Developing solutions for validating your product and it’s viability

Developing solutions for validating your product and it’s viability

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Before we start developing a software project, we ensure to ask if we can help our clients by creating a minimum viable product (MVP).

Not each of you would need an MVP. For example, some of the entrepreneurs with well-defined processes clearly know their software needs and have the budget for a fully formed application. However, there are so many entrepreneurs as well as organizations who face constraints and do you know what’s that?

Being an entrepreneur, you ensure to launch your product with all the features newest functionalities, having responded to all the problems discovered throughout the market interview process. However; the bitter truth and unfortunate reality is how much you validate and research the product, it will never be perfect.

So do you know, what turns this months of desirable development, a disaster, clearly disaster that customers didn’t find at all interesting!

Why This Happens?

Why This Happens?

It Happens because of the most common constraints, timeline and budget.

  • These restraints are specifically prominent for startups. As they need every precise information about their dollar they spend in early stages to achieve the most possible value. However, building the MVP does exactly the same.
  • Where in some scenario, startups need investors to raise additional rounds of funding. In such scenarios, an MVP is a proof of concept that eliminate obstacle questions and encourages investors to invest confidently in long term business plan.

When you release your product or service to the market and it didn’t work as per your expectations than when it comes to mind that instead could have developed MVPs – Minimum Viable Product. So that in advance you can have a precise idea about what people want and what they don’t. Even you can then make fast adjustments based on early feedback, so that, in the end, you can create a product or service that’s useful, desirable and valuable with the minimal investment.

What Is An Mvp?

MVP most commonly refer as a minimum viable product is a version of new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about the product and it’s users’ perception with the least effort.”

In a simple term, it’s a very basic version of the product or a service that has core features and you market to test your basic assumptions about your business model.An MVP is more than a prototype and as it involves strategy, idea generation, measuring, learning, and analysis.

The purpose of MVP is to identify the market for that specific product or service and present the more accurate information about your customer’s specific needs. So by offering a simplified version of the product or a service you can have significant insights about what people want and you don’t end up by creating something that they don’t want.

What Can We Do For You

Being an industry leader and full-service digital agency, our focus is to help you test your idea and figure out the risk and uncertainty associated with your desirable product and service. So you don’t end up with something that customers do not want.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile app developers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to bring ideas to the life. We develop mobile apps that are not just functional, but also responsive, so it can perform beautifully on any screen.

Custom Software

The software that meets your specific needs and it completely unique or different from the available in the market. When the packaged solution is not sufficiently or flexible to your specific enterprise need, we can custom-build to your specifications.

Hire A Team

When it comes to web development, we all know how challenging the project really is. In order to avoid uncontrolled change requests, scope creep and project growth, we highly recommend you to hire a small team. Whether you hire one developer or a complete team, we assure you to provide the right solution.

We Create Experiences

We at Bacancy Technology, creates experiences that are simple to use, attractive and drive results for your product or service. We are an Agile based web development company who firmly believes in branding and design. We are very focused on developing things which is what your audience actually expects from you and obviously from your business.


We begin with the integrated web and mobile strategy, here we put our heads together and review your business goals, audience needs and competition so we can take off your idea and project in the right direction. We can also help you to choose the right technology and platform so you can have in depth idea about the final development of your product or service.


An emotional tug

When your customers first time come across your product or service, what should be their reaction? How they should feel? So to give them jaw-dropping experience, we initially create wireframes, mock-ups and final designs reflect your business.


Building strong bones

Website development, website architecture, database setup and content development are all introduced to your project. We build ’em strong and ready for growth.


Make it straight and easy

Everything under one roof, our team can take off coding, writing, designing and managing your project in a rightful manner. So, you can build a better product that will resonate with future users.

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With Bacancy Technology, you’ll be global, too. You will leverage the advantages from the convenience and global perspective of two different time zones, four countries, five cities and six different languages –and all without the hassle of overhead and overtime. Call Us now! on +647 469 0369, We might just be the perfect fit for your minimum viable product development service.