Project Summary

Our objective was to establish an automated system with the capacity to handle 500 parcels within a one-hour timeframe. The system should be able to identify and extract relevant information from bills within these parcels using state-of-the-art optical character recognition technology. Furthermore, the extracted data must be securely stored in a database for subsequent analysis and management.

Technical Stack

  • Mern Stack
  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Python
  • Python 3
  • Industry

    Logistics & Transportation

  • region
  • Region


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  • Project Size



  • The initial challenge was the color intensity issue in white and silver packages, making it difficult to detect the bill independently of the whole package.
  • Another challenge was that the workers tended to position parcels in varying orientations during the detection process.

Technical Challenges

  • The initial challenge was to orient the detected bill at a 0-degree angle.
  • Developing an ETL pipeline to ingest real-time data for instant predictions.
  • Reducing inference time to efficiently process the maximum number of parcel packages in the shortest possible time.


  • Our development team proposed an interactive desktop application enriched with advanced AI models. These models encompass a state-of-the-art computer vision system for precise bill detection, robust OCR technology for comprehensive text extraction from detected bills, and a customized NER model tailored to extract vital information, such as Tracking ID, Shipping Company, and unique GC numbers.
  • Additionally, the solution encompasses the capability to measure parcel weight and seamlessly generate unique QR codes for printing. Importantly, our AI models are engineered to continually learn and adapt to real-time scenarios, ensuring top-notch performance and accuracy. The seamless integration of these features and AI models within the desktop application offers an efficient and tailored solution for your specific requirements.

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Measurable Benefits post implementation

Through the utilization of AI models and a user-friendly desktop application, our clients have experienced the following advantages:

  • Implementing an accurate end-to-end system has resulted in significant time savings on data entry tasks.
  • Our automated AI system is capable of efficiently processing 500 parcels per hour, leading to a reduction in labor costs and the delivery of highly efficient outcomes.
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  • Time Frame

    March 2021- June- 2022

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