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The software development industry is becoming more integral to nearly every sector of the world. With an increasing number of frameworks and programming languages, choosing an ideal web development framework to build high-performing applications is not easy. Laravel, a renowned open-source framework, provides plenty of excellent opportunities and features to develop complex apps faster. But, even after these functionalities and features, the question persists ‘Is Laravel Good?” So, to answer this question it is essential to know everything about the Laravel framework and why use Laravel in 2024.

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In this quickly evolving technological sector, Laravel has gained continuous popularity in building unique web applications from the last few years. Laravel offers elegant features that cover all aspects of everyday use cases, and you can enjoy the creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Undoubtedly, Laravel is the best PHP framework for developing robust web applications.

Let’s discuss the importance of Laravel PHP framework for web development.

Laravel Popularity

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Laravel offers plenty of security features that allow you to reduce the Laravel vulnerabilities in the application. Another reason for choosing Laravel amongst all the PHP frameworks is that it can easily integrate with a valid token form or an AJAX call.

It keeps its Cachet as the best PHP framework because of its functionality, clarity, and simplicity. It is possible because of a caching system in Laravel that stores numerous cached items to develop applications promptly.

Also, Laravel can personalize web applications with flawless syntax and best coding practices for organizations around the globe. It reduces the development time and also helps in higher coding efficiency.

Of all the frameworks, Laravel can easily handle everything from single database management with the innovative HTML generation. Laravel is enabled with the highly extensive full-stack model that would definitely be helpful for the developers. Laravel is the perfect PHP framework highly expressive with elegant syntax, so it is most preferred by the developers.

Laravel Advantages for Entrepreneurs and Developers

The advantages of the Laravel framework by-pass any hurdle that comes their way which is another reason Laravel framework is popular for efficient and innovative custom software development. As per the recent stats more than 35,000 Laravel developers from all over the world highly appreciate the features of the Laravel platform. Let us, have a look at a few advantages of Laravel for Business owners and developers that make it an exceptional choice:

Building Authentication and Authorization Systems

Laravel configures everything fantastically. It implements authentication and authorization very easily and securely. Laravel enables easy control-access to its resources and to organize authentication logic. This way, the Laravel site owners can significantly streamline authentication. Laravel is hence called the PHP authentication framework. This ensures that the user data is protected and also offers secure user data management.

Integration With the Mail Services

A modern web framework is unbelievable if not complying with mail integration. Can you think of setting up a new account with a service and not getting an email regarding the same? No, right! The web app should notify emails for every significant activity/action of the user. Laravel comes with the ‘Swiftmailer’ library that enables clean and straightforward API configurations for individual email accounts.

Additionally, it also provides some drivers that permit message sending rapidly via cloud-based or local services. Drivers like SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function and “Sendmail”.

Also, it offers a few templating systems for emails that helps simplify customizing the email appearance enabling you to create unique emails with images, custom designs, and much more without any complexity.

Fixing Technical Vulnerabilities

Whenever there is a codebase, it simultaneously raises the security threat. Laravel secures a web application even against severe security risks like cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and many more. In this way, the Laravel framework is much-ahead of other PHP frameworks as it provides an incredibly advanced codebase. Also, it offers the businesses a confidence to the business owners a sense of security for their web applications.

URL Routing Configuration

URL routing means displaying a link’s contents within the current webpage instead of redirecting to the link. Hence, the user who is using Laravel doesn’t have to wait for the page to load. To overcome, Laravel has a built-in file configuration that is automatically loaded with the framework, and it elegantly defines accessible and identifiable routes.

Separation of “Business Logic Code” From “Presentation Code.”

Laravel follows the Model View Controller MVC architecture, which ensures clarity between the business logic and the presentation of the application. This feature makes Laravel the best PHP framework for web applications.

Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM is Laravel’s object-relational mapping functionality. The Eloquent ORM has an excellent syntax that helps users to work with database objects and relationships. It uses industry-standard conventions and hence uses lesser configurations.

Message Queue System

In a typical synchronous workflow, when a web-server receives a request, it executes the work order and then returns a response for the request. However, mostly the server needs to run the requests in the background. So, till the time the user doesn’t have to wait for the response. Laravel manages this with a built-in queue system, a simple API that helps you run your tasks in the background.

