SugarSculpt Cakes, a well-established cakes and desserts shop founded in 1990 that welcomes individuals to a captivating realm of confections. It is a fusion of tradition and innovation which is evident in their diverse array of offerings, ranging from custom cakes to alluring cupcakes and enticing cake balls. With a meticulous approach to craftsmanship and a dedication to quality ingredients, each creation is a testament to their commitment. Having firmly woven itself into the community fabric, SugarSculpt Cakes is a cherished presence in a spectrum of occasions. From quiet gatherings to momentous celebrations, their confections embody the artistry of the craft, etching enduring memories of delightful experiences.

Technical Stack

  • ReactJS
  • React Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Industry


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  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


System for Cake Assembly

Baker's Calculator

Cake and Boards Label Generator

Order Management CRM

How Bacancy Helped SugarSculpt Cakes


Challenges & Solutions

Enhancing System Features and UI Revamp

  • Solution: Responding to the client's need for advanced functionalities, Bacancy Team developed a new system with additional features. Alongside, they addressed the challenge of implementing the UI vision provided by the client by suggesting feasible alternatives.

Complex Cake Assembly and Baker Calculator

  • Solution: Overcoming complexities in the Cake Assembly Page, Bacancy proposed and implemented a new item info API, streamlining the process. For the Baker Calculator, calculation issues were resolved by implementing effective metrics, ensuring accurate results and functionality.

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Agile enabled

Core Features

  • Custom Route Setup
  • Dynamic CMS Functionality
  • Delivery Location Tracking
  • Real-time SMS Communication
  • Advanced Filtering & Logs
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  • Time Frame

    April 2022 - Ongoing

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