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Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Bacancy has a highly skilled team of BI and Qlik experts offering a wide range of Qlik consulting and development services. We serve small, medium, and large-cap companies across all industries with our expertise in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions. You can hire Qlik developers from us to address your growing needs for self-service visual analytics to guided, embedded, and custom analytics.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Use self-service analytic tools to explore data, find insights, and create enticing visual analytics using drag-&-drop interface.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Explore data, identify patterns, trends, and find insights. Use BI Dashboards for effective visualizations making those insights more actionable.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Use natural language text chat and voice within Qlik. Ask questions in your words and get get answers in easy conversational manner.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Embed analytics in into CRMs and ERPs to find insights and get value delivered faster. Use Open APIs and Build custom BI apps for data visualization.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Leverage augmented analytics to derive more value from your data. Use AI and ML embedded in Qlik to speedup data analytics.

Overbridge the Gaps Between Data, Insights, and Decisions With Our Qlik Developers

Get guaranteed data governance, data security, and flexible deployment options. Scale analytics from on-premise to cloud environments.

Our Qlik Consulting and Professional Services

Qlik comprises two robust business intelligence and data visualization tools, Qlikview and Qliksense. Hire the best Qlik developers from us to deploy the solution on-premise or on the cloud and integrate it with all types of data marts and databases.

Hire Qlik developers and enjoy the seamless process of designing, developing, and deploying comprehensive data and analytics solutions using the Qlik platform. Our Qlik consulting services cover everything from basic consultation, guidance, migration to Qlik, training, reviewing existing implementation, etc. In short, we help you get the most out of the Qlik platform.

We offer complete support in the migration process. You can hire Qlik Sense developers from us to migrate from QlikView to QlikSense. Our expert Qlik Sense developers perform pre-migration analysis, reconfigure the environment, migrate 1:1 data models, migrate visualizations, and optimize data models to suit the QlikSense environment.

Our Qlik Sense developers and QlikView experts make it easy to gather and prepare multiple data sources in a single workflow. Our Qlik team is skilled at using Qlik Replicate to support data modernization and preparation, making it easier for your internal teams to load, ingest, migrate, distribute, synchronize, and consolidate data on-premise or in cloud environments.

The rise of modern analytics started with QlikView and reached QlikSense now. Hire Qlik developers to create dashboards and reports, finetune and troubleshoot, report consolidation, and report or dashboard distribution. Our Qliksene developers will also help make those dashboards and reports mobile-friendly, recommend data sources for supporting reporting needs, and mashups, extensions, and customization.

A proper foundation is necessary for maximizing the value of the Qlik platform. Our top Qlik Sense developers will team up with you to understand your requirements, establish the appropriate tenant, identify data flow, follow best practices, and set you up for success. If necessary, we will customize and develop Qlik Apps, upgrade system administration, and optimize the Qlik environment to suit your needs.

Hire a Qlik developer to leverage geo-analytic software from Qlik to create sharp, synergistic mapping interfaces and geospatial visualization programs. Your data team can use these programs to analyze relationships between geography, customer behavior, and business processes. We enable you for better location-based decisions by offering robust mapping and location-based analytics for QlikSense and QlikView.

Our Qlik Sense developers are highly skilled and experienced in leveraging Qlik Sense APIs and Extensions to meet your versatile BI, analytics, and visualization needs. Hire Qlik Sense developers now to integrate Qlik Sense software and program RESTful APIs in the Qlik engine for custom-made client-specific apps. We will help you integrate Qlik Sense into web or .NET applications.

We are proficient with Qlik’s associative engine and QlikView Workbench. We use it for scripting QlikView and building targeted and micro-targeted analytics apps. Our QlikView developers will create data-driven enterprise applications offering role-based access controls and capture real-time data changes through seamless API connectivity, intuitive dashboards, and advanced search engines.

Qlik Products We Can Help You With

Qlik transformed the modern analytics era by revolutionizing how organizations use data for intuitive visual discovery. Here is a range of Qlik Products we support and offer our services accordingly.

Our Qlik Consulting Success Stories

We started Qlik Consulting to change how organizations use data. Since then, we have helped many clients move from passive to active analytics using our expertise in Qlik.

Leading University in America


Leading University in America

Core Technologies - Qlik | Qlik Cloud Data Integration

The client wanted to overcome the manual, error-prone, and time-consuming process of providing data from various points. We used Qlik Cloud Data Integration to provide data ingestion to cloud-based data lakes and warehouses. They can roll out data integration projects faster with enhanced real-time data availability.

