We use the power of mobile technology to satiate your customer’s hunger pangs and get it delivered in minutes.
Application features

SignUp / login

Sign up to create your account and order food at the tap of a button. An easiest way to crave your hunger in minutes. Log in and never miss a deal.

Search by food category

No need to scroll down the menu to search for your favorite food item. Tap into the search box to save your time and quickly find out what you are looking for.

Checkout process

After you’ve customized your order it your cart, you are ready to proceed to checkout and complete the order. You can also apply gift cards or promotional codes on your order.

Order status and Tracking

Track your order to the front door. Stay updated in real time about your order from the moment it's prepared for the second it leaves out for delivery.

Choose Payment Method

Before requesting an order, choose a convenient payment method. Apart from cash on delivery you have the option to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking or Mobile payment.

Help & Support

If you have a question about an order or an issue with the service, contacting might be the best thing you can do. You can get in touch via email, call and live chat.


Login to receive online orders directly from your smartphone. You will be able to confirm, manage and make adjustments to the placed orders through the app.

Catalogue Management

Showcase your food items with multiple view options, high res images and customizable food descriptions. Mobile product catalog allows instant ordering capability.

Order Management

A customizable view of all your orders. You can view all the orders within a given date, time and range. Use an advanced search to filter on the specific types of orders.

Dashboard & analytic

A personalized view of your restaurant. Quickly monitor the particular metrics and analytics of your restaurant to measure the performance of your app.

Customer reviews

CMonitor and respond to the reviews of your customer’s feedback. It’s an opportunity to protect your brand’s reputation and make a happy customer happier.

Rat Setting

SMTP info, site info, contact inquiry, banner, FAQ, currency, vouchers, edit profile, update order status and manage the reports based on orders, menus and customers.

Admin Login

Admin holds complete control over the delivery team and restaurant. Admin has an authority to add sub-admin . Admin deals with every aspects of the application.

Restaurant Management

Admin holds authority to add new restaurants and delete the existing one. Admin can also manage the category of restaurants.

Application management

Admin can edit, delete, and block any user or restaurant from the application. Admin holds authority to manage site banner and views of application.

Offer Management

Special offers, promotions and discount coupons are managed under the admin panel. Admin can add new offers and delete the existing one.

Payment management

With one easy control panel, admin can manage every aspects of the payment life cycle. Admin has authority to manage payments and payment modes.

Technical Support

To run your app work flawlessly and leave no stone unturned, admin provides the best technical support, to go to the extent of hand-picking.

We Mix Your Hard Work With Technology To Deliver Captivating User Experience

Your name can be too in the list of top-notch online restaurant and food delivery market leaders. Get in touch with Bacancy to become the next Zomato, Postmates, Dominos, Foodler or Instacart.

How much does it Cost to Develop an app for On-Demand Food Delivery?
The Cost Lies Between $10,000 to $12,000 for both platform – iOS and Android
(Get it developed in 8 Weeks)

We are top-notch mobile application development company, building an on-demand food delivery application to help local restaurants like you to grow and become a well-known brand. Our aim is pretty clear – we want to help your consumers to build their orders in seconds and get it delivered at their door-step in minutes.

Monthly Basis

Hire Mobile App Developer on Full Time

8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.


We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your

Project’s confidentiality

The Hourly Plans

Hourly Pay

No hiring commitments. Hire when you require.

Schedule a 30-minute discussion to your app project.

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Know The Cost To Develop A Custom Food Ordering Mobile App Like Dominos

Bacancy Technology is an integrated online and mobile ordering solution for pizzeria operators. We are a product-startup organization that enable restaurants and Pizza startups to get their business online by providing a custom food Ordering App (iOS & Android) and backend platform. Bacancy Technology can flatter you with the best cost effective Pizza ordering App just like Dominos. Pizza ordering mobile application for customers is a cost-effective solution to encourage customer loyalty, increase revenue and improve the overall customer ordering experience.

As per the global research firm Nielsen, more than 55 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers own smartphone and an accelerating number of those people depends on their smartphone for everything from banking and driving directions to shopping, entertainment and dining.

A Mobile App For Your Pizza Store Can Actually Make A Difference

Your Own Pizza Ordering App = Increase Your Business’s Reach + Grow Your Customer Base

For Pizzeria operators, to run their pizza chain efficiently it has become significant to make the pizza ordering process simple and streamlined. In addition to offering online food has become one of the significant factors for the success of their business. Mobile applications: on-the-go ordering has embraced an additional cutting approach. A mobile application integration into the existing eCommerce strategy has become a pivotal part of the ordering process for many customers.

Being a pizzeria operator, if you are looking to leverage the power of mobile app, it’s significant to understand the advantages of building and deploying an app and how it will help you to enhance your business value and help you sell more pizza.

The Best Investment On The Earth Is Pizza

Having a Pizza app signals you’re a player in the market and ready to compete

So, you are hiring an employee that works 24/7, brings you new customers every day and never take a leave. Isn’t it impressive? Yes it is and this is the reason why more and more pizzeria operators are looking forward to create their own pizza app. Building a mobile app for the pizza ordering can help you boost your business and make high returns to your pizza restaurant – because undoubtedly it can.

In the comparison of websites, a mobile app is more efficient, streamlined and easier to navigate on a smartphone. An effective restaurant app is a business tool, which covers each of your specific needs and it does make sense in all the aspects.

Generate More Opportunities To Upsell Orders

Sometimes, All You Need Is Pizza Ordering App For Your Pizza Store

Developing a mobile app for your pizza store can help your prospect and potential customers to place pizza the orders with a few touches on their phone screen. Bacancy Technology’s skillful developers help to build a robust mobile app that stores your customer’s last and favourite orders, along with payment information as well as delivery address; and make an app features work in conjunction to eliminate wasted efforts, save precious time and improve the customer experience.

Having a mobile app generates many more opportunities to upsell the orders by promoting new or featured products. This way, your customers will see more appealing products and sides, which they may have not thought about. The additional advantage of an app is that it help customers to find special offers, deals and limited time period offers directly to the customers on their mobile devices as today’s consumers tend to carry smartphones with them at all times.

We can help you to achieve your goals