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Our Offerings as a Leading Cybersecurity Company

The elite and trusted Cybersecurity professionals at Bacancy have designed and executed the Cybersecurity offerings. Their expertise in leading Cybersecurity technologies, experience in challenging environments, and competence to meet unique client requirements spearhead the offerings in the entire Cybersecurity domain.



Human elements and expertise are at the heart of our cybersecurity approach. Our team comprises professionals with certifications in various security domains, leading the way in threat detection, incident response, and risk management. These experienced individuals continuously enhance their knowledge to bolster their security defenses and stay ahead of emerging threats.



To achieve incremental security posture, we follow a robust process-oriented approach. We ensure our cybersecurity strategy follows an effective process, implements industry standards frameworks, and is customized to meet your unique business needs. Our well-designed process covers almost everything from risk assessment to vulnerability management, threat prediction, and incident handling.



Using cutting-edge security tools and technologies is the major USP of Bacancy’s cybersecurity offerings. We use security tools like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, endpoint protection platforms, and encryption solutions to create a security framework that can detect intrusions and offer AI-powered insights. Leverage our tech expertise to enhance threat intelligence and automate security processes.

Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity Tools

Our ability to carefully select a suite of Cybersecurity tools encompassing a range of functionalities like malware detection, network monitoring, and vulnerability scanning makes us a trusted cybersecurity service provider. By incorporating these tools into your Cybersecurity setup, we offer maintenance, updates, and optimization to ensure they perform at their best in defending against cyber threats without compromise.

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

We operate a cutting-edge Security Operations Center (SOC) with cybersecurity professionals, experienced analysts, and advanced monitoring tools. Our SOC operates round the clock to help organizations identify, analyze, and respond to security threats in time. Our proactive defense approach helps minimize downtime and protect your infrastructure effectively.

Our Core Cybersecurity Services

Safeguard your business and its digital assets with our comprehensive cybersecurity services including consulting, advisory, integration, and managed security. Trust us for tailored security solutions.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We offer Cybersecurity consulting services to establish, enhance, maintain, and strengthen your cybersecurity strength. Our team of cybersecurity experts will guide you through strategy development, planning stages to designing and implementing robust security architectures. We are always ready to assist, whether it is security tool selection or IDS/IPS implementation.

Virtual CISO

At Bacancy, we understand the importance and limitations of having a full-time executive-level CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). Our virtual CISO services ensure your Cybersecurity culture, policies, procedures, and security architecture are enforced in the same manner as per your expectations. Whether you are a small or mid-size company, you can leverage the competencies of our CISO to address the key Cybersecurity challenges and serve as an industry expert to resolve your security and compliance issues.

Penetration Testing

Our human-centered and AI-powered penetration testing services are designed to help you minimize security flaws in your organization. Our certified penetration testing professionals are skilled at black, gray, and white box penetration testing. It allows them to identify and address hidden security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, fix vulnerabilities rapidly, offer assurance, enhance cyber risk awareness, support compliance requirements, and streamline future investment.

Vulnerability Assessment

If we are your Cybersecurity service provider, vulnerability assessment is our specialized arena. Our Cybersecurity experts leverage advanced software to cover more than 20,000 security checks, scanning publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, websites, and endpoint devices to detect internal and external vulnerabilities. Then, they review the results to create a descriptive report highlighting key recommendations and threat advice.

Security Assessment

Being an innovative Cybersecurity service provider, we have meticulously designed our security assessment services to perform a 360-degree evaluation of your organization's cyber defense and compliance posture. Using appropriate tools and the latest software, we review security policies, test security, and evaluate cyber resilience. Under security assessment, we perform application vulnerability assessment, enterprise security assessment, host-based security assessment, network-based security assessment, and physical security assessment.

Data security

We are a trusted Cybersecurity service provider and we do not make false promises. Data protection is our primary motive. We guarantee data backup and protection, ensuring feature-rich end-to-end data security. We go the extra mile to help protect your valuable business data from unauthorized access, mishandling, and secure data from deletion, ransomware, and theft. Furthermore, we employ relevant data authorization, authentication, data encryption methods, password management, backup, recovery, review, and support.

Cloud Security

If you ever find a possibility of a security breach in your cloud platform, think of Bacancy. Our service offerings are aligned to help organizations find and respond to security breaches, enhance security posture, and prepare for advanced future attacks. Our team helps in identifying security gaps, works on a risk-mitigating architecture, and designs a roadmap to optimize cloud security. You can expect automated security for cloud-native services, including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Cybersecurity Training

Bacancy has a team of certified cybersecurity consultants offering Cybersecurity training to upskill your IT staff in advanced techniques of effective enterprise threat management and mitigation strategies. We train you to understand and identify the future cybersecurity challenges and how to respond to them. The training covers digital forensics, malware analysis, incident response, and YARA.

