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Quick Summary:

The software development industry is becoming more integral to nearly every sector of the world. With an increasing number of frameworks and programming languages, choosing an ideal web development framework to build high-performing applications is not easy. Laravel being a renowned open-source framework, provides plenty of excellent opportunities and features to develop complex apps faster. So, it is essential to know everything about the Laravel framework and why use Laravel in 2022.

This blog post will cover Laravel popular combinations, ecosystem, hidden features, the latest Laravel trends, Laravel business benefits, and future growth opportunities. So, let’s get started!


In this quickly evolving technological sector, Laravel has gained continuous popularity in building unique web applications from the last few years. Laravel offers elegant features that cover all aspects of everyday use cases, and you can enjoy the creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Undoubtedly, Laravel is the best PHP framework for developing robust web applications.

Let’s discuss the importance of Laravel PHP framework for web development.

Laravel Popularity

Why Use Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Laravel offers plenty of security features that allow you to reduce the Laravel vulnerabilities in the application. Another reason for choosing Laravel amongst all the PHP frameworks is that it can easily integrate with a valid token form or an AJAX call.

It keeps its Cachet as the best PHP framework because of its functionality, clarity, and simplicity. It is possible because of a caching system in Laravel that stores numerous cached items to develop applications promptly.

Also, Laravel can personalize web applications with flawless syntax and best coding practices for organizations around the globe. It reduces the development time and also helps in higher coding efficiency.

Well you may now ask – is Laravel reliable? Here are the Top 6 reasons why use Laravel. Laravel is the most reliable PHP framework for Web Development in 2022.

Laravel Benefits

1. High-end Security Terms

Laravel is one of those frameworks that integrates SQL injection to strongarm the website, protecting all data. Sometimes there are uncertainties in the market amongst the decision makers – is Laravel secure?

Website security is of paramount importance. Irrespective of what you do and your business, every website stores data related to customers’ details. It is essential to have a security mechanism in place to protect your website and safeguard your customer’s data against leaks and hacks. Any website that comprises data security will soon run out of the race.

2. Exceptional Performance

With Laravel, you will never have to worry about the website’s speed. Equipped with tons of features and out-of-box functionalities, It helps take your business to the next level. Tools, such as Redis and Memcached, help improve Laravel application performance, enhancing the overall productivity and usability of your web and mobile app.

For new businesses to survive the digital race, it is essential to focus on the speed and performance of the website. Since they have just stepped in, delays in page load speed might be the reason behind low conversion rates. Once again, the choice of framework is important as it determines how fast the page loads or the website’s response time.

3. Laravel Popularity

No matter how efficient your website is or how diligently you have deployed the site, it is bound to experience technical issues. Now, considering that your website or application development process is stuck at one point, you would not want to restructure the entire website, just to get a solution, right?

Laravel is one of the best PHP development frameworks, it has a huge community with thousands of developers holding tremendous expertise in the framework. Laravel happens to be highly popular among web developers worldwide.

4. Multilingual Capabilities

Another fascinating aspect that helps Laravel stand out in the crowd of other PHP development frameworks is its multilingual support. This implies that developers can create compelling applications in multiple languages. Laravel gives them the ease of reaching out to a wider audience and exploring untouched territories.

Using the Laravel PHP framework for website development, developers can build robust applications in any language of their choice. This improves their online visibility allowing them to boost sales and increase revenue.

5. Community Support

Ranked as one of the best website development frameworks, Laravel has a huge team of developers and experts ready to help. Whether a developer is facing issues with a certain feature or wishes to build one from scratch, the team will always be of help. They provide suggestions or clarify doubts and actively solve the problem.

6. Inexpensive

One of the most relieving aspects of this open-source framework is that it doesn’t add to your cart! You don’t need to pay for using Laravel. Also, it plays a significant role in making it easy for building & maintaining user-friendly applications.

Moreover, you get an inbuilt Laravel App development project environment that streamlines processes for the developers.

7. Reduced Time To Market

With increasing popularity, the competition also increases. And in the digital world, even a second matters. When you decide to go live with your business, it is not just about how good is the developed website but also help fast is the website launched.

Laravel has inbuilt tools and several functions that can be directly embedded within the website during the development process. This, as a matter of fact, reduces the overall time taken to build the website.