Scheduling Tasks Configuration And Management

Laravel avails you the benefit of creating your custom scheduled tasks, and hence you don’t have to set them up at the system-level. The Laravel Cron Job is an in-built task-manager for your application, and the scheduling functionality of Laravel allows you to create your scheduled tasks in a user-friendly manner. You may not even follow the Cron Job syntax.

IoC Container

The IoC Container in Laravel framework handles and manages class dependencies. It has the potential to resolve classes without configuration automatically.

Pro tip: Laravel libraries offer a unique feature called auto-completes, which isn’t found in any other frameworks

Top 12 Features of Laravel

The PHP Laravel framework has some extra-ordinary peculiarities that make it the best PHP MVC. Let us find out more about those.

1. Template Engine:

Laravel Framework is mainly used for the inbuilt and lightweight template when compared to others. Laravel Framework helps to create amazing layouts with dynamic content. Laravel has multiple widgets that are incorporated with the CSS and JS codes.

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2. Artisan:

Laravel framework offers the inbuilt tool for the command line like Artisan that enhances the performance with tedious aspects. Repetitive programming tasks involve most of the developers to avoid the aspects performing to the extent. Artisan frameworks are mainly utilized for creating database structures with a skeleton code that is built with the migration.

3. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping):

Laravel Framework enables the Eloquent ORM, including the PHP Active Record implementation. Laravel Framework lets web app developers with PHP syntax instead of writing the SQL code.

4. Libraries & Modular:

PHP Laravel has vast Object-Oriented libraries along with other pre-installed libraries. An authentication library is one of the best-preinstalled libraries that is enabled with easy-to-implement, along with many new features like:

  • Checking active users
  • Bcrypt hashing
  • Password reset
  • CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection
  • Encryption

5. MVC Architecture Support:

MVC pattern in the Laravel framework mainly ensures that the clarity in the presentation and logic is highly efficient. MVC Architecture supports in increasing the performance and also allows having better documentation.

6. Reverse Routing:

The relationship between routes and links is called Reverse routing that makes PHP Laravel framework unique with later changes on the automatic propagated as relevant links.

7. Database Seeding:

It provides a unique way of populating the database tables with the selected default data used on the application testing.

8. Application Logic:

The Application logic used in the PHP Laravel Framework is an integral part of developed applications, and it is mainly implemented using the controllers based on the route declarations. Syntax defines the application logic with the Sinatra framework.

9. Validation:

Laravel framework validation by default uses a ValidationRequest trait to control HTTP requests conveniently. It automatically checks errors in the session data and generates views if they are available.

Here are the validation rules available in Laravel:

Validation rules

10. File System:

Multiple file system support is provided by Laravel, where you can make use of cloud-based or local file system like Amazon S3. Upon your requirement, you can change the options in the config/ filesystems.php file.

11. Migration System:

Just like Ruby on Rails, Laravel also provides migration system to create database structures. It is advisable to make use of PHP language to write a migration to create your database structure instead of going through SQL.

Indices, tables, and database you can create all of these using migrations. To change a table column instead of creating the table again just run a new migration.

12. Localization:

Build a multilingual application along with building your application. Laravel enables you to access the strings in various languages using trans() helper.

The power of two frameworks unleashes the potential for building stunning web applications. Let us discuss the best laravel combinations ideal for yielding great results.

1. Laravel and Vuejs

Complimenting Laravel and Vue js for your app development can take your project to the next level. Laravel+Vuejs can fetch you the extra advantages of both frameworks combined.

Laravel can make the development process easier by automating peculiar activities such as authentication, navigation, sessions, and cache. On the other hand, Vue.JS may offer a richer and more engaging experience.

Laravel and Vuejs

Here are the top 3 benefits of using the combination of Laravel and Vuejs

  • Frontend is King: VueJS allows Laravel developers to create frontends without reloading the pages every time the application is updated.
  • Effective for Update Handling: The virtual DOM in Vuejs assists in instantly responding to pages, and the web performance is unaffected, even if there is an increase in load.
  • Rapid Learning Curve: The seamless integration of Laravel with Vue can easily be learned, and this combination does wonders during app development.

