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Machine learning Data Scientists

Our Machine Learning Data Scientists are good at:

  • Machine learning coding and model development
  • Building customized ML applications
  • Analyzing large data sets to extract valuable insights
  • Identifying and fixing issues with existing ML-based systems
  • ML model training, testing and deployment
  • Understanding data structures, data modeling and software architecture
  • Designing the right architecture for ML models applications
  • Studying & transforming data science prototypes and algorithms
Discuss Your Project With Us

Hire Data Scientists to Solve Data Challenges

Data is the oil of the digital economy – an immensely untapped valuable asset. Hire data scientists to develop a strategy aligning with your business needs. Our experienced data science engineers are skilled at dealing with challenges posed by Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity of data.

Data Preprocessing and Data Wrangling

We let you hire data science developers skilled at using various programming languages, frameworks, visual analytics tools, and open-source BI & data analytics components like R, Python, KNIME, RapidMine, etc., to perform data preprocessing and wrangling. With strong experience in understanding Binning method, Clustering method, or manually removing noise from the data, our data science experts can help you elevate the performance of the data preparation and analysis model.

Database Development

Our analytics specialists convert, process, and store the data into large databases using the latest tools and technologies, such as Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Netezza, PostgreSQL, etc. Hire top data scientists well versed in developing Relational/Sequence and Non-relational/Non-sequence databases. They can also help you build archival databases such as Distributed, Personal, Centralized, Commercial, NoSQL, Operational, Relational, and End-user databases.

Data Warehouse Design

When you hire offshore data scientists from us, they work closely with you to understand your strategic business requirements. Our senior data scientists use all three approaches to design and create a data warehouse design – top-down approach, bottom-up approach, and a combination of both. Applying their expertise, they will select a precise data warehouse view from either a top-down, data source, data warehouse, or business query view.

Data Modeling

At Bacancy, we have a team of data modeling experts skilled in employing standardized schemas and formal techniques to offer common, consistent, and predictable data patterns. Hire Data Science developer from us to build Conceptual, Logical, and Physical data models using Hierarchical, Relational, Entity-Relationship, Object-oriented, and Dimensional techniques. They also use various data modeling tools like, Lucidchart, SQuirreL, QL, MySQL Workbench, Amundsen, Erwin Data Modeler, ER/Studio, Postico, Navicat, and Datagrip.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our predictive analytic specialists know how to leverage the true power of machine learning, predictive modeling, and data mining to develop predictive analytics solutions. They can help you build best-in-class Classification prototypes for predicting numbers. Rent a data scientist to build a Decision tree, regression (linear and logistic), and Neural network predictive models using their skillset in Time Series algorithms, Clustering Algorithms, Outlier Detection algorithms, Ensemble models, Factor analysis, Naïve Bayes, and Support vector machines.

Time Series Forecasting Analysis

We at Bacancy have a team of statisticians with proven skills in conventional statistical (e.g., ARIMA), machine learning methods, artificial neural networks, support vector machines, and others. They are continuously pursuing new approaches to extracting predictions from data. Hire the best data science developer from us who is excellent at using TensorFlow, Prophet, React Native, BigQuery, Vertex AI and programming languages R, TypeScript, JADE, etc.

Operational Analytics Solutions

Do you want to build operational analytic solutions and increase response time by getting precise insights into evolving events? Experienced data science developers at Bacancy are well-versed in creating custom integration for every data pipeline to build an operational analytics processing engine. Find data science experts from us who use all six approaches – Complex queries, Low data latency, Low query latency, High query volume, Live sync with data sources, and mixed types or combine them to get expected results.

Statistical Programming

Get access to talented data processing, modeling, and analytics professionals having in-depth knowledge of Python and R. Additionally, our datalogy specialists demonstrate impeccable skills in using other programming languages like Java, Scala, and Matlab used in statistical programming. Hire a data scientist with numeric minds for versatile statistical programming services, implementing statistical analysis plans, and developing SDTM/ADaM using CDISC standards.

Advanced Data Visualization

Our data engineers are skilled at using Box plots, Histograms, Heat maps, Charts, Treemaps, Word Cloud and Network diagrams for Unstructured Data, Wedge stack graphs, Correlation matrices, Streamgraphs, and Dendrograms techniques. Hire full-time data scientists from us who are excellent in using data visualization tools like ChartBlocks, Cyfe, Databox, Datawrapper, Easy Insight, Power BI, Tableau, Zoho, and more.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Technical Expertise of Our Dedicated Data Scientists

