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Entering a new market as a business owner requires seamlessly offering a product that fits the end-user’s needs. Many entrepreneurs have adopted the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development approach to achieve this objective. Ruby on Rails for MVP development has emerged as a noteworthy solution for developing an effective MVP. This blog post delves into the overall aspects of MVP development with RoR, the benefits of an ideal MVP, and How it benefits your next project. Also, we have mentioned a few top companies that have opted for Ruby on Rails for their MVP development.

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An Intro to MVP Development via RoR

With the emerging techno trends worldwide, MVP development has seen a great boom among product owners, especially new start-ups. And Ruby on Rails has become the nitro boost to MVP development. Ruby on Rails for MVP development allows you more time to market your product. Another reason for the popularity of MVP development with Ruby on Rails is that it allows for tailored solutions to your product that suit your target audience and are beneficial to aptly assess the requirements of the end-users at an economical cost. But, before we jump into the depth of it, let us first recall our knowledge of the MVP and its benefits.

What is an MVP, and What are its Benefits

An MVP is the first phase of a fully-fledged functional application. It is the ideal way to get the app to the target audience fast without investing a significant budget in the initial level of the development process. The initial intent of MVP development is to assess if the product is beneficial for the end users or if it is needed by them. Further, the MVP initially reaches a short segment of the target audience or the early subscribers who give feedback and inputs to improve the product to help it survive in the market. Also, an MVP enables reducing the scope of bugs and errors within a product that can affect the user experience. A well-developed MVP can offer many benefits, a few of which can be as follows:
Saves Time and Cost

  • Provides early User Feedback
  • Provides Agility to Adapt to Market Trends
  • Provides Competitive Edge over Others
  • Allows for Faster Application Updates

Often an MVP is regarded as the prototype of the end product, but contrary to this, it is more inclined to the final product. An MVP, after its release, goes through various feedback and reviews. Based on the user experience based on which the final product is released after all the existing bugs, issues, feature gaps, or flaws have been resolved.

What to look for when choosing MVP technology

Your tech stack plays a vital role in the success and efficiency of your MVP; it not only saves time but also is economical and allows you a lot of freedom to focus on the success of your final product. Below are a few key elements you must consider while choosing the preferred tech stack for your MVP development.

  • Technical Requirements: The tech stack you choose for your MVP development must be compatible with other systems and should be performance-centric, along with feasible customization options.
  • Easy Integration: Any tech stack you choose for your MVP development must be compatible and adaptable enough to provide easy integration with other technologies or platforms you desire for the future.
  • Flexibility and Viability: Your tech stack should be easily customizable and adaptable per your needs and requirements. Also, you should choose your tech stack keeping in mind its long-term viability and potential for future growth and sustainability.
  • Upgrades and Maintenance: Any tech stack you choose for MVP development should offer easy maintenance and regular upgrades to enable the long-term stability and performance of your MVP and your end product.
  • User-Friendly: The tech stack you choose for MVP should be user-friendly as the end-user must be convinced to use the product that you plan to bring into the market; if the user accepts it with open hands, then the success of your MVP is almost guaranteed.
  • Technical Expertise: You must be the master of the tech stack you choose for your MVP development; this not allows you the expertise to know when to do what to develop an ideal MVP that is accepted by your target audience.

When your desired tech stack goes hand-in-hand with these key aspects, then all you have to do is develop the MVP and bring it to the market; it will not only guarantee your success but will also enable you to achieve exponential growth for your product in the long run.

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Reasons to use Ruby on Rails for MVP

Ruby on Rails is a tech stack that fulfills all the prerequisites for developing an exceptional MVP and, thereby, the end product. It offers excellent development speed, has a significant market share, a robust community, and is simple to adapt and to work on; all these collectively allow Ruby on Rails MVP to outshine your end-product within the market. Let us discuss a few points that make MVP development with Ruby on Rails a viable choice for product owners.