2. Laravel and Angular

Application development becomes relatively easier when Laravel and AngularJS are combined. There is a relief in making the effort of page loading for progress tracking.

  • Enhanced performance: The collaborative effect of AngularJS with Laravel results in quicker performance because when you ajax back to the server, there is no need to load the entire page. Rather, just the parts needed.
  • More Responsive: AngularJS and Laravel collectively impact the responsiveness of the application by delivering quick feedback to the user. For instance, while the user fills a form, a developer can check if the user’s input validates and immediately provide feedback.
  • Easy development: The restful nature of Angular for the frontend and Laravel for the backend makes it one of the most prominent combinations to use. Majorly, because of JSON, tasks like mobile app development become easier since the back-end would only produce and consume data in JSON form.

3. Laravel And React

Laravel and React

When you combine Laravel and React for your business application development, you get a powerful combination of strong backend functionality and dynamic front-end interactivity. React’s component-based approach offers a modular and reusable UI development by efficiently integrating it with the Laravel backend logic.

  • Improved Performance
  • React features efficient rendering and virtual DOM reconciliation, leading to faster rendering and enhanced performance. This makes React an excellent choice for complex, data-intensive applications. The server load is reduced by handling the UI rendering on the client side with React, improving the overall app responsiveness.

  • Code Reusability
  • The component-based architecture of React promotes code reusability, allowing for the creation of UI components that you can reuse across various application segments; this approach reduces the development time, minimizes code duplication, and ensures consistency across the application’s user interface.

  • Single Page Applications
  • React is an ideal choice for developing single-page applications that offer a seamless and immersive user experience. When paired with Laravel you can create SPAs that load dynamically and can handle navigation and state changes smoothly without requiring the full page reloads. This results in a more fluid and responsive user experience, similar to native mobile or desktop applications.

  • Decoupled Frontend and Backend
  • Using the Laravel and React combination facilitates a decoupled architecture, where the front end and backend are separate and communicate via Laravel API. This separation offers extensive flexibility, scalability, and maintainability, as changes in one part of the app does not affect the other. It also enables the frontend and backend teams to work independently, focusing on their respective areas of expertise and enabling simultaneous development.

    Why Use Laravel for Enterprise Web Application

    The latest business application and modern enterprises always thrive for more effectiveness and competency. To achieve the right web application for enterprises, there needs to be a right mix of features, technology, and implementation.

    Here are the top 3 reasons why Laravel is used for enterprise-grade web applications.

    Why Use Laravel for Enterprise Web Application
    • Laravel queues provide a centralized API over the various queue backends and for a relational database.
    • Laravel executes dependency injection and powerfully manages class dependencies.
    • Laravel events let you implement an observer to assist you to subscribe to any event occurring in your application.

    User-friendliness is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Laravel as it simultaneously upsurges the scalability of your application as it grows

    When it comes to dealing with the domain problem of the application the issue allied with the framework is the least concern. Laravel is capable of binding the large-scale application with a million counts of views. There are several factors that you can use to secure your application.

    • It is advisable to make use of Memcached or Redis to use t cache or session driver. In the case of Laravel, it is mandatory to apply route: cache, config: cache. Furthermore, make sure you are working on composer dump-autoload-optimize.
    • Ensure to separate your database from the web server. At the time of scaling, it is handy to add to another server.

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    What is Laravel Used For?

    According to the latest data available with BuiltWith there are a total of 1,738,592 websites using Laravel for their web application development. The same data says that around 1,045,961 websites were using Laravel previously. This data clearly signifies the waitage Laravel holds within the web application development marketplace. However, the main reason behind this significant popularity lies in the answer to the question ‘What is Laravel used for?’

    Laravel offers extensive use cases that you can make Laravel your ideal choice based on your needs and requirements. Moving ahead, let us have a look at a few of them to understand better:

    • Static and dynamic web pages
    • eCommerce websites
    • Enterprise level applications
    • SPAs and MPAs
    • Real-time applications
    • CRM or customer relationship management systems
    • CMS or content management systems
    • Social networking sites and others
    • Web portals and directories
    • API driven applications

    Top Companies Using Laravel

    Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework amongst the business owners and the developer community worldwide. However, not only startups and small businesses but many industry giants have also opted for Laravel framework for their web application development. Let us have a look at a few of them:


    Alison ia a platform that offers free online courses at Diploma and certificate levels. They aim at offering free education irrespective of the barriers like geography or economic status. Alison offers around 4000 free online courses with new offerings every week. It is the first free online learning platform that has developed and employed a scalable sustainable self-funding model.