Languages PythonPython 3TypeScriptSQLC++JavaScriptC#CoffeeScriptJuliaRJavaScalaSwiftGOBash
Frameworks TensorflowMahoutCaffeMxnetRasaFlaskPytorch
Libraries/APIs PandasSpaCyNLTKGoogle Chart APIScikit-learnNumPyMatplotlibPILOpenCVAsyncioSciPyGgplot2DashPlotlyStreamlitGradioSpark MLlibAmazon machine learning Azure machine learningTheanoKerasGensimSpacySeaborn
Data Storage Domain MongoDBPostgreSQLGoogle Big data serviceMySQLElasticsearchApache PysparkDatabricksNoSQLAWS S3Neo4j
Tools & Techniques SASIBM SPSSGoogle Big QueryGoogle Cloud StorageVertex AITableauAuto MLNLPVS codePyCharmGitJupyter ServicesAWS InfrastructureMicrosoft ExcelDashGoogle Computer EngineBitbucketGitHubMicrosoft Power BIGoogle SheetsGoogle Apps ScriptSubversion (SVN)
OCR PytesseractAmazon ExtractsGoogle Vision
Platforms Google Cloud Platform (GCP)DockerJupyter Notebook Amazon Web Services (AWS)HerokuFirebase | WindowsLinuxOracleKubernetes Visual Studio CodeTwilioWordPress Google App EngineMacOS | Ubuntu LinuxAWS LambdaRStudioH2O Deep Learning PlatformAWS EC2 H20OS XHadoopSnowflake
Statistic Methods Descriptive StatisticsARMAARIMABayesian Inference
Supervised Learning Algorithms Decision TreesLinear RegressionRidge & Lasso RegressionKNNRandom ForestAda-BoostLogistic RegressionSupport Vector MachinesGradient BoostingXGBoost
Unsupervised Algorithms K-means ClusteringHierarchical ClusteringStochastic Gradient
Neural Networks LSTM and GRUAutoencodersGenerative adversarial networksDeep Q-network (DQN)Bayesian Deep Learning
PM Tools JiraTrelloSlackAsanaAzure DevOpsHubstaff Tasks
Communication Tools SlackHangout
Meeting Google MeetZoomGotoMeeting

Our Amazing Customer Success Stories

Over the past 6+ years, Check out the work our dedicated Data Scientists have done for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome start-up challenges.

Car Image Masking
Car Image Masking


Car Image Masking

Core Technologies - Python | R | OpenCV | Random Forest

Our client is USA’s reputed online second-hand car seller. Analyzing the dataset of images was one of the major client requirements. Our data scientists created data sets and analysis models using machine learning, image classification, and object detection so that the masking output matches the selected car images.

Predict the Image Category
Predict the Image Category


Predict the Image Category

Core Technologies - Python | OpenCV | Google Colab | Matplotlib

Our data science experts worked with AI & ML devs to help this client process data and train image classifiers to take an input (Image) & output a class (Category). They prepped the data and helped visualize the training images with augmentations like rotation, flip, and zoom.

Toxic Question Sorting
Toxic Question Sorting

Social Networking

Toxic Question Sorting

Core Technologies - Python | NLTK | SRILM | Scikit-Learn

The client approached us with a focused requirement to remove the toxicity in online content and enhance the conversational quality. Our data scientists worked on different sorting algorithms and created a dataset of offensive, abusive, toxic, foul, and unaccepted vocabulary.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment









Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Professional Services

Professional Services

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Information Technology

Information Technology



Top Industries Hire Data Science Developer From Us

At Bacancy, we have a pool of experienced data science experts who have helped Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, SMEs, and emerging Start-ups to tackle data security issues, develop ML models and extract value from their organizational data.

Our data scientists are analytical thinkers, agile development experts, proven technologists and experienced in the latest data science capabilities. Hire data science developers from us to turn your raw data into insightful data.


Why Hire Data Scientist from Bacancy?

Bacancy has a team of the best data scientists for hire specifically trained in interconnected technologies and data management. With their experience and passion, our offshore data scientists have acquired invaluable skills in data science and data science-related architecture and solution development.

If you are concerned about where to hire freelance data scientists, you are at the right place. Bacancy gives you access to an extensive talent pool of data engineers that are with us after facing a rigorous interview process and proving their core competencies. If you hire data science developer or team from us, we guarantee they will solve the toughest data challenges for you.

Why Hire Data Scientists from Bacancy?

Why Do You Need to Hire a Data Scientist?

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Profound Technical Knowledge
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Agile Development Process
  • Source Code Authorization
  • No contract lock-ins
Hire Data Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

To hire a data scientist from us you need to contact us via email, or phone, or just fill out the contact form by giving valid details. You can chat with us online or schedule a meeting with our account managers to discuss your requirements and speak with our data scientists.

Hiring a first data scientist is infinitely more challenging compared to hiring a software developer. It is better to reach out to an offshore development company like Bacancy having a pool of talented and experienced data scientists. Bacancy first analyzes your requirements and provides you with the most suitable candidates suiting your exact requirements or business needs.

Yes! At Bacancy the process to hire the best data scientists begins long before the interview process. We have a systematic approach in place so you can properly identify potentially skilled candidates and streamline the hiring process only after the initial screening of profiles.

No! We have different engagement models allowing you to hire as low as single data scientists and as high as a team of data scientists as per your requirement.

Yes, absolutely. You can access profiles of our candidates once you decide to hire data scientists from us. After analyzing them their experience, skills, portfolios, recommendations, etc. You can shortlist and have one-to-one interviews with them to find the best data scientist suiting your business requirements.

We have certified and skilled data scientists holding expertise in different programming languages, frameworks, databases, libraries, and tools. For more information, you can view the entire technology stack presented above.

Yes, we do. We sign NDA with all of our clients ensuring 100% transparency, confidentiality, and privacy with strict implementation rules.