Realty Builders Austin, TX


Realty Builders Austin, TX

Core Technologies - Qlik Sense

The client needed up-to-the-minute data from global enterprise locations for analytics projects and strategic decision making. We used Qlik Sense to transform their data architecture and automated the entire data pipeline from end-to-end, facilitating real-time data streaming.

Global Drug Manufacturing Company


Global Drug Manufacturing Company

Core Technologies - Qlik Sense

The client approached us with a requirement for dashboards and reports that managers can access at different locations in different time zones. Our Qlilk sense developers created dashboards and reports using Qlik with role-based access and real-time data ingestion using Qlik Replicate to offer real-time geo-analytics.

Our Approach to Qlik Deployment

Requirement Gathering

1. Requirement Gathering Requirement Gathering

  • Discuss and analyze the challenges faced by clients.
  • Understand the expectations and requirements.
  • Realize the goals the client wants to achieve.
Data & Analytics Strategy

2. Data & Analytics Strategy Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Understand the current Data & Analytics state of the company.
  • Strategize, prioritize, and plan to achieve goals.
  • Choose the precise Qlik Product and Plan
  • Sign the contract agreement and get the license.
Platform & Architecture Implementation

3. Platform & Architecture Implementation Platform & Architecture Implementation

  • Bring the right tools, technologies, and skill sets to execute the strategy.
  • Partner with your team to create a modern data platform and architecture.
  • Set up Cloud Service, Configure and Customize Qlik Environment,
Enterprise Data Literacy

4. Enterprise Data Literacy Enterprise Data Literacy

  • Conduct a practical Data Literacy Maturity Test for the company.
  • Design a comprehensive Enterprise Data Literacy Program.
  • Lower organizational costs and risks by enhancing data literacy at all levels.
Ongoing Support

5. Ongoing Support Ongoing Support

  • Work on scheduled Qlik updates and maintenance, and patches.
  • Continuous monitoring, tuning performance and optimizing features.
  • 24/7 Support from experienced and skilled Qlik developers

Why Hire Qlik Developers from Bacancy?

At Bacancy, we have earned a reputation for putting data to work. We have one of the best and most talented data teams you could ever imagine. We are proud of our Qlik developer team and that Qlik has been 12-times Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Analytics and BI Platforms if you believe in the best. Suppose you want the best of the best. Hire Qlik Developers from us. We have only the best.

As a specialized data and BI team, we will help you deploy Qlik, finetune the underperforming Qlik environment, and help you adopt Qlik efficiently. We guarantee to simplify your project, reduce costs, and enhance ROI by providing the right resources at the right time to achieve success.

Why Hire Qlik Developers from Bacancy?

Advantages of Partnering with Us

  • A team of skilled Qlikview and Qlik sense developers.
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise in Qlik Implementation.
  • Single point of contact for all your Qlik needs.
  • Flexible pricing models to meet your specific requirements.
  • Fully comprehensive training, supportive, maintenance, and support packages.
  • Our maintenance and support programs are always there to help.
  • Sign a strict NDA to ensure the absolute confidentiality of your project.
  • An easy exit policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk
  • The critical difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView is the type of analytics capabilities and usage pattern.
  • QlikView is a guided analytic tool, whereas Qlik Sense is a self-service analytics tool.
  • Data visualization in Qlik Sense is more intuitive and appealing than QlikView visualization.
  • However, both tools solve business problems by helping them with data analytics

Bacancy is the one-stop solution for all your data needs. Apart from hiring Qlik Developers, you can hire Tableau Consultants, Power BI Consultants, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Visualization Experts, and Data Scientists from Bacancy.

Reasons you should hire Qlik Developers from Bacancy are,

  • Experienced and skilled Qlik developers.
  • You can hire Qlik developers hourly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Qlik Developers from bacancy work as extensions of your in-house team.
  • Bacancy offers cost-effective and flexible hiring models.

The average experience of our Qlik developers ranges between 4 to 5 years and is similar for Qlik Sense developers.

The Qlik developers at Bacancy have worked for multiple clients from various industries on different projects, strengthening their portfolio.

Yes! Our Qlik developers are skilled and experienced to help you migrate from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Our developers have worked on similar projects in the past.

The services offered by our Qlik developers are mentioned in the service section. However, we can discuss the expertise of our Qlik developers for any particular demands we should have included.

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