developers. Our software developers for healthcare have made many dreams come true. Get your HIPAA, GDPR, and other compliant software ready quickly.

Healthcare Software Integration Solutions

Our healthcare software engineers ensure workflow optimization. Besides, we even help to build intuitive healthcare mobile applications with pre-made solutions using APIs by following Healthcare Insurance Databases, HRM software, Electronic Data Interchange, and many more.

Custom Healthcare AI Solutions

To ensure a swift meeting of the healthcare industry’s demands, our software developers can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence for you and build innovative solutions. All healthcare service providers can streamline workflows and enhance patient care using AI-backed healthcare solutions.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Being a popular Healthcare software development company, our subject matter experts help healthcare app enthusiasts establish digital platforms using certain technologies that best suit their requirements. These healthcare software services scale and handle traffic when required.

Implementing AR, VR, and MR in Healthcare

Our med-tech experts guide you in establishing AR, VR, and MR for a quick understanding of surgery, help with diagnostics, and offer an intuitive classroom-like environment for medical practitioners & students.

RPA in Healthcare

To ease medical professionals' work, our healthcare software developers can help you with robots that streamline ample time- and cost-consuming tasks, like answering patient queries, sending appointments, sending appointment reminders, and ensuring swift documentation.

IoT in Healthcare

Connect with our healthcare software consultants to uplift patient care, boost operational efficiency, and build out-of-the-box solutions for healthcare challenges. IoT solutions allow patients' data to be easily collected through wearables, sensors, and medical equipment.

Healthcare Data Analytics Software Development

Hire our offshore healthcare software professionals to build healthcare data science solutions like scalable data warehouses and OLAP analytics and leverage artificial intelligence to interpret data and offer actionable items. The system built by healthcare software engineers collects data from the diagnostics, sales, and marketing departments.

Partner With Us to Build These Healthcare Use Cases

Hire Healthcare software developers from us to create innovative healthcare solutions by collaborating on these essential use cases for improved patient care and medical advancements.

Get In Touch With Our Expert to Deliver An End-to-End Healthcare Software

We ensure you’re matched with the right talent based on your requirement.

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech and tools we use to build Healthcare Software

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business.

Modern Technologies Big DataData ScienceComputer VisionMachine LearningAugmented RealityBlockchainInternet of ThingsVirtual Reality
Front-End Technologies CSSHTMLJavaScriptAngularReactVue.jsEmberMeteorNext
Back-end Technologies Microsoft .NETJavaPythonPHPNode.jsGolang
DevOps DockerKubernetesMESOSOPENSHIFTAnsiblePuppetCHEFSALTSTACKTerraformPackerAWS Developer ToolsAzure DevOpsGoogle Developer ToolsCI/CDJenkinsTCZABBIXNagioselasticsearch
Mobile Application Development Technologies Flutter CordovaXamarinIONICReact Native
Desktop Technologies C++Microsoft WPF PythonC#QTOBJ-C
Cloud AWS Amazon DocumentDBAmazon RDSAmazon REDSHIFTAmazon REDSHIFTAzureAzure BlobAzure Cosmos DBAzure Data LakeAzure SQL DatabaseAzure Synapse AnalyticsGoogle Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud DatastoreGoogle Cloud SQL

Our Recent Healthcare Software Case Studies

Check out these awesome healthcare solutions, our engineers have built for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome start-up challenges.

Healthcare Software Compliances We Follow/Meet

Healthcare Software Compliances We Follow/Meet

We provide healthcare software development services by strictly adhering to compliance that the global healthcare sector has approved. Having such regulatory compliance software guarantees data security and offers a sense of satisfaction to patients and healthcare professionals. The healthcare compliance includes that we strictly follow include the following:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SOC2 certifications
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Empowering Healthcare Sector: Specialized Healthcare Solutions for Clients

We not only limit ourselves to a particular healthcare development; we are well-versed in developing any type of website or application, be it patient-focused, with healthcare professionals in mind, or considering both. Bacancy always impresses its clients with quality work, versatile developers, and feasible hourly, monthly, or fixed rates.

  • Healthcare software product companies
  • Innovative Healthcare software product startups
  • Healthcare providers
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • SaMD companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotech and life science companies
  • Healthcare NGOs
  • Medical Education and Research Center

Healthcare Software Development Timeframe by Bacancy

Unlike others, we invest little time in development, making the software costly. We have a proper timeline for every software development. Below is a detailed timeline list:

Medical Software Project Initiation Time

Medical Software Project
Initiation Time

Less than 7 days

MVP Release

MVP Release

Less than 3-4 months

ew Healthcare Software Versions

New Healthcare Software

Within one month

Why Choose Us for Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Bacancy has been known to offer affordable rates for custom software development services. And not only affordability but we are also one of the quality and on-time delivery companies. From scalable architecture to meticulous detailing and managing projects effectively to complying with industry standards, Bacancy can be an investment-worthy partnership.

Why Choose Us for Custom Healthcare Software Development?
  • Healthcare software development company with 11+ years of experience
  • HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, NCPDP, ONC, MDR, SAMHSA, IVDR, MACRA, MIPS, CEHRT, SAFER Compliant Software Development Company
  • Abided by OWASP, IEC 62443, and other healthcare software security eligibility criteria
  • Well-versed with DICOM, FHIR, ICD 10, HL7, LOINC, Blue Button+, CDS/CDS-1, CCD, and CPT healthcare standards
  • Well-acquainted with FDA Class II and III, IEC 62304 classes A, B, and C technology for medical devices
  • In-house healthcare product development
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

We believe in saving as much cost for our client as possible, and in making it happen, our healthcare software developers execute cloud-native architecture, utilize APIs and third-party components, and, most importantly, run automated tests.

Bacancy complies with ISO 27001 to ensure top-notch security. Our healthcare clients have never reached out to us with a complaint about security breaches in their systems. And it's not limited to only the healthcare vertical; we ensure that any possible security breach is always found in the development stage so that we fix them before making the healthcare product live.

Here is the list of healthcare software that Bacancy is capable of building:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs) & Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • Patients Portal
  • Practice Management Solutions for Medical
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Ongoing Medical Education Platforms

And customized med-tech solutions that work as you want them to with more functionalities and features. So far, we have completed 15+ healthcare projects with 100% satisfactory results.

Yes, we offer customized healthcare solutions from scratch or on demand. Rest assured that you join hands with Bacancy, which has a proven track record of building healthcare solutions that are convenient and compliant with geographical standards.

Yes, our software developers for healthcare are well-acquainted with building mobile apps for patients and healthcare professionals. We can build both iOS and Android mobile applications or even cross-platform apps.

An estimated healthcare software development cost is somewhere between $150,000 to $300,000. The cost may vary depending on what type of healthcare software you want to build; for instance, an app specifically for doctor appointments will cost you $50,000 to $80,000. And a full-fledged Telemedicine app development cost can go up to $300,000.

Yes, our med-tech software developers build a prototype so clients can see and feel the final healthcare solution. Before starting to develop the final healthcare product, we even changed the requirement sets per the inputs received from the client to match the expectations.

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