Blockchain, smart contracts and dapp development

Blockchain, smart contracts and dapp development


Bacancy Technology is a web and mobile application development company renowned for offering top-notch IT services to entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for custom, cutting edge and radically futuristic Blockchain technology. We have designed and developed most advanced Blockchain architectures on the market. We are artistically capable enough to process over 100,000+ transactions in just a second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We Build Best Cryptocurrency Wallets That Run Flawlessly On Blockchain

Being one of the top-notch web and mobile application development company, we put together the best team to board that helps us to build custom Blockchain wallet applications. We’re innovating Blockchain outside the realm of finance and focus on exploring its wider implications to its full potential. We are offering data storage, data distribution, reading the data, adding blocks in data for security purposes, transaction validations in the products and services through Blockchain technology. Implement Blockchain technology in your business and help your business to achieve a new height of success.

We, at Bacancy Technology offer world class Blockchain development services at the economic cost. We hold a pool of skillful Blockchain developers’ who have hands-on expertise on Bitcoin Wallet App Development and we have also integrated Bitcoin as a payment option in various mobile devices. We likewise have some special expertise in Decentralized App Development and Smart Contracts. Along with that, we build best cryptocurrency wallets that run perfectly on Blockchain.



Blockchain Solution

Ethereum based Crowdfunding for sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

“Escrow account implementation without bank. No centralized control. Free platform usage. Availability of campaign across borders. Rewards. Control and Transparency.”

While adhering to all the technological concerns, Bacancy Technology build the kind of crowdfunding platform that our users will love to use over and over again. With the proven skills in Smart-contract based crowdfunding platform, we are pioneers in building high-octane applications with top-tier security features.

Industries That Must Use Blockchain Technology

Banking and Finance
Jewelry Business
Medical Services
Online Shopping Portals
Travel Industry
Transport and Logistics

Our Blockchain Developers Are Our Most Prized Asset

We are inspired to create Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Decentralised applications using the key principles of Agile

Get a full spectrum of Blockchain Application development services to increase your business productivity using the Blockchain technology. Hire Blockchain app developers to build your own decentralised Blockchain Application. We provide professional Blockchain Application development services.

Bacancy Technology is one of the best Blockchain development company in USA and Canada.

Open Source Blockchain Platforms

Never before has any open source project gained as much attention on the international stage as Bitcoin.


It’s a Blockchain platform that lets anyone to build their own low-cost, secure, run-anywhere application using Blockchain and smart contract technology.



HydraChain is one of the extensions of Ethereum platform that adds support for creating Permissioned Distributed Ledgers.



Allows organizations to quickly design, deploy and operate Distributed ledgers



Openchain is an open source distributed ledger technology that is most suitable for organizations wishing to have digital assets in a secure, scalable and robust way.


Ethereum Project

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.


The Benefits Of Blockchain For Businesses

We are helping the businesses to explore its wider implication through the implications of Blockchain technology.

Helps to streamline your internal processes

In the procedure of verifying and approving the completion of tasks including document verification, contract signing and monetary transactions, blockchain’s secure network helps to exchange of transactional information and serves as a central source that would be facilitated by organizations like banks, insurers.

Enhance The Customer Experience

Blockchain technology helps companies to accomplish time consuming tasks.

A retailer can robotically notify the purchase of a product once it is out of stock, without any assistance of employee in the stock monitoring and ordering process. A health insurance distributor can securely allocate health information through blockchain technology to pharmacies and doctors as soon as the patient’s device indicate cause for concern.

Our Services

Blockchain Technology Consulting

We are a team of ardent enthusiasts in Blockchain technology. Our experience in creating Bitcoin wallet applications has evolved us to the forefront of industrial blockchain research and development. We are happily ready to serve you our expertise.

Blockchain Application Development

We can help you build a Blockchain-based wallet application from scratch into your existing application to leverage the benefits of Blockchain technology.

Custom Blockchain Development

Leverage our skillful expertise in Blockchain development to analyze the requirements, validate your ideas and build a Blockchain wallet application to meet your business’ specific objectives and needs.