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Developing Streamlined and Productive Applications for growth seeking industries

Go is an open source programming language that is designed to build the next-Gen enterprise applications for the growth seeking industries. Golnag is specifically composed for the cloud platforms. It’s a robust standard library that has not gone unnoticed by Bacancy Technology. This Google baked programming language has been developing in a great fame because of its authority in the API layer with simultaneous operations as well as the superiority of its development.

At Bacancy Technology, we are developing leading enterprise applications using the best practices of Golang, cloud and Big data analytics, enterprise mobility to help entrepreneurs across logistics, agriculture, retail, eLearning etc. just to name a few.

Why Golang ?

Streamlining software development

A project developed with Golang has numbers of benefits for businesses. The simplicity of Golang makes the development process faster and most favorably the code maintainability less expensive.

Designed explicitly for the cloud

A project developed with Golang has numbers of benefits for businesses. The simplicity of Golang makes the development process faster and most favorably the code maintainability less expensive.

Seamless development of concurrent applications

Goroutines & lightweight threads make multi-threading unbelievably easy. The streaming architecture of Golang concurrency enables development of concurrent application in big multi-regional teams.

High performance

Go makes it possible to compile a large program in a very short span of time from a single computer.

Easy cross-platform

Support for cross compilation is developed into the Golang build scripts; thus, it empowers fast and easy cross-platform development.

Software quality

Garbage collector, built-in testing, strict compiler and other language features ensure the highest quality of code. As programming with Golang requires attention to detail.

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What makes Golang good choice for performance based systems

Parallel Computation Support

Channels and goroutines are great features of Go that let you leverage parallelism and concurrency in your applications in a more efficient manner and a secure way.

Unwieldy Type Systems

The typing system does not have a specific hierarchy therefore, there is no need to spend specific time in defining the relationships between types. Go attempts to make feel lighter in weight than traditional OO languages.


Go makes dependency analysis so easy and avoids the overhead of C-style, including files as well as libraries.


Bacancy Technology’s Golang Development Solutions

Bold, Simple, Robust.

Full-Stack Go

Our skillful programmers are full-stack software experts, with expertise in front and back-end technologies. We program with Golang - Google Go to develop as well as maintain a variety of software including server, database, network, back-end architecture, scalable system, web apps, front-end web apps, command-line apps, APIs, and much more.

Full-Cycle Services

Our Golang services include full-cycle software services from custom websites to enterprise-level systems. We design, develop, migrate, integrate, deploy and maintain software for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. We have in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise with Google Go that includes Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Google Mobile.

Golang for Web Development

Bacancy’s skillful programmers are specialized in full-stack web development using Google Go. Our top-notch services include UI and UX design, custom websites, web servers, clients and databases. We build next generation enterprise application for almost all the businesses.

Hire Golang Developer from Bacancy Technology

Golang is becoming a first and foremost choice for successful software systems. Considering the present trend, it seems like large and existing enterprises and software development companies other than Google will surely make use of Golang.

Golang is the best suited choice for startups and small to mid-sized enterprises that have the luxury of flexible code. Since Golang is designed with cloud computing in mind, we ensure to explore its possibilities for developing powerful cloud applications.Whatsoever your business need is whether you want to develop complex enterprise-level software, scalable web application or powerful cloud application, Hire Golang developers from Bacancy technology to bring your project to the frontier of development.