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Why Use Ember.JS?

Ember.js is a client side JavaScript web application framework sprung out from SproutCore- a JavaScript Model View Controller framework. Ember.js arrived with the main aim of providing ambitious and rich web applications providing desktop like feel to the application being developed as well as to its source code.

Developed by Yehuda Katz, Tom dale and ember community contributors, Ember.js aims at developing single page applications with scalability, incorporating rich features like common idioms, two way data binding, automatically updated templates using Handlerbars.js and router to manage application state.

In the stampede of enormous MVC frameworks why should you go for emebr.js? Following are some features explaining what differs ember.js from other frameworks and why one must go for it.

Special Features of Ember.JS

Special Features of Ember.JS

  • Developer friendly API’s to develop resourceful apps.
  • Dramatically less coding with Ember’s Handlebar templates helping update automatically while the underlying data is being transformed.
  • Common idioms helping you focus on special integrations rather than reinventing the wheels again and again.
  • Ember.js Routing feature helps you build JavaScript apps without breaking the web and helping developers to build multipage JavaScript applications carrying great URL support.
  • Basic knowledge of jQuery and you will be able to fetch models in ember.
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Hire Ember.JS Developer For Quick Solutions

Hire Ember.JS Developer For Quick Solutions

Hire Ember.JS developer from Bacancy to get best web application development services. Our developers bear immense experience in multiple languages used in ember such as JavaScript, CSS, Angular.js, jQuery, etc, to develop rich and user friendly web applications. Features Bacancy Carries:

  • Experienced with PHP, Ruby on Rails & .Net
  • 5+ Ember.JS development projects
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