In addition to the above, Laravel follows an MVC architecture, which in itself is the best and the most organized way to develop a website. The lesser the time is taken to deploy a website, the faster is its integration. As a result, this lays an impact on the total revenue of the business.

8. Enhances Traffic Management

Laravel is adept in creating websites that are robust, feature-rich and scalable. All of this adds up to the interaction a user has with the website. When customers are satisfied with their engagement, the likelihood to promote the same is more, and with this, the overall traffic experienced by the website dramatically increases.

As a common fact, when a website witnesses higher traffic, more than what it is entitled to, it crashed. This affects the online visibility and website search engine rankings. However, this is not the case with Laravel websites.

It appears that managing and controlling website traffic for a Laravel based website is easy and does not require much effort. Laravel is extremely fast and even when the traffic increases, the website still manages to adhere to the customer’s requests, execute and answer back seamlessly.

9. A Wide Range of Libraries and Configurations

The Laravel PHP framework has the potential to support many environments during web development. The authorization created by libraries within this platform assists compatibility for the software to seamlessly adjust on the app platform.

There are 20 different libraries in Laravel, composed of various modules. This web app framework sticks to the modern PHP principles to facilitate a responsive and user-friendly environment.

Pro tip: Laravel libraries offer a unique feature called auto-completes, which isn’t found in any other frameworks

Top 6 Reasons Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework in 2022

Let us look at the top 6 reasons to understand why use Laravel and its comparison with other PHP frameworks.

Laravel Features

1. Validation

Laravel framework validation by default uses a ValidationRequest trait to control HTTP requests conveniently. It automatically checks errors in the session data and generates views if they are available.

Here are the validation rules available in Laravel:

Validation rules

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2. Artisan Console

Artisan, is a built-in tool in Laravel that allows you to perform complex tasks and publish package assets. You can grab this functionality of Artisan by implementing new custom commands.

It is used to create database architecture and skeleton code with their migrations. Artisan allows you to execute repetitive and tedious tasks that developers avoid manually.

3. MVC Support

Laravel is purely an MVC-compliant framework that provides built-in support for the IOC (Inversion of Control) principle. Model View Controller helps to change and modify the template and codes easily.

It improves the performance of your application and maintains the overall process. This indeed helps us understand why use Laravel compared to other similar platforms.

4. Libraries and Modular

Various Object-oriented libraries are added in the Laravel PHP framework, whereas these pre-installed libraries are not included in other PHP frameworks. An authentication library contains Laravel framework features like resetting passwords and monitoring active users. Laravel framework follows the PHP principles, allowing developers to build modular apps.

5. Separation of Code

Laravel is capable of separating the code for its web application. Unlike other PHP frameworks, the Laravel code separation feature allows HTML Layout Designers to modify the webpage easily without interaction with the developers. If every application has code separation in the early stage of development, the developer can fix bugs at a faster pace.

When it comes to specific PHP comparisons, Laravel is a better framework than CodeIgniter due to the coding pattern, which is the most favored for its elegant look. Along with this, it also supports robust application development in no time.

6. Eloquent ORM

The Object-Relational Mapping feature during Laravel app development promotes database object and relationship interaction through expressive syntax. It offers an inbuilt template called Blade Template Engine. The Blade template files use the .blade.php file extension and are typically stored in the resources or views directory.

Copy Text
class User extends Authenticatable
    use Notifiable;
     * The attributes that are mass assignable.
     * @var array
    protected $fillable = [
        'name', 'email', 'password',
     * The attributes that should be hidden for arrays.
     * @var array
    protected $hidden = [
        'password', 'remember_token',

7. Blade Template Engine

The blade is one of the vital templating engines of Laravel. It is a handful function to format your data within views. Blade lets you implement the template that you to build complex layouts. Blade templates make use of .blade.php extension.

8. Routing

Routing in Laravel is so convenient just like RoR framework. Ideally, Laravel routing is used to create restful applications, and it lets you group routes, apply filters, name them and let you bind your model data to them. Laravel routes are used to form search friendly URLs with great control as well as flexibility. Let me present an example of the route definition.

