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Cloud Consulting Made Simple with The Right Strategy and Right Cloud

At Bacancy, we make cloud consulting a straightforward endeavor. Our approach revolves around crafting the perfect strategy tailored to your unique business needs. With the right cloud platform as our foundation, we guide you through every step, from inception to execution. Our cloud strategy and planning experts ensure that your cloud journey is not just efficient but transformative. Together, we navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, making cloud adoption a seamless and rewarding experience.

Our cloud consulting services are specifically optimized for you if you are facing any of the below challenges:

Cloud Consulting
  • Challenges to integrating new technologies with the cloud.
  • Inability to scale up or scale down to meet demands.
  • Difficulty in managing modernized applications on any platform.
  • Failure to use the cloud at its fullest potential and bring visibility.
  • Limitations to manage continuous security and compliance.
  • Inefficiency to update software automatically and manage cloud infrastructure.
  • Lack of collaboration between people working at different locations.
  • Challenges in business continuity and resilience due to poor disaster recovery.
Solve Business Challenges

End-to-End Cloud Consulting Services

Bacancy is a trusted cloud consulting company, and we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of end-to-end cloud services tailored to your unique business needs. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled cloud consultants excelling in designing, deploying, and optimizing cloud infrastructures, ensuring scalability and performance. We harness advanced technologies to develop cloud-native applications that drive innovation.

Cloud Advisory Services

When you want to align your business needs with the cloud ecosystem, we are here to help you. We will help you adopt the right cloud across hybrid/public/private, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, and cloud-native/agnostic solutions. At Bacancy, we have a talented pool of cloud consultants reputed to design an operating model that helps organizations embrace the move to the cloud and drive change. Leverage our cloud strategy consulting services for efficient cloud business strategy, adoption strategy, and solution designs.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Being a leading cloud consulting company, Bacancy helps you design and build a scalable cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), ensuring it is flexible, agile, secure, cost-efficient, and productive. We will build an agile cloud environment so you can optimize the engineering value chain from development and testing to deployment and operations. Every single cloud infrastructure consultant at Bacancy is skilled at optimizing computing power, networking, storage, and user interfaces to access data through virtualization.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is necessary for businesses interested in achieving growth, digital transformation, and looking for disruption. Bacancy offers bespoke cloud development and migration services by eliminating all the complexities in data migration and ensuring your data's total security and safety. We work with you to identify the right cloud strategy, operating model, and roadmap and help you unleash the competitiveness of cloud computing. Whether migrating web applications, websites, and IaaS/PaaS to the cloud or enterprise apps, desktops, and workspace solutions to the cloud, we do it all.

Cloud Managed Services

Experience the skillfulness and excellence of our cloud strategists in using cutting-edge cloud management tools and technologies. It does not matter, whether you are navigating through a Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud environment, our seasoned cloud professionals will help you in managing your cloud infrastructure with utmost perfection. Leverage our cloud-managed services to enjoy automation, strengthen compliance, implement governance, tighten security, streamline monitoring, and engineer performance optimization.

Application Development for Cloud

Many of our past clients are fond of our microservices, containers, and serverless computing skills, DevOps tools, and our familiarity with Machine Learning and AI. With experience in building, deploying, and scaling custom applications for the cloud, Bacancy empowers you to innovate rapidly using cloud-native architecture. We follow agile methodology and DevOps best practices to develop applications for the cloud.

Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning

Our expertise and skills in Cloud Consulting, Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning will help you uncover and utilize the complete potential of cloud IT infrastructure. Our data team will work alongside cloud consultants to build and deliver custom analytics and ML solutions aligned with your KPIs and optimized to address your specific business needs.

Cloud Strategy Development

Creating a successful cloud strategy is a complex achievement but a major USP of our cloud consulting expertise. We first understand your goals, needs, and vision and then provide comprehensive guidance and create a strategy that helps to overcome the issues in adopting and optimizing cloud infrastructure for your organization. We make a custom infrastructure, platform, security, resilience, and scalability plan.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready to adopt the cloud? If you have the same question, our cloud readiness assessment services are for you. Our cloud consultants thoroughly assess your existing IT infrastructure, applications, workloads, operations, and processes. We also consider the requisites of security, compliance, and future scaling needs. With a determined budget and timeline and leveraging the right tools and technologies, we prepare your business for a measurable, sustainable augmentation.

Implementation Assessment

With deep expertise in Cloud assessment and readiness, Bacancy offers a powerful combination of innovative solutions, services, technologies, and tools like containerization, automation, and orchestration to perform cloud implementation assessment. With proper analysis of your current IT ecosystem, we help you identify growth areas and improvise strategies to align your business goals strategically. Besides, we review your cloud architecture to identify bottlenecks and recommend enhancements.

Cloud Security Services

Our focus to prioritize protecting and safeguarding our clients' digital cloud assets has made us a trusted and reliable cloud consulting firm. With proven skills in utilizing advanced cloud security tools and technologies like CASBs, SIEM, and IAM, we address your cloud security concerns. Additionally, we take care of compliance issues by leveraging our expertise and understanding your vision. Leverage our skills to build an enterprise-grade cloud security framework that utilizes ML tools to identify risks before they become hazards.

