Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Services

We automate businesses and optimize processes by deploying smart AI and ML solutions.

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Bacancy Technology utilizes the full potential of cutting-edge technologies, like ML and AI, while offering consulting and development services to clients. Our smart solutions and services enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors in their respective industries.

We specialize at providing Natural Language Processing (NLP), predicting analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Image Processing and Analysis, Machine learning, deep learning, data mining, marketing personalization, data sciences, e-commerce AI, business consulting and other advanced AI/ML services.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a more sophisticated, advanced and automated version of Machine Learning. This AI technology can dramatically increase the performance of forecasting, decision-making and other important operations. Bacancy Technology utilizes the best practices of Deep Learning to build robust and scalable solutions.

AI-based Solutions

We craft powerful and innovative AI solutions with our software, mobile and web development expertise. Potent at decision-making and problem-solving, our intelligent AI software/products help you work faster, at lower costs and without errors. Hire our Artificial Intelligent Development Company now.

Machine Learning

Bacancy Technology is a leading ML consulting and development service provider. We build powerful unsupervised/supervised algorithms to automate your processes, minimize human invention, increase operation speed, reduce errors, decrease cost, assure timeliness and boost reliability.

Natural Language Processing

Bacancy Technology provides top-notch quality Natural Language Processing services through our cutting-edge AI tools. We help you in extracting, processing, analyzing and understanding structured data to fetch insightful information from it. NLP can help you in training chatbots, BI, analytics and more.

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Use Cases for AI and Machine Learning

AI/ML Services for your Business

AI and ML are especially useful for those businesses which want to accelerate their growth rate and become/stay industry leaders. At Bacancy Technology, we help you in doing so. Our advanced knowledge and understanding of business implementation have helped us in becoming the best AI ML Company. Check out a few cases where our services, passion and expertise could benefit you.


Analyze business data to make data-driven decisions & organize information efficiently.


Satisfy your customers or potent clients with instant, precise, satisfying & engaging replies.


Run marketing campaigns smartly - To acquire customers, increase sales and achieve goals.


Optimize sales processes, forecast sales, automate sales activities and increase revenue.


Streamline processes & supply chains, manage inventories and speed up operations.


Detect and prevent frauds, make better financial decisions about business and investment.

HR and Workforce Management

Improve the onboarding process, automate HR tasks and manage projects efficiently.


Integrate intelligent authentication and security aids to prevent intrusions or avoid risks.

Technology Stack

Programming Language
Python Java C++ Objective C
Framework and Libraries
Mobile Core ML Cloud Image Recognition FDK TensorFlow Light Caffe2
Web and Desktop TensorFLow Open CV Caffe Natural Language Tolkit
Android iOS Windows Mac OS Linux