Copy Text
Route::get('profiles', ‘[email protected]');
You can use this route anywhere in your HTML forms.
< form method="GET" action="/profiles" >
< /form >

9. File System

Multiple file system support is provided by Laravel, where you can make use of cloud-based or local file system like Amazon S3. Upon your requirement, you can change the options in the config/ filesystems.php file.

10. Artisan

Artisan is Laravel’s command line tool that comes with dozens of pre-built commands that you can run to command line interface to perform tasks and avoid repetitive tasks during development making use of this tool.

11. Authentication

Authentication is one of the most significant parts of a web application, and software developers are spending enormous time authenticating written code. Authentication has become so simple in Laravel 5 as its use ready to use inbuilt authentication system.

All you are required to do is configure models, controllers, database migrations and views to make your system perform. If you have ever implemented a comprehensive authentication mechanism with registration as well as login and mistakenly forgotten the password then just run these two simple commands.

Copy Text
php artisan make:auth
php artisan migrate 

12. Database Query Builder

Database query builder is a suitable way to create your database queries. It comes with a helper function to filter down your data, and you can quickly implement complex queries making use of join in Laravel. Laravel’s query builder syntax is so convenient where writing database seems like a fun activity.

13. Restful Controllers

Controllers provides way for the grouping to appeal logic into a single class.

Copy Text
< ?php
namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use App\User;
use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
class UserController extends Controller
     * Show the profile for the given user.
     * @param  int  $id
     * @return View
    public function show($id)
        return view('user.profile', ['user' => User::findOrFail($id)]);

15. Migration System

Just like Ruby on Rails, Laravel also provides migration system to create database structures. It is advisable to make use of PHP language to write a migration to create your database structure instead of going through SQL.

Indices, tables, and database you can create all of these using migrations. To change a table column instead of creating the table again just run a new migration.

16. Envoy

Making use of Envoy, you can perform the most common task on your remote server within your application that let you set up tasks for deployment.

17. Localization

Build a multilingual application along with building your application. Laravel enables you to access the strings in various languages using trans() helper.

Use Cases of Laravel PHP Framework

  • Enterprise-Level Apps for Businesses
  • Businesses Involving Backend Data Management
  • Startups & Small scale companies
  • IoT Technological Infrastructures
  • Outsourcing & Offshore Development
  • Apps with High-Level Security
  • Already Built Web Apps which Require Scalability

5 Best Laravel Ecosystem to Scale Web Applications

1. Laravel Vapor

Vapor is a serverless framework that is powered by AWS. You can manage your entire Laravel application infrastructure from this robust platform. Some unique features of Laravel Vapor are as under.

  • Collaboration: Build your teams and organize your project with others. The collaboration feature of Vapor makes it stand out from others.
  • Quick Rollbacks: Don’t worry if you made a mistake. Developers can rollback their entire application if they wish. Moreover, you can also undo the environment variables. Isn’t that great?
  • Pipeline friendly: You may install the Vapor CLI into your project, and deploy your app directly from the CI pipe when needed.
  • Databases: Vapor’s intuitive dashboard enables you to create and manage your traditional serverless database. Developers are also allowed to rearrange and reallocate their databases.
  • Cloud Storage: Developers can stream their file uploads directly to the cloud using in-built Javascript utilities provided by Laravel Vapor. Caches: You need not trouble to deal with ElastiCache Redis clusters as Vapor can scale your cache.
  • CloudFront CDN: Vapor hosts the fastest load-times. Laravel Vapor automatically uploads your data via cloud platforms like S3 or CloudFront during deployment.
  • Metrics: This one is the most efficient feature of Vapor. Developers can track their app’s health by monitoring parameters of their database, app, cache, and more.

2. Laravel Nova

A sleek, single-page admin panel for Laravel that is built on Vue.js is Laravel Nova. Nova is customizable, and it looks trendy and impressive. The top highlighting features of Laravel Nova are as mentioned below.

