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Looking for a distributed peer-to-peer robust system that can process over 100,000+ transactions in a second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second? We’ve got you covered! Bacancy Technology strives to bring secure, revolutionary and protected blockchain based decentralized applications globally.

At Bacancy Technology, we’re innovating blockchain outside the realm of finance and focus on exploring its broader implications to its full potential. Hire blockchain developers from us to implement blockchain technology into your business and achieve a new height of success. We hold a pool of skillful blockchain developers, who have hands-on experience in blockchain application development services and have also integrated multi-cryptocurrency as a payment option in various web and mobile devices. We likewise have some special expertise in the decentralized application development and smart contract. Along with that, we own expertise in building best cryptocurrency wallets that run perfectly on the blockchain.

Blockchain Development Services and Solutions

ICO Development

Get all-inclusive development support for your ICO. From a legal and technological solution to marketing and PR services for your ICO campaign.

Smart Contracts Development

We can build crowdsale contracts to manage your cryptocurrency accurately and successfully proceed further towards sales procedure.

Private Blockchain Development

Leverage our skillful expertise to validate your business idea and build a blockchain wallet application to achieve your business milestones.

Multi Cryptocurrency Development

Bacancy Technology assists enterprises and entrepreneurs to integrate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their legacy systems.

Supply Chain Development

We can help you improve your traceability and transparency by reducing your administrative cost with our effective supply chain solution.

Hyperledger Development

We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Hyperledger technology and we know how to bring the best result making use of Hyperledger.

Blockchain IoT App Development

We have hands-on experience in building blockchain based IoT solutions. Our solution ensures 100 % accountability and security.

Blockchain Consulting and POC

We provide valuable insights on your blockchain application, so you can find the right fit for your business dodging pitfalls.

Blockchain-based DApp

Right from designing an interactive frontend UI to a robust backend our DApp development answers all your needs.

Type of Blockchain Development

Type of Blockchain Development

Public Blockchain

A public blockchain is available for anyone in the world to read and send transactions. Cryptoeconomics secure the public blockchain, and this type of blockchain is highly transparent and democratic. The public blockchain is perfectly suitable for online marketplaces and cryptocurrency trading.

Type of Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain

Unlike a public blockchain, in this type of blockchain, all the crucial decisions are made by the central individual who can grant access or set a limit for other participating nodes. Transactions in private blockchain are comparatively cheaper as it required verification from very few nodes. Private blockchain provides a great level of privacy.

Type of Blockchain Development

Consortium Blockchain

Consortium blockchain is used by a group of organizations that communicate and transact on a daily basis. Consortium blockchain is one of the most commonly used blockchains due to its transparency and control. Consortium blockchain is also stated to as federated blockchains.

Develop MVP for Your Blockchain Startup Idea

Get your blockchain idea developed in just under 60 days by skilled blockchain experts

Build Proof Of Concept In Blockchain Technology

Blockchain MVP In 60 Days

$ 25000 USD

Make The Investors Trust You With Your Blockchain Idea The existing digital market is full of fraudulent schemes. The potential investors with years of market knowledge have experienced pitfalls and have lost their money trusting unreliable partners. Investors think twice or even more times before investing a single penny in your idea. The lack of product maturity is one of the significant reasons why potential investors are turning away.

Creating an impeccable MVP demonstrates the viability of your idea. MVP distinguish your idea from the competition and increases the possibility of success. Creating the MVP requires time, money as well as efforts. But; at the same time, it increases self-confidence in your idea, avoid much of the risks and stimulates trust from potential investors.

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USP of Our Blockchain Based Decentralized Applications

USP of Our Blockchain Based Decentralized Applications


An embodied logic of smart contract results in error reduction, performance improvement and speed acceleration of transactions. Distributed ledger system and fewer intermediaries facilitate quick transactions at minor processing fees.


Yes, each public address on blockchain is open to viewing and it is possible to view the transactions and holdings that have been carried out. No more hassle of hunting different format reports, from various sources.


For all the participants in a blockchain, it is mandatory to authorize the transactions that take place in a chain as such applications build greater confidence, better trust and indeed client satisfaction.


Blockchain community is resilient. So there isn’t any scope of malpractices such as interception and hacking. In database it is possible to alter the records, but in blockchain, each record contains a hash that is calculated from the previous record’s hash.

Top Development Platforms for Blockchain Technologies


Ethereum development platform is specifically used to build applications using blockchain that runs without any third-party interface, downtime and fraud.


  • DAO - Decentralized autonomous organization
  • Smart wallet & Smart money
  • Launch your own Cryptocurrency


Ethereum development platform is specifically used to build applications using blockchain that runs without any third-party interface, downtime and fraud.


  • Secure and Decentralized
  • Immutable and Hierarchical
  • Blockchain integrated API


Ethereum development platform is specifically used to build applications using blockchain that runs without any third-party interface, downtime and fraud.


  • Chains: Develop permission chains
  • Actions: step by step action
  • Contracts: A smart contract tool is already there in Eris
  • Services: Things that you turn on and off
Why should you Hire Blockchain Developer from Bacancy Technology?

Why should you Hire Blockchain Developer from Bacancy Technology?

Bacancy Technology is renowned for offering end-to-end custom tailored blockchain application development services to meet the growing demands for cutting edge business needs. Hire blockchain developers from us to embrace the futuristic technology in a seamless manner. We have successfully developed most secure and protected blockchain based decentralized applications globally.

From legal consultancy to strategic development, implementation to marketing we know how to provide blockchain-as-a-service and how to take care of the entire facets of adoption. While adhering to all the technological concerns, Bacancy Technology have expertise in building the kind of blockchain applications that your users will love to use over and over again. With the proven skills in blockchain, we are pioneers in building high-octane applications with top-tier security features.

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The key domain expertise of our developers is to build rich web user interfaces and create an interactive application using Blockchain.

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