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Why Asp.Net Web API?

Trending technology never lets the dominator sleep well. And carrying this thought has arrived the whole new Asp.NET WEB API- a framework for building HTTP services to cover a wide range of client side servers including browsers, mobiles, iPhones, tablets and more. WEB API is a part of core ASP.NET platform, in spite of that it carries MVC features like routing, controllers, dependency injection and more.

Since technology is moving towards web and mobile based applications, it has been necessary to expose service data to browsers and apps quickly as well as in a simple & short manner. And to reach this goal of providing quick & simple responding to servers, you need an API compatible and flexible enough to perform swiftly.

Benefits Of Asp.Net Web API

Get the top-notch benefits from our experts to develop and integrate the business web API for custom application development.

Application Loading Time

Due to its light weight architecture the loading time of your web or mobile application will be reduced to half.

REST-ful Way

.NET Web API is singularly based on HTTP and hence is easy to define, expose as well as consume in a REST-ful way.

Light Weight Architecture

Web API is light weight architecture. This leads to the benefit for devices which have limited bandwidth like smart phones.

Collects only Required Head

It gathers only the needful information (head), and unlike SOAP or WCF, Web API serves HTTP calls to the purpose by gathering required amount of data only.

WCF Attributes

Though it’s a whole new framework, it carry attributes similar to WCF also.

Image Loading Time

The bit will be automatically generated if there is an image in the page. Thus reducing the burden of loading and refreshing of an image every time someone opens your web or mobile application.

Easy Automated Testing

Web API Framework is built to provide ease to developers also. And thus it has inbuilt testing feature that will automatically detect mistakes while coding and will revert back with the exact outcome of the codes being written.

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Dedicated Asp.Net Web API Developer for Hire

An API is a crucial part of an application and may lead to failure if not built using appropriate technology, framework, coding, and experience.

Bacancy carry a 12+ years of experience in building ingenious applications and APIs using cutting edge technologies starting from PHP, Ruby on Rails up to .NET and more. We make and break codes cunningly to create light weight and device friendly APIs that will turn your application into a model of success.

Benefits of Choosing Bacancy

  • 12+ years of experience in .NET development as a leading .Net development company
  • Hire .NET developers having cutting edge expertise in entity framework, MVC architecture, Orchard
  • 12+ projects completed successfully using ASP.NET MVC and more
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  • CMS development and more
  • OWIN and NancyFx Development Experience
  • Timely Delivery of Project with Confidentiality Maintained at each and every step
  • We do sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect you confidential data or ideas