  • Resource Management: You can integrate your models to the dashboard using this feature of Nova. It backs up eloquent relations and pivot tables.
  • Metrics: Another novel feature of Nova is that you can track the metrics of your app, generate graphs, and get help for queries. Actions: Nova handles all the extended operations in a queue. So, you need not worry about time, as your admin panel will remain clean. Custom Tools: Your custom tools are staged well by the CLI generators of Laravel Nova.
  • Filters: Show segments of your data to your users by writing custom filters. Nova provides ‘soft-deleted’ resources and built-in filters. Authorization: Nova integrates well with the existing Laravel authorization policies. It also protects your project’s tools, relationships, actions, and fields.
  • Lenses: Developers can add lenses to their resources to take in-charge of the entire eloquent query.
  • Scout Search Integration: As you link your admin panel with Laravel Scout, it produces exhaustive speed. Cloud and Algolia empower the Scout Search integration with Nova.
  • Custom Fields: Developers can create their custom fields with Laravel Nova CLI and take full control over its implementation and design.

3. Laravel Forge

Forge is the best tool for server deployment and configuration. One can deploy limitless PHP applications automatically on Laravel Forge. we have assembled the ardent features and functionalities of Laravel Forge.

  • Free SSL Certificates: You can obtain free SSL certificates for your Laravel Forge applications as you can integrate them with LetsEncrypt.
  • Secure: All the Forge servers use SSH key authentication compulsorily. Hence, your app gets all the security updates and installs by default.
  • Simple Queues: You no more need to configure and manage your App with manual supervision. With Laravel Forge, you get the supervised Queue workers.
  • Collaborate: Share your servers and dashboards with your co-workers with the Plus plan of Forge.
  • Push to Deploy: Code deployment on GitHub, Bitbucket, or Git repository is just a click away. Developers have the ease of implementation.

4. Laravel Lumen

Lumen is the fastest framework of Laravel as it is built for microservices. Developers yield lightning-fast APIs and microservices with Lumen. We have described its extraordinary features here.

  • Speed: Lumen handles 1900 requests per second, which makes it the fastest of all micro-frameworks. The Laravel programmers can write superfast services effortlessly and attain support for their applications.
  • Convenience: Laravel Lumen has got everything for you in one place. It is a fair deal of satisfaction between power and speed. Developers can use queues, eloquent, middleware, caching, routing, validation, and service containers.

5. Laravel Horizon

Horizon has got a code-driven configuration and an impressive dashboard. Developers can quickly examine their queue matrix, monitor job failures, job throughput, and runtime using Horizon.

  • Metrics: Laravel Horizon comes with a dashboard to track your app metrics. Developers can get information about their queues, jobs, wait times, and throughput.
  • Tags: Developers get a useful feature of attaching tags to different jobs like notifications, event broadcasts, mailings, etc. Moreover, it sensibly tags most of the jobs based on your eloquent models.

Popular Combinations in Laravel

The power of two frameworks unleashes the potential for building stunning web applications. Let us discuss the best laravel combinations ideal for yielding great results.

1. Laravel and Vuejs

Complimenting Laravel and Vue js for your app development can take your project to the next level. Laravel+Vuejs can fetch you the extra advantages of both frameworks combined.

Laravel can make the development process easier by automating peculiar activities such as authentication, navigation, sessions, and cache. On the other hand, Vue.JS may offer a richer and more engaging experience. Here are the top 3 benefits of using the combination of Laravel and Vuejs

a) Frontend is King: VueJS allows Laravel developers to create frontends without reloading the pages every time the application is updated.
b) Effective for Update Handling: The virtual DOM in Vuejs assists in instantly responding to pages, and the web performance is unaffected, even if there is an increase in load.
c) Rapid Learning Curve: The seamless integration of Laravel with Vue can easily be learned, and this combination does wonders during app development.

2. Laravel and Angular

Application development becomes relatively easier when Laravel and AngularJS are combined. There is a relief in making the effort of page loading for progress tracking.

  • Enhanced performance: The collaborative effect of AngularJS with Laravel results in quicker performance because when you ajax back to the server, there is no need to load the entire page. Rather, just the parts needed.
  • More Responsive: AngularJS and Laravel collectively impact the responsiveness of the application by delivering quick feedback to the user. For instance, while the user fills a form, a developer can check if the user’s input validates and immediately provide feedback.
  • Easy development: The restful nature of Angular for the frontend and Laravel for the backend makes it one of the most prominent combinations to use. Majorly, because of JSON, tasks like mobile app development become easier since the back-end would only produce and consume data in JSON form.

5 Best Laravel Security Features for Your Application

Laravel offers following security features to allow developers diminish the Laravel vulnerabilities in the application.

