How Secure is Your Job With Your Current Organization?

How Secure is Your Job With Your Current Organization

Last week we conducted polling about the past Covid-19 recession and how it affected employees. There were only 36% of employees who mentioned that Covid did not affect them.

It’s not unknown how organizations were struggling to sustain their employees. No employer ever wants to cut staff or have a pay cut, but the situation forces them to take that step.

And let me tell you, Bacancy too was not an exception in March 2020 where we lost 40 contracts within 15 days. We were also skeptical about the future. But our strongest strength was (are) our employees who truly stood with us in this testing time.

Considering the situation and our employee’s safety as the top-most priority, the management decided to provide work from home to all the employees before the government announced lockdown. For the first time, we were adopting 100% remote working and numbers of things we were unsure about like,

  • How will employees be able to maintain productivity?
  • How will they be able to deal with internet connectivity issues?
  • Security and protecting client’s data was a significant challenge as well.

Considering the above listed and many more problems, chances were high that we might lose more clients. At Bacancy, we have always been transparent with our employees about everything, including our profit and losses, onboarding new clients, or losing clients. We have always cherished it all together as a family.

Our MD, Mr. Chandresh Patel, asked for an emergency floor meeting and informed everyone about work from home as well as losing clients. He asked Bacancyers that it will be their responsibility to take care of existing clients. He also added, we just don’t say Bacancy Family; we live with it, and each Bacancyer took it so well that we had bounced back within 1 and a half months like never before and started hiring at full pace.

Here’s the learning lesson; –

  • Always trust your employees
  • Always be transparent with them about how you are with your family, whether the situation is good, bad, or worse
  • Don’t give incentives, instead recognize your employee with a good salary and emotional support.
  • Remote working is possible 100%
  • If employees are planning to achieve something, help them the same way as they help your organization to step up
  • Make sure that you start saving for unexpected situation/crisis

So are you guys saving money for your family, whether it’s retirement, child education, or any struggling situation?

If not, you should.

At Bacancy, we have started savings for unexpected possibilities or the situation.

As an employee, you might be saving for your family to take care of their future needs or to deal with an unexpected crisis, in a similar way Bacancy has started to save at least 9-10 months of salaries of our employees, so they have 100% job security if any unexpected situation arises in future.

We cannot promise what the future holds, but we are trying our best to give security to our Bacancy Family. If you are too looking for this kind of job security, please forward your CV to [email protected] to be part of our valued member of Bacancy Family.

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