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Augment Your Data Team with Our Data Engineers

If you face roadblocks in collecting, sorting, and analyzing this data, you need to hire data engineer. Our data engineers can help you leverage data in qualitative and quantitative forms. Bacancy has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional data talent for augmenting data management.

Our data engineers work in various settings for building systems and solutions necessary for collecting, storing, managing, and converting raw data into actionable information. Hire data engineer from us to assist data scientists and analysts in interpreting and analyzing the data so you can access the insights to evaluate and optimize the performance of your business.

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Our Data Engineering Services

At Bacancy, we provide a wide range of Data engineering services to all shapes and sizes of businesses. Hire data engineers from us with a brilliant track record of helping world-class companies set up data infrastructure.

When your old data infrastructure fails to meet modern speed, flexibility, and innovation needs, source data engineers from us to move and deploy new technologies alongside legacy infrastructure quickly. Our senior data engineers can help you redesign data infrastructure by enabling real-time data processing, de-coupled data access, and transforming old data models into extensible and flexible data schemas.

Staff data engineers from bacancy to transform the old waterfall into an agile data delivery method. Our data engineers can simplify the data loading from the source database to the target database and data warehouse. They can also help you optimize data delivery methods for a seamless flow of data between systems and stakeholders and across the boundaries of your organization.

Our data engineers can design a robust ETL architecture to streamline the entire process of data accumulation and data processing. Find data engineer from us to analyze existing ETL systems, design ETL architecture, install new ETL processes, test, deploy, and integrate the ETL process. Leverage our wide range of Data extraction, transformation, and loading services using modern data engineering tools and technologies.

Are you looking for full data pipeline automation? Hire a data engineer from us and enjoy seamless data extraction from source, total transformation, and integration with other sources. We will help you with the end-to-end automation of data movement and transformation between a source system and a target repository.

Our data engineers are highly skilled at real-time message ingestion, stream processing, data storage, and downstream activation systems necessary for building productive real-time data processing architecture. If you want near-instantaneous output from the continuous flow of data, hire a data engineer now.

If you want the data to be complete and accurate, you need to ensure that the data you have is reliable. We can help you with data reliability research to eliminate the guesswork regarding informed decisions. Our data engineers can assess data reliability with different aspects such as validity, completeness, and uniqueness.

Data shifting from existing data lakes to warehouses results in inconsistencies and data loss. The incorrect data impacts the analysis outcome. We let you find data engineers from our dedicated team to remove oddities from massive datasets and provide you with valuable and verified data to get meaningful insights.

Our Data engineer for hire can protect your business-critical data from mishandling and undesired access. We have data security experts that will prevent your data from deletion, ransomware, or theft. They can help you with data security protocols by automating data authorization, authentication, and encryption methods.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech Stack Used by Data Engineers

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

Data Collection Integrate.ioSmartproxyBrightDataIPRoyalMagpiGoSpotCheckFulcrumContentSnareTeamScope
Data Logging SplunkElasticSumo
Data Storage Apache HadoopApache HBaseNetApp Scale-out NASSnowFlakeDatabricks Lakehouse PlatformSolarWindsHitachi VentaraSpectra BlackPearlSpectra BlackPearl
Data Pipelines (ETL) KeboolaStitchSegmentFivetranIntegrate.ioEtleapInformatica PowerCenterTalendPentahoHevo DataCofluentEstuary FlowApache KafkaApache AirflowBlendoFly Data
Data Cleaning Integrate.ioTibco ClarityDemandToolsRRingLeadMelissa Clean SuiteWinPure Clean & MatchInformatica Cloud Data QualityOracle Enterprise Data QualitySAS Data QualityTrifacta WranglerDrakeWinpureDataLadder CloudingoReifier
Data Verification DatameerTalendInformaticaQuerySurgeICEDQDatagaps ETL ValidatorDbFitData-Centric Testing

Our Customer Success Stories

For the last 5+ years, we have been helping our clients bridge the gaps between business, data, informative decisions, and technology.

