DigitalFortify, recognized as a premier Social Media Intelligence (SMI) platform globally, is dedicated to protecting consumers and corporations from the potential consequences of their digital footprint. With its advanced capabilities, DigitalFortify identifies and addresses damaging content from the past, safeguarding against future missteps.

Technical Stack

  • Next JS
  • Node JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • GCP
  • Google Cloud storage
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Stripe
  • Industry

    Marketing & Advertising

  • region
  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


User-Friendly Content Cleanup

Effortless Multi-Account Management

Track Social Media Behavior with AI

AI-Driven Reputation Management

Challenges & Solutions

Uncover and Address Past Social Media Risks.

  • Solution: Implemented AI and ML-powered social media monitoring, allowing users to proactively manage their digital footprint by identifying and addressing potentially damaging content. This enhanced user trust and positively impacted personal and corporate reputations by mitigating past risks.

Streamline Management of Multiple Social Media Accounts.

  • Solution: Facilitated seamless integration, empowering DigitalFortify users to manage various social media accounts efficiently from a centralized dashboard. This streamlined account management improved user engagement and satisfaction by providing a unified and user-friendly experience.

Enhance Content Monitoring for Harmful Posts.

  • Solution: Implemented cutting-edge AI-powered scanning technology to accurately identify harmful or inappropriate posts. This advanced content monitoring ensured quick issue identification and mitigation, safeguarding personal and corporate reputations from potential harm.

Simplify Deletion of Flagged Content.

  • Solution: Our development team built a user-friendly interface, allowing DigitalFortify users to easily delete flagged content from the platform. This streamlined content management, saving time and effort, contributed to maintaining a clean social media presence and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Ensure Scalability and Performance Optimization.

  • Solution: Leveraged GCP, Docker, and Kubernetes to ensure scalability and performance optimization for DigitalFortify. This seamless handling of increased demand provided users with a reliable, high-performance platform, improving user retention and satisfaction.

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Core Features

  • Link various social media accounts.
  • Scan for and remove harmful or inappropriate posts.
  • Easily delete flagged content for a clean account.
  • Efficient Content Governance
  • Unified Social Media Management
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  • Time Frame

    August 2022 - December 2022

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