    Invoice Ninja

    Invoive Ninja was a platform launchd in early 2014 for building a suite of applications for freelancers and small-businesses. Since, inception they worked to make the Invoice Ninja different. Established by three founders- Hillel, Dave, and Shalom and collectively developed the tool that one needs to facilitate their business and get paid.


    MyRank is a company promoted by the individuals with an exceptional track record. MyRank gained significant traction for the students that seek to appear in exams such as EAMCET, JEE MAINS, JEE ADVANCED, BITSAT,NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS and GATE respectively. Also, MyRank possesses an exceptional team comprising the domain experts and technocrats.

    Neighborhood Lender

    It is a leader in the no closing costs financing that helps the borrowers in places such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Ohio finance thousands of home loans, thereby saving them all a lot of money. They are the experts that take up the complex process of home mortgages and transforms them all into easy, simple and enjoyable experience.

    Barchart Solutions

    Barchart is a leading provider of market data and services to the global financial, media, and commodity industries. From the interactive charting libraries, through to the leading financial analysis desktops, the Barchart solutions connect thei customers to the content they need. Barchart concentrates on developing strong client relationships, thereby offering superior customer service, and tailoring solutions to their clients’ specific business needs.


    The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster that are impartial and independent, and they aim to create distinctive, world-class programmes and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the UK around the world. The BBC was established by a Royal Charter, and is principally funded through the license fee paid by the UK households. They strive to fulfill their mission and promote the other public purposes.

    Other than these there are some other companies such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, About You, Crowdcube, Magneto IT Solutions, TourRadar and others that are using Laravel for their web application development.

    The Future of Laravel Development in 2024 and Coming Years

    The Laravel PHP framework can offer compelling methods for defining routes. It automatically loads all the routes implemented in the PHP file as app/HTTP/routes, making the process faster.

    The in-built library of Laravel offers support for a distinction of influential log handlers. Using cloud-based services, it becomes easy to send emails without wasting time using SparPost, Amazon SES, and Mandril.

    Routing services that compensate for laravel app development make the maintenance and deployment look natural. Laravel makes testing easier to encourage users’ behaviors by using various outputs on the application.

    Laravel’s out-of-the-box introduces a new method, Gate:: inspect, that makes it easier to provide custom messages during the authorization request process if declined.

    Though various reasons prove the importance of Laravel app development 2024, there are multiple ways for grabbing relational databases.

    Here are some great features which will help you decide why use Laravel as the PHP framework prevalent in the developer community:

    • Inversion of IoC is one of the most practical features of the Laravel framework.
    • Laravel allows you to build authentic application features required to activate full-fledged authentication modules.
    • Laravel cache helps retrieve user-related data quickly from all the view routes.
    • Laravel routing can create websites that are search-engine friendly.
    • Laravel offers various modules that help you smoothly create complex and large applications.
    • Artisan features of Laravel allow you to run iterative tasks.
    • You can develop highly secured web applications using Laravel.

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    Wrapping Up

    In the end, it seems obvious to relate to why use Laravel as the top web development framework. It makes the process of creating compelling websites faster and better. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, Laravel will serve all your needs.

    If you are wondering how to get started with the process, reach out to the best Laravel Development company as your remote development partner. You can also augment your existing team.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Laravel 6 is the most relied-on and long-term sustaining support version. It will include security fixes by September 2022. You should decisively weigh your user authentication options before taking a call.

    Laravel’s simplicity and ease of installation make it popular.

    MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server are the databases supported by Laravel.

    Blade is an easy yet powerful templating engine incorporated with Laravel. The best part is that Blade offers the benefit of working with plain PHP code for your templates.

    Laravel offers a number of security features that allow the developers to reduce threat of vulnerabilities in your application such as:

    • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Tokens
    • XSS Protection
    • SQL Injection
    • Enhanced Laravel APp Security
    • Laravel Security Packages
    • Laravel Authentication System

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