Our Expert Cloud Partnerships Will Reshape Your Business

Accelerate business outcomes by harnessing the power of the cloud. Leverage our ties with leading cloud service partners and embark on your cloud journey.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Encompassing a broader spectrum of AWS offerings, we utilize our skills, expertise, and experience to provide seamless cloud adoption, optimization, and management. Get AWS solutions tailored to your business needs, from robust architectures to serverless applications, and leverage our cost optimization strategies to maximize AWS benefits and minimize expenses.

Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure consulting services and effortlessly embrace the cloud service platform and associated technologies. We create strategic Azure roadmaps and implement solutions that drive efficiency and agility. Our Azure specialists assist in migration, app modernization, and data management, ensuring you harness Azure's full potential.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services

Hire top cloud consultants from us and unlock the potential of the Google Cloud Platform to its fullest. We guide you through GCP's extensive suite of tools and services, enabling data-driven decision-making, machine learning adoption, and robust infrastructure deployments. We will help you harness GCP's innovation for unparalleled business growth.

Digital Ocean Cloud Consulting Services

Digital Ocean Cloud Consulting Services

Backed by a team of certified Cloud specialists, we excel in modernizing, upgrading, and revolutionizing your cloud infrastructure on the Digital Ocean cloud platform. We help you optimize your cloud environment, develop customizable solutions, implement automation, and integrate AI and ML capabilities. Our Digital Ocean experts are well known to offer a holistic approach and deliver an unparalleled cloud experience.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Navigating the complexities of hybrid cloud environments requires expertise. Our hybrid cloud consulting services seamlessly integrate public and private clouds, optimizing workloads, data, and applications. We ensure data consistency, security, and scalability across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Our Comprehensive Cloud Consulting Process

Step 1

Assessment, Expectation, and Discovery

In the initial phase, our dedicated Cloud consultant will engage with your organization to unveil your unique aspirations and expectations regarding cloud integration. This stage serves as the foundation for the entire process. This phase involves thoroughly assessing your current IT infrastructure and applications to identify areas for improvement.

Step 2

Strategy, Planning, and Proposal

Based on the insights gained in the initial phase, our team will craft a tailored cloud strategy that aligns seamlessly with your organization's vision. This stage involves creative brainstorming and innovative planning. It includes selecting the right cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), defining migration paths, and creating a comprehensive roadmap.

Step 3

Cloud Roadmap, Migration, and Implementation

Your customized cloud strategy will be presented to you, along with a detailed Cloud Blueprint outlining our engagement's scope and objectives. This document ensures complete transparency. This phase involves careful testing, optimization, and ensuring minimal disruption as we execute the migration of your applications, data, and workloads to the cloud.

Step 4

Engagement, Optimization, and Management

Once the strategy is approved, our expert team will implement it seamlessly, leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies and best practices. We prioritize security and compliance with industry regulations and standards throughout the process, implementing robust measures to safeguard your data and applications.

Step 5

Realization, Evaluation, and Evolution

Post-implementation, we will closely monitor the cloud environment's performance. To keep your cloud strategy aligned with the latest advancements, we periodically revisit and refine the strategy as necessary. To empower your team, we offer training and knowledge transfer sessions,

Step 6

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our commitment to your cloud journey continues after implementation. Ongoing support and maintenance are the backbone of our cloud consulting services and solutions. We provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure your cloud environment operates efficiently, adapting to evolving business needs. Our team offers ongoing management, monitoring, and help to ensure smooth operations.

Reasons Bacancy Is the Most Sought-After Cloud Consulting Company By Global Organizations

With over a decade of cloud consulting experience, Bacancy has perfected the art of delivering customized cloud services and solutions that drive innovation and efficiency. Our strengths and skills include:

Cloud Consulting Company
  • Multi-Cloud Mastery: Proficiency in AWS, Azure, GCP, and more, allowing seamless multi-cloud integration.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Harnessing big data, analytics, and machine learning to optimize operations.
  • Security Prowess: Implementing robust security protocols for safeguarding data and applications.
  • Agile Transformation: Enabling agility and scalability for businesses through cloud-native strategies.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored cloud architecture consulting and strategies to meet diverse industry needs.
  • 24/7 Support: Ensuring uninterrupted cloud operations and rapid issue resolution with ongoing support.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with leading cloud providers for innovative solutions.

If you are seeking transformative cloud consulting services and want to partner with the best cloud consulting service provider, get in touch–now.

Embark on a Seamless Cloud Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Bacancy, our expertise spans various industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and more. We tailor our cloud solutions to meet the unique demands of each sector.

Absolutely. We thoroughly analyze your requirements, objectives, and existing infrastructure to recommend the most suitable cloud platform, whether it's AWS, Azure, GCP, or a hybrid approach. Besides, we also analyze the cloud deployment that is right for you, like a Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-cloud environment.

Data security is our top priority. We utilize advanced tools and technologies to protect and safeguard your cloud assets. Implementing robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits, to protect your data and applications in the cloud is an integral part of our cloud consulting services.

Bacancy stands out due to its extensive experience, industry partnerships, and client-centric approach. Our ability to provide end-to-end cloud solutions and 24/7 support makes us a preferred choice.

Yes, we offer comprehensive cloud migration services and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your cloud infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

ROI varies depending on your specific goals and challenges. However, our cost-effective solutions, scalability, and improved operational efficiency often result in a significant return on investment for our clients.

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