Category Prediction


Category Prediction

Core Technologies - Python | NLP | Rasa | Flask | MatPlotLib

We developed a category prediction for one of our clients in the USA. Our Data Engineers, data analysts, and data scientists worked rigorously to learn and predict the category of the company by fetching and analyzing the metatags from the company website's homepage. We achieved a 70% accuracy score for our company category prediction model.

ETL Solution for Data Handling


ETL Solution for Data Handling

Core Technologies - Oracle | Netezza | SAS Datasets | AWS datamarts

Our data engineers designed, developed, and implemented ETL solutions to handle clients' revenue loss forecasting models for input and output data. The solution can handle large data volumes from multiple sources, transforming and loading data to and from data marts and data warehouses.

Build and Maintain a Data Pipeline


Build and Maintain a Data Pipeline

Core Technologies - AirFlow | BigQuery | Keboola | Apache Hive

Our client acquired a new company and sought efficient data management infrastructure to manage transactional and analytics workload. We helped him by creating a secure data warehouse, data lake, and data pipeline. It helped our client ingest and process data at scale.

Data Engineering Use Cases

Why Hire Data Engineers From Bacancy?

Our experienced data engineers are ready to unlock the total data value. We leverage deep technical Big data expertise to offer innovative data engineering services to our clients. Whether you want Our data experts have covered everything you need to redesign your data infrastructure or create a customized ML model.

Hire data engineer from us for all your data management and data science needs. We will help you manage your data infrastructure efficiently. We will break data silos, ensure that data is suitable for organizational use, and turn that data into valuable insights.

Why Hire Data Engineers From Bacancy?

Advantages of Hiring Data Engineers From Us

  • We have a personal approach to all your data requirements.
  • Our pre-screened and vetted data engineers offer full data-managed services.
  • Our data engineers have versatile industry and technology competencies.
  • Language and time zone is never a barrier for us.
  • We provide complementary data infrastructure assessment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

A data engineer is an expert who prepares data for analytical and operational use. The primary job of a data engineer is to build data pipelines and bring together siloed data sources.

  • A data engineer is skilled in C#, Java, Python, R, Ruby, Scala SQL., Python, R, and other relevant programming languages.
  • A data engineer is also expected to have skills in different ETL tools and Rest-oriented APIs necessary for managing and creating data integration tasks.
  • Additionally, a data engineer must deeply understand data lakes, data warehouses, and how they work.
  • Besides, having skills related to NoSQL databases and Apache Spark systems - the typical components of data workflow is a must.
  • A data engineer must have a better understanding of relational database systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Lambda architecture, supporting unified data pipelines for batch and real-time processing.
  • They must possess knowledge and expertise in different Business Intelligence (BI) platforms.
  • A data engineer usually works alongside data analysts and data scientists as an integral part of the data team.
  • A data engineer builds data pipelines by pulling together data from multiple sources.
  • Cleansing and consolidating cleaned data is also one of the major roles of a data engineer.
  • Structuring and organizing data in a specified format for using it in specific data analytics applications.
  • The key responsibility of a data engineer is to provide data in a usable form to the data scientist for further processing and analysis.
  • A data engineer is also responsible for providing aggregated data to whoever needs it for analysis and processing.

A data engineer is involved in data preparation for operational and analytical use. He is good at programming languages like SQL, Java, SAS, and Python, with exceptional skills in data frameworks such as Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Apache Spark, MapReduce, NoSQL, and Data Streaming. Besides, a data engineer is highly skilled at creating a data warehouse using ETL

A data analyst is majorly involved in converting numerical data into a usable format. He possesses exceptional skills in Microsoft Excel, SAS Miner, SPSS, and SSAS. A data analyst has a great understanding of SQL, Python, R, and JavaScript programming languages. Besides, Data mining, data visualization, exploratory data analysis, and statistics are the primary skill sets possessed by a data analyst.

No, you do not need to hire a data engineer separately for a data science project. A data team compromised to execute your data science project will have all the necessary skills, expertise, and professionals required to complete the project.

Both data scientists and data engineers play different roles in a data science lifecycle. Hiring data engineers and data scientists is solely dependent on your requirements. You can hire a data engineer when building a production-level data team using a continuous stream of data from multiple data sources.

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