Key Feature of Taxi Hiring App
  • Rider
  • Driver
  • Admin
  • Real Time Tracking

    Supported by high precision GPS tracking to search for available drivers nearby you.

    Select The Type Of Car

    Car that fit your specific needs. Choose a car based on numbers of riders, cost and purpose.

    Fare Estimator

    Set your pickup date, time, location, destination, ride type, and get a fare estimate.

    Confirm/Cancel Trip

    Confirm your pickup and drop-off location to book the ride. Edit or cancel any time before your ride before it matched with nearby driver.

    Driver Verification

    When you’re matched with a driver, you’ll see their name, license plate number, photo, and rating—so you get assured about who’s picking you up ahead of time.

    Convenient Payment Options

    Pay for you ride with cash or the credit/debit card you have. Choose how to pay, because the choice is yours.


    Drivers get the platform to register directly from their mobile app.

    Option To Go On/Off Duty

    For obvious reasons, the driver has complete freedom to sign on/off any time.


    The Driver is allowed to update the passenger, when he accept or reject the trip, reach at the pickup point and drop-off the passenger.


    The Driver has been given 15 seconds of time to accept or reject new booking requests. They are shown the pickup point from current location as well as the travel distance.

    Booking History

    The driver has full access to track the booking history and check the status of each trip including cancelled trips.

    Rating And Review.

    It’s a feedback section that let the riders compliment drivers with a personalized thank you note.


    Quick summary & statistics of the total number of completed rides along with earnings.

    Secure Authentication

    Riders are sent a unique one-time password via SMS to complete the two-factor authentication process.

    Profile Management

    For both drivers and riders – reviews, ratings and history of all the rides and relevant details can be managed under this panel.

    Ride Management

    A complete history of all the rides along with the name of drivers and riders.

    Transaction Management

    Access to extract account report about the total earnings at a glance.

    Manage CMS Content

    Ability to set/change SMTP mail settings, Manage site settings, SMS templates, Payment gateways and Social networking site.

    Top Ride sharing companies
    Name Platform Feature set
    Uber iOS, Android & Apple Watch The idea of “Single tap cab booking” has revolutionized the scenario of entire logistics industry. Uber is truly an inspiration for today’s startups and entrepreneurs to come up with something new to the world.s.
    Lyft iOS, Android Lyft offers a similar set of features as Uber. Lyft is one of the safest way to commute, weather you go alone at night or you are traveling in the wee hours of the morning.
    Hailo iOS, Android Hailo has revitalized London’s taxi scene and now powering its way across the world. A service called Hailo Hub, where users can book a cab on behalf of co-workers, friends and family have further increased the appeal of this cab-hailing app.
    YOUR APP IDEA iOS, ANDROID Hire a dedicated Taxi App Developer
    How much does an app like Uber cost?
    Index Description Estimated Man Hours 
    IOS Android Web Services (API), Frontend & Backend Websites Graphics Design
    User’s Application
    1 Business Analysis & Communication 24 24 24 6
      2 Base Code & Architecture 16 16 8
      3 User Features:        
      3.1. Instructions 8 8 2
      3.2. Create a Profile:         8
      3.2.1. Email & Phone 8 8 4
      3.2.2. Name 6 6 4
      3.2.3. Link Payment 16 16 8 0
      3.3. Terms & Condition 6 6 4
      3.4. Sign In 6 6 4 4
      3.5. Sliding Menu 16 16 6
      3.6. Main Screen:        
      3.6.2. Map View 24 24
      3.6.2. Bottom Car Menu 16 16
      3.6.3. Pick Up Location 8 8 4
      3.7. Set Pick Up Location:         16
      3.7.1. Base View 8 8
      3.7.2. Choose Locations 8 8
      3.7.3. Fare Quote 8 8 6
      3.7.4. Promo Code 8 8 8
      3.7.5. Select Payment 16 16
      3.8. Request Screens 16 16 4 6
      3.9. Rate Driver & Feedback 16 16 4 6
      3.10. Profile 16 16 4 8
      3.11. Payment 16 16 8
      3.12. Support 8 8 4
      3.13. Promotions 6 6 6 6
      3.14. Share 16 16 4 4
      3.15. About 6 6 4
      4. Graphics Design Integration 32 32
      5. Push Notifications Logic 24 24 16
    Drivers’s Application
    1. Business Analysis & Communication 8 8 8 6
      2. Base Code & Architecture 8 8 8
      3. User Features:        
      3.1. Authorization 16 16 6 6
      3.2. View/Edit Driver’s Profile 16 16 6 8
      3.3. Orders Monitoring 32 32 16 6
      3.4. Accepting an Order 16 16 6 4
      3.4. Navigate to Destination 24 24
      3.6. Order Completion 16 16 4 6
      3.7. Interaction with Supervisor 16 16 4
      4. Graphics Design Integration 24 24
      5. Push Notifications Logic 16 16 8
    Backend Features
      1. Business Analysis & Communication 8
      2. Base Code & Architecture 8
      3. Web Services (API):        
      3.1. Authorization 4
      3.2. Payment Systems 8
      3.2.1. Customer-Driver Connection Functionality 16
      3.2.2. SMS Messaging System Integration 24
      4. Frontend Website:         40
      4.1. Home Page 16
      4.2. Help Center 8
      4.3. Careers 8
      4.4. Drivers     8  
      4.5. Cities 6
      4.6. About Us 6
      4.7. Blog 16
      4.8. Member Area:         16
      4.8.1. Dashboard 16
      4.8.2. Promotions 8
      4.8.3. Payment 8
      4.8.4. Settings 6
      4.8.5. Get FREE Rides 8
      4.9. Graphics Design Integration 32
      5. Backend Website 100
      Subtotal: 550 550 500 180
    Note: If you are providing Graphics / Design for the project, then you can exclude the estimated hours.
    Developer’s Efforts 1600
    Designer’s Efforts 180
    QC/Testing Efforts (12% of Developement ) 192
    Developer + Designer + Tester’s Total Efforts 197.2
    Project Manager Efforts (10% of efforts ) 197.2
    Total Project Efforts 2169.2

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