The Container Store is a retail chain specializing in storage and organization products; founded in 1978 in Dallas, Texas, and has since grown to become one of the leading retailers in the United States in the storage and organization industry. The Container Store presents a wide range of products designed to help people maximize space and keep their belongings organized to help individuals and businesses declutter and create functional and efficient spaces. Also, they have online and physical stores to allow customers to order from the convenience of their homes.

Technical Stack

  • React JS
  • Java
  • Spring Microservices
  • Power Reviews
  • Bloomreach
  • Broadleaf Commerce
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region

    United States

  • project-size
  • Project Size



Extensive product browsing

Flexible payment and delivery

Convenient cart and wishlist management

Global orders and currency support

Challenges & Solutions

Legacy eCommerce platform lacking a rich user experience.

  • Solution: Migrated codebase to newer technologies, preserving business logic while redesigning the project structure for robustness and scalability, resulting in an enhanced user experience and improved platform performance.

Migrating Legacy eCommerce Platform with Unchanged Business Requirements

  • Solution: Adopted microservice architecture, understood legacy code, implemented distributed cache, and divided the system into modules like product listing, cart & checkout, inventory, machinator, catalog, and mPos for smooth migration and improved flexibility.

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Countries with
Happy Customers


Agile enabled

Core Features

  • Product Listing, Searching & Detail
  • Offers and Promotions
  • Product Reviews
  • Shipping across borders
  • Order tracking
  • no.-of-resources
  • No. of Resources


  • time-frame
  • Time Frame

    July 2021 - Ongoing


User Experience Upgrades in Legacy E-commerce Development
User Experience Upgrades in Legacy E-commerce Development

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