Chirag’s 08-Year Journey Exhibiting His Hard-work, Dedication and Perseverance at Bacancy

Here is the second interview of our series, where we have decided to publish the story of Chirag Vekariya – Sr. Software Engineer. Chirag has been a valuable part of the Bacancy Family since July 2013 and played a pivotal role in Bacancy’s success. Chirag is the father of 1 cute baby boy – Bhavy.

With Bacancy, how has your journey been so far?

I am not sure how to put it into words. It has been an amazing journey with the Bacancy Family. I can’t believe it has been 08 years already. I still remember the days I started here as a Junior PHP developer when Bacancy acquired ‘Quick Beyond.’

Chirag vekariya - 08 Years

It was a smooth transition. We were a team of 35 to 40 members who were all in it together to grow and succeed. In a couple of years, I got promoted to Sr.PHP developer, and I still remember taking interviews of new joinees at that point in my career. I have had numerous opportunities and have been offered various roles, but I enjoy the development part and decided to stick to it. Having explored and mastered various technologies, I am working on blockchain now.

What kept you motivated all these years at Bacancy?

I love developing and learning new technologies, and at Bacancy, I got the opportunity to explore various new ones.

I have mastered PHP, React.js, Meteor.js, Node.js, and ReactNative, while working here. The dedication with which the whole team works is also something that encourages me and makes me want to give it my 100%.

I am currently involved in Golang technology for the past 2.5 years working on challenging projects, and this is what keeps me motivated at Bacancy.

According to you, what has been the most fun part about working at Bacancy?

The work culture is unlike any other organization I have seen. Pre-Covid, attending the Bacancy office was really a fun part.

Bacancy is one big happy family, and there is no hierarchy system in the firm. Personally, I have always expressed my ideas directly to the CEO and CTO during scrum meetings. The employees here are like family, and CEO Chandresh Patel and CTO Binal Patel talk directly with the employees to ensure everything is going according to plan and resolve any problems.

And this has been the same from the beginning when the team was nearly 40 people to now when we have over 600+ employees.

What excites you about your future at Bacancy?

Bacancy is a company that believes in total transparency. The developers get to talk to the clients, and each employee’s ideas get heard. I believe these two points are the reason for the remarkable growth the company has shown in the past couple of years. I think that Bacancy will grow into something really big, and I will enjoy my journey here as I already do, ready to embrace the change and accept the challenges coming my way.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Chirag’s journey at Bacancy. We will make sure to keep introducing you with star Bacancyers one by one. If you don’t want to miss what’s happening at Bacancy, please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay tuned.

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