Why Bacancy Choose Permanent Work From Anywhere Model

A sudden wave of Covid 19 forced Bacancy and all the other small and large-scale organizations around the world to send their employees home to work virtually.

And the obvious rush to give employees access to the tools they might require during WFH – Work from Home was a bit sudden. Fortunately, in our case, with the Bacancyer’s support, everything was settled in a hassle-free way.

Today, it’s been almost 1 year and 5 months where all the Bacancyers are working from their preferred location. One more time, Bacancy management is proud to say that our employee’s productivity and focus have increased even though they are not in the office.

Evaluating the performance and ongoing support of our employees, Chandresh Patel, CEO and MD of Bacancy Technology, a few months back come up with an idea,

If remote work is possible for the last 1.5 years, then why is it not possible forever?
And boom, everyone just loved the idea, and in no time, Bacancy announced and implemented work from anywhere

For Bacancy, People Matters and it Really Matters the Most

In our MD’s cabin, this quote is posted on the wall stating “people matters,” and it really matters the most. Bacancy is working in a team structure where there is no hierarchy. Every Bacancyer has full authority to talk with anyone and is open to discussing anything anytime, be it their personal or professional issue.

Bacancy’s 90% team is self-organized, and every individual is working to achieve the same organization’s vision. So we didn’t have to think twice before offering work from anywhere to all the Bacancyers.

We let our employees work from anywhere to save their money smartly and efficiently.

We Want More People Around India to Be Part of this Transparent Culture and Organization

Another significant point that I would like to discuss is that work from anywhere will help us to access and explore India’s wider talent pool. Employees with knowledge in emerging technologies can also be part of Bacancy, whether they belongs from small towns or metro cities.

Bacancy’s HR team has also brought one more thing to the management’s attention that employees are not concerned about the office location as far as they get the flexibility to work from their preferred location. If employees work from their desired location, then they will be able to save their overall expenses.

Employees from small towns can work for Bacancy without leaving their homes.

Reopening Office Again. Wait, What?

The pandemic is not over yet, and it looks like many organizations have asked employees to rejoin the office; there’s nothing wrong with that. However, these are the same employees who have successfully delivered the desired output in the last 1.5 years. Work productivity and losing customers weren’t issues during this time period.

Employees are so comfortable working remotely. Flexibility is here to stay. Now it’s upto us how much flexibility we give to our employees.

Productivity is the purpose and process, not the place. It’s driven by “why” and “how” we work, not “where.”

In this time span of 1.5 years, we did not face a single issue where we were required to request or warn any Bacancyer for not delivering the desired output. This is why we are happy to let our employees work from anywhere.

Bacancyers Have Freedom to Work From Anywhere permanently.

If you are still struggling to understand how does work from anywhere feels like; Here’s the story of Dhaval Balsara,

And, if you are looking for a career opportunity where you can work from your preferred location, your efforts are being recognized and rewarded, and you want to experience no hierarchy culture, then get in touch with us at [email protected] to join 650+ Bacancyers to experience modern workplace culture.

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