Battle-Tested Agile Software Development Services

Agile methodology has gained wide acceptance in the software development industry to quickly develop high-quality software solutions to respond to market needs efficiently. At Bacancy Technology, all the products are designed and executed so far following 100% Agile principles. We have a team of highly-experienced Agile developers and certified scrum product owners who incorporate best Agile practices to accelerate time to market. Our certified scum developers follow Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, and Behavior-Driven Development as standard practices to accelerate project development.

With our daily scrum, we ensure that the products we build are right from the very time. We build next-generation products using agile software development methodology, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment, DevOps and implementing emerging technologies. We have been using scaled Agile framework, Scrum methodology, and Lean best practices to deliver products within budget and on deadline for over a decade.

We are helping startups & entrepreneurs to build innovative digital products to solve today’s business challenges.

Agile Consulting and Assessment

Our Agile developers' team is skilled in offering top-of-the-line Agile consulting services, assessment, development, customization, maintenance, testing, and support.

User-Centered Agile Design

Our UX/UI experts have years of experience in designing digital solutions, considering how your consumers will interact with your product on various digital platforms.

Agile Delivery and DevOps

Our certified scrum developers can embrace Agile at any stage of the development life cycle to provide continuous integration, delivery, and testing to transform MVP into a feature-ready product.

Agile Development Framework

When it comes to Agile Development, we follow a scrum-based iterative approach with well-defined QA and management processes to deliver working software, leveraging accurate feedback.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Our Agile and Scrum software development approaches the CI and CD to speed up the development and resolve bugs within the development cycle. This process helps us to deliver projects faster time to market.

Agile Transformation

At Bacancy Technology, our experienced team of scrum masters have helped all the shapes and sizes of clients to become truly Agile for improved predictability, high-quality deliverables, and accelerating time-to-market.

Agile Product Development Architecture

Leverage our Agile product development expertise to experience one-of-a-kind structured scrum approach aligned to collaboration, coordination, and communication.

Agile Product Development Architecture

Key Benefits of Using Our Agile Methodology

Accelerate Time-to-Market by 30%

We use Agile frameworks like scrum and lean-to deliver high-quality solutions faster time to market by 30%.

Improved Transparency

Agile software development methadology ensures that the the team is always up-to-date following the latest sprint.

Develop High-Quality Products

Our team ensure that new features are always pre-planned so they can develop bug-free solutions on the very first go.

Reduce cost by 20%

Our agile product delivery processes and engagement models ensure that cost of development remains well under control.

Greater Adaptability and Reduced Risk

Our scrum certified product owners and efficient Agile teams are quick to adopt and implement the changes that help to reduce the risk of project failure.

What Makes Us Top-Notch Agile Software Development Company

Technical Excellence

Technical Excellence

Our Agile software engineers are skilled at giving detail to attention with top-of-the-line technical expertise.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

We at Bacancy Technology believe in optimal sprint length to deliver the working software as quickly as possible.

The Daily Do

The Daily Do

Agile allows us to focus and organize project participants against the project's task so that everyone is on the same page throughout the development cycle.

Changing Requirements

Changing Requirements

Agile always welcome changes in requirements for the customer's competitive advantage to enhances the emerging opportunities.

Behavior Adoption

Behavior Adoption

Our Agile development team always works with open mindsets to adjust their behavior considering the project's requirements.

Direct Communication

Direct Communication

You can directly work with our Agile developers to understand the code they have written for you, so the knowledge-transfer is built right in.

Our Agile Software Development Process

1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis

  • Understanding your customer base and business
  • Comprehending functional requirements
  • Drafting proposal document

2. Wireframes and Design

  • ScreenFlow user guide
  • Creating mockups and wireframes
  • Designing the UI

3. Development

  • Deciding project phases and project life
  • Software Engineering
  • Client's feedback

4. Quality Assurance

  • Testing the application
  • Testing the application
  • Get final approval from the client

5. Deployment and Launch

  • Deploy app on client's server
  • Launching the app
  • Post-launch support

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