1. Laravel Authentication System

The Laravel authentication features are built into the application during the development process; you just need to set up controllers, models, and the database. Laravel offers a robust user authentication process associated with boilerplate code available in the scaffolding.

2. Reduce Laravel Vulnerabilities From CSRF

Laravel typically uses CSRF tokens for protection against fake requests. When any request is conjured, Laravel compares the request token in the user’s session, and if it doesn’t match, the request is classified as invalid, and the action is ended right there.

If you are manually creating forms using HTML using Blade templates, then don’t forget to pass the CSRF token as shown below:

Copy Text
< form name="test" >
{!! csrf_field() !!}
< !-- Other inputs can come here→
< /form >

3. Protection against XSS

Whenever you receive an XSS attack, the attacker enters JavaScript into your website. If any new visitor tries to access that page of the form, it will harm it. Let’s create a scenario where a user with malicious intent enters the JavaScript code:

Copy Text
< script >alert(“You are hacked”)< /script >

If there is no XSS protection, the Laravel vulnerabilities will gradually increase, and the page reloads will execute every time.The code with escape tags is shown as HTML like:

Copy Text
< script >alert(“You are hacked”)< /script >

4. SQL Injection

The most important feature of Laravel Eloquent ORM is that it uses PDO binding to help you from SQL injection and makes sure that clients cannot edit or modify the SQL queries’ intent.

Here is the example where you’re collecting a user’s email address from the database:

Copy Text
SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ‘[email protected]’ or 1=1

In the previous example, 1=1 is a simple logical expression is always true. Now, imagine where the query is directly modified to the command instead of the email address.

Copy Text
SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ‘[email protected]; drop table users;

There are some more options available for talking to databases, but Eloquent is the most popular and suitable option to prevent SQL injection attacks caused by malicious SQL queries.

5. Laravel Security Packages:

There are several Best Laravel Packages that you can use for adding amazing functionality to your application. To enhance the security of your application, Laravel offers several packages such as

  • Laravel Security Component
  • Laravel Security
  • Laravel-ACL

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Top Laravel Trends in Web App Development 2022

Listed are a few Laravel trends that are widely adopted and implemented by businesses as well as entrepreneurs around the world.

PHP Development Outsourcing

PHP development outsourcing has emerged among the top A-list programming languages that have been leading the development sector.

There are 90% chances that the good-looking sites today are developed using PHP. Outsource Laravel development services to take advantage of robust features, leveraging Windows, Unix, and Linux to interface with MySQL and Apache.

Laravel Library

Laravel aims to take you out of tedious routines like authentication, caching, sessions, and routing. It makes the development environment faster for you and creates a pleasing one without sacrificing application functionality.

Hashed Text

With hashing, a string of characters can be translated into a key (readable format) representing the original string. All your private information and passwords are stored in understandable text form.

PHP Web Development with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the trendiest thing in the Laravel community. A hardware platform like Arduino is more flexible and language agnostic, supporting PHP and matching other hardware. Plenty of companies has recognized the strength of Laravel with the best IoT solutions.


Laracasts is the best platform to develop websites using Laravel from scratch. The large community of Laracasts can help you solve all queries when something goes wrong.

AI Chatbots

The AI Chatbots make conversations just like humans and interact with them to assist with technical queries, issues, customer support, and SOP guidance.

With Laravel, you can create smart chatbots and offer simpler and quicker streamlining customer support processes.

Cloud Integration

One of the most recent web application development in Laravel is cloud integration. This perfect balance of the web app framework with the latest application trends provides cost-effective, flexible, and scalable web solutions to businesses.

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

Using the new Route::amp() notation, it is simple to integrate Laravel with your AMP projects.

The advent of AMP is a sign that the internet is becoming more user-centric with each passing day. Top brands are currently using this new web design trend, supported with 5G internet technology, to build their native applications. To enhance the user experience, the AMP plugin aids businesses in reducing their UX expenses and acquiring target users with finesse.

Laravel for Ecommerce

Laravel delivers scalability, structuring of clean code, and excellent performance enhancement for web applications. Additionally, it uses security mechanisms that are enhanced in nature to safeguard online stores from vicious attacks.

Using Laravel for ecommerce to create online stores, marketplaces, and other web apps has several advantages: high scalability, independent operation, flexibility in cart management, and universal support.

Why Use