Kotlin Application Development Services

Kotlin Application Development Services

Hire Kotlin app developers from Bacancy Technology to release the burden of building and maintaining an in-house development team

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We use best-in-class tools and state-of-the-art Kotlin
application development services to make Android
development faster and more exciting.

Supreme Performance

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language and it is globally renowned for offering supreme performance. Our adroit developers own skillful expertise in delivering modern Android application that is fast, compatible and safe.

Concise Code Structure

Kotlin is not just a powerful language, but it is expressive as well as concise. It can be easily interoperable with the existing Android languages and runtime. Hire Android developers from us to save lots of development efforts.

Safe and Reliable

Kotlin is an indeed safe language as it contains security features for immutability and nullability. Besides that Kotlin’s compiler authenticates the accuracy of the programs that results in less chance for runtime crashes.

Functional and Object-Oriented

Using Kotlin web framework, we can code in both object-oriented and functional manner. This way Kotlin helps our developers to write high order functions and gives them much more power of abstraction.

Named Parameters

Our skilled developers own skillful expertise in passing parameters by name, rather than an index. This approach so much helpful when a function has numbers of parameters.

Safe Multithreading

Simultaneous modification of the same data and lack of synchronization by multiple threads is the reason behind errors in multithreaded application. Our developers own proficiency in using immutable objects and pure functions.

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Kotlin Android Application Development Services

Kotlin is Google’s brilliant programming language for Java virtual machine, officially supported by Google and actively developed by JetBrains. It is an effective and efficient language that supports various solutions to diverse problems faced by Android developers. Kotlin is the statically typed open source programming language that perfectly fits in server-side web application development. From reduce in bugs to the improved the readability of code and lessen the development time, Kotlin is undoubtedly a rising star for the Android mobile application development.

Bacacny Technology holds a pool of skillful kotlin app development enthusiasts who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in building functional, user-friendly and tailor-made solutions.

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Globally Renowned Leaders Are Already using Kotlin


A famous photo-sharing social platform with more than 150 million users shifted to Kotlin and the result is apparently visible with the growing number of users.


World’s largest education-focused technology company is using Kotlin to provide the best user experience.


Supreme code quality and speedy work deliverables made Uber to choos Kotlin as their development partner.


Kotlin is one of the reasons why Netflix is considered as world's largest internet television.


What makes Kotlin better than Java

  • Server Side Kotlin is being used to build server-side applications in a more expressive and concise way. Programmers can deploy Kotlin apps to all the Java web application hosts.
  • Javascript Applications that demand a server/client side architecture, Kotlin developers help them to transpile Kotlin code to Javascript. Our skilled developers have skillful expertise to use Kotlin to make graphical elements, create DOM elements and work in the server-side technologies.
  • Kotlin/Native Kotlin-Native allows the Kotlin code compilation into native binaries. It is specifically aiming those platforms where there is no requirement for virtual machine. Our adroit developers can build iOS apps using Kotlin because Kotlin -native is fully compatible with Objective-C.
Hire Kotlin App Developers for Android App Development

Hire Kotlin App Developers for Android App Development

Kotlin is especially designed for the skilled Java developers. Kotlin has become the first and foremost choice of programmers using Java garbage collection basics, including Python, Scale, Ruby, Go and JavaScript programmers. More than 15% of the Android Studio 3.0 projects are using Kotlin language. Whether you are an inspirational startup or the Fortune 500 Company, hire Kotlin app developers from us to relieve the burden of building and maintaining an in-house development team.

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