Extensive Market Share and Sustainability

According to BuiltWith, over 3.8 million websites are using RoR, a significant share of the web application development marketplace. According to Google Trends, RoR has seen a dip in popularity in a few years, but with the emerging graph, we can see it again gaining popularity among business owners. Also, the vast community of developers is working dedicatedly to improve the overall user experience for Ruby on Rails by introducing new features and updates to the framework, which collectively contributes to making RoR a viable choice for MVP development.

Development Speed and Efficiency

Ruby language is renowned for its straightforward, fast, and compelling nature. The addition of the popular Rails framework elevates its capabilities to many folds delivering an exceptional environment for MVP development. Thanks to the pre-installed tools and ready-made modules in Rails, developers can streamline their work and focus on delivering results instead of writing excessive code; again making RoR an excellent choice for MVP development.

DRY and Conversion Over Configuration Approach

Ruby on Rails follow the principles like Don’t Repeat Yourself or the DRY that simplifies the process by avoiding repeating the same work, leading to faster development and growth. Then, the Conversion over Configuration approach reduces the required configuration using pre-made models.

Plugin Ecosystem

The plugin ecosystem of RoR easily and quickly enhances the product functionality and saves the time needed to code for enabling the said functionalities. RoR also offers faster results with its user-friendly environment for developers and presents a more streamlined development process, unlike other languages that are complex and require a lot of code to provide any functionality.

Open-Source Framework

The framework presents free access to its source code and libraries to its developers, saving time and effort as the code testing is streamlined through pre-tested, ready-made code snippets. This allows developers to add new functionalities to the MVP using these snippets, making RoR a faster and more efficient option for MVP development.

Top-Notch Safety

RoR offers excellent safety measures for the product or applications developed using the said framework; it provides top-notch built-in security features like protection against common web attacks like XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, and many other security threats. With the RoR MVP, you can rest assured that your product is secure, as are your end-users.

Testing Over Everything

Ruby on Rails prioritizes testing as a crucial part of the MVP development allowing for better stability and enabling exceptional efficiency of your MVP. It provides tools for automated testing, which helps developers create tests more effectively, resulting in a faster and more reliable product developed with the assurance of stability and quality in mind.

Popularity Among Start-Ups

The RoR MVP has become greatly popular among business owners due to its economical nature. Using the RoR MVP can boost the development process by upto 30-40%. Also, many organizations have opted for Ruby on Rails for MVP development and have introduced their MVP into the market in record time, with ultimate user response and end-user satisfaction.

Ruby on Rails for MVP Development: Brands That Trust

Ruby on Rails has been around for over a decade, and the community has continually improved the framework. The reliability of MVP development with Ruby on Rails development can be seen by the companies still using it or those who initially chose it. Here are a few examples: Airbnb, the world’s largest hospitality marketplace, used RoR to build its MVP during a financial crisis. GitHub, the popular software hosting service with a vast open-source library, still uses Ruby on Rails. Dribble, the unique directory of over 500,000 designers, also uses the framework. Other notable companies such as Shopify, Bloomberg, and Fiverr prefer Ruby on Rails over other frameworks.


This is the comprehensive information we possess on MVP development with Ruby on Rails. We hope this blog has given you significant insight into choosing the right tech stack for your MVP development. Still, you need assistance making the final call; Hire Ruby on Rails Development Company like Bacancy, which will help you get the most viable solution for your MVP development for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ruby on Rails offers a range of features for an MVP, including fast development time, great MVC architecture, built-in testing, and a large, active community.

To get started with a Ruby on Rails MVP development, you must first have a look and assess your needs and requirements depending on your project. Also, you can Hire Ruby on Rails Developer to help you move forward with your MVP development process.

Ruby on Rails provides fast and efficient development, a large and active community, and a range of features and plugins that make it ideal for building an MVP. It also offers an MVC architecture that makes it easier to maintain and scale your application as it grows.

The cost of building an MVP with Ruby on Rails depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of the application, the amount of customization required, and the cost of hiring a developer or development team. On average, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars but a good RoR Development Company like Bacancy allow you to Hire RoR developers at affordable rates.

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