Red Team

Our Read Team that thinks and acts like real-life cyberattackers is the key strength that distinguishes us a prolific cybersecurity service provider. Let them exploit your cloud environments, DevOps pipelines, and processes with attack scenarios designed and guided by threat intelligence (TLPT), as defined by the TIBER and DORA framework. They follow digital, physical, and social methods to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, identify and classify security risks, evaluate your response, and enhance the effectiveness of your blue team.

Hardening Checks

At Bacancy, we simplify your Cybersecurity ecosystem by identifying and blocking the potential entry points an attacker could use to gain access. Hardening checks are a routine process of any bespoke Cybersecurity company like us, where we undertake server hardening, software application hardening, operating system hardening, database hardening, and network hardening.

Incident Response

Our cybersecurity experts will teach you to identify ongoing and past attacks and will work on improving your ability to respond effectively to future attacks. On a regular basis, we identify and respond to thousands of security events annually, managing responses to several types of incident complexity and severity. You can count on Bacancy's incident response prowess to design and build your incident response capabilities.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Bacancy helps businesses fight cyber threats using real-world data and expert analysis. Our Cybersecurity experts will help you check digital footprints, initiate faster cyberattack responses, dark web monitoring, proactive threat hunting, and cyber threat reports. We also analyze malware and fast-paced investigation to offer actionable recommendations.

Digital Forensics and Breach Investigations

We have a digital forensics team that is highly capable of uncovering and preserving user activity evidence from various digital devices. They are highly skilled at identifying and securing digital data, remote data collection, analyzing digital evidence, and expert witness services. You can leverage our digital forensics and breach identification services to investigate cases involving trade secret theft, data breaches, cybercrime, and more.

Phishing and Ransomware

As a versatile Cybersecurity service provider, we dealt with various phishing and ransomware attacks. Based on our experience and learnings, we designed our phishing and ransomware protection services to protect your company from all these threats. With a unique approach - "Protection with Precise Detection," we reinforce your security posture through multifactor authentication practices, specific network control measures, and employee network security training.

Explore Our Cybersecurity Case Studies

A team of highly skilled Cybersecurity professionals focused on providing a balanced outcome that mitigates risks, addresses threats, and protects data against evolving breach attempts empowers us as the best Cybersecurity company. Explore our Cybersecurity case studies.

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Governance, Risk Assessment, and Compliance Services Offered by Bacancy

The evolving technology leads to evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Navigating safely in this ever-evolving regulatory environment by mitigating risks and staying compliant is crucial for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Bacancy understands this challenge and to address it effectively has come up with a comprehensive suite of Governance, Risk Assessment, and Compliance (GRC) services designed to assist global enterprises in establishing a robust, secure, and compliant framework.

Sector-Specific Power Automate Consulting

We have touched almost all industries regarding helping businesses automate their manual and tedious tasks. Another reason to connect with us or to hire Power Automate consultants is that we have a 100% retention ratio with a successful implementation of Power Automate in different sectors.

Healthcare & Life Services

Healthcare & Life Services







Financial Services

Financial Services



Public Services

Public Services



Partner with a Resilient Cybersecurity Company To Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Posture

Having evolved for more than a decade in this industry, Bacancy understands the complexities of implementing cybersecurity and the challenges to mitigating risks. Having committed ourselves to excellence, we bring experience, dedication, industry expertise, and a record of appreciation to the table.

Partnering with Bacancy allows you to access a top-tier talent pool of Cybersecurity consultants. We offer cost-effective yet productive Cybersecurity services and solutions without compromising on quality of service. With a unique combination of offshore outsourcing expertise and a highly skilled Cybersecurity team, we provide exceptional value and unparalleled service and aspire to become your go-to Cybersecurity expert.

Cybersecurity Posture

Our Strengths

  • Dedicated Offshore Outsourcing Model
  • Highly Skilled Cybersecurity Experts
  • Advanced Security and Compliance Certifications
  • Global Expertise with Enough Scalability
  • Customized Solutions for Every Security Concern
  • Skilled in the latest security tools and technologies
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide a variety of Cybersecurity offerings, including security evaluations, penetration testing, Red Team exercises, and cyber threat intelligence. You can find information about all our services in the "Our Core Cybersecurity Services" section.

Bacancy specializes in helping businesses meet data protection standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and others. Our team of Cybersecurity experts implements strategies to protect sensitive data, guiding you through the world of regulatory mandates.

Bacancy conducts cybersecurity assessments to analyze your security stance. We pinpoint weaknesses by conducting penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and compliance checks. Offer suggestions for bolstering your cybersecurity defenses.

Our company boasts a team comprising Cybersecurity professionals holding industry-recognized certifications. With a track record of aiding businesses in reaching their Cybersecurity objectives, we also provide monitoring and support to uphold the security of your systems.

The cost of our services is determined based on your organization's requirements.