Dear Sir Or Madam is So Overrated: Here’s Real-Life Example to Learn From

Sir and ma’am seemed too hierarchical while also too general. Ma’am/Sir is commonly heard in interactions with service personnel in the UAE. However, in our culture, we probably have been taught to call our seniors and those who are in authority by either sir or ma’am.

On this thoughtful Thursday, we would like to share an incident that explains why this stereotype culture consciously needs to be changed.

Dear Sir Or Madam is So Overrated

A few years back, Avani Vyas – Operational Manager, visited Bacancy office with her 5 years old daughter Shanaya. The moment they entered the office, a colleague welcomed her, addressing good morning ma’am. In a similar way, few colleagues addressed Avani as ma’am while interacting with her.

The word, Ma’am caught little one’s attention. At this very moment, she curiously asked Avani, why is everyone calling you Ma’am? Are you a teacher here?

Avani was just Awestruck for a while. Because, Shanaya’s logic at that tender age being that you call your teacher Sir or Ma’am, and her mom wasn’t teaching anything to them. Well, she was right, and it got everyone to rethink this.

Even at Bacancy, we have never ever followed a hierarchy structure. But after that day, Avani conducted a special training session, educating everyone why they shouldn’t address people who are in authority as sir or Ma’am and the significant benefits of a flat organizational structure.

At Bacancy, we firmly believe that all the Bacancyers are equal. There is no senior or head as each individual is working to the best of their ability to support the organization’s vision. This has turned out to be very fruitful for Bacancy as an organization. Here are a few tips that have helped Bacancy in eliminating stereotype culture.

How Has No Organizational Hierarchy Structure Helped Bacancy to Grow?

Bacancy has always believed in being creative and innovative. And to do that, you need to provide the employees with freedom of expression. There has to be no hesitation in sharing your ideas and thoughts with everyone in the team. But this is not possible when you have a hierarchy structure as one must follow the chain of command.

Bacancy has always believed in being transparent with clients and employees, and following no hierarchy structure since the inception has only sped up the organization’s growth. Following a no hierarchy structure has simplified the management process in a major way.

Management becomes a set of tasks that individuals or a group of people perform. It gets distributed among all employees, and everyone has to manage their part leading to achieving organizational goals. That is where the ‘One Vision, One Goal’ part comes into play.

As the tasks get assigned individually, there is completed transparency, and each employee has a specific role to play in it. It means everyone’s performance is known to all as daily standups discuss tasks and updates. So people are accountable for their tasks, and this makes the process much clearer.

This speeds up the idea generation and decision-making process. Everyone gets to express their ideas which help in quick decision making and problem-solving. The ideas can be implemented without having to go through a chain of command and waiting for approval. The decision-making power is distributed, which helps get quick results.

And this is why people enjoy working in no hierarchy organizations. It feels great to be heard, acknowledged, and thought of as an equal.

If you are looking for a job opportunity where your ideas and suggestions are being welcomed and want to work with a team of people, where you are equally treated and respected by the co-workers then please get in touch with us at [email protected] to join 500+ Bacancyers.

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