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Bacancy Technology Provides custom software development in India using Agile Methodology to execute the projects. Agile Methodology gives you flexibility, change, honesty and transparency for execution of your project. Generally customer ask us why should we give project to you even you provide same service like others. We have only one answer that you are our new customer and only things which can satisfy to you to execute small tasks or features to work on it. If you think we worked really well to execute tasks under your observation to talk with our developer directly and you get quality of work,then and then you can move forward to give more features with more tasks. Another way, we give direct client contacts which make them more best.


Bacancy Technology is customer oriented company who had trained our developer in the way where they put yourself in place of customer and develop the software and interactive with client and exchange the thoughts and suggestion while development of software. Bacancy Development team will help you to add more value to your product or service. Bacancy Team gives you transparency of deliver each tasks one by one and give you indication of working tasks or features instantly. So client do not need to worry about their progress of software and release plan of project.

Bacancy Technology Provides custom software development in following technologies.
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Microsoft Technologies

Open Source Technologies

Mobile Technologies

Bacancy Technology Provides custom software development in following agile Methodology.
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Custom software development is not easy for whom who doesn’t know how to make software more valuable and deliver into market in right time. Many customers come up with their ideas. They don’t know what more features would add values in it. Bacancy Project management team comes up with full requirement to discuss with client and create backlog with those ideas and turn into the real software with great design. Some of customer wants to implement software in few days and want to start making money immediately. There is only possible solution is deliver more and more features every 7 days and lives it and keeps adding more values in every 7 days sprints until client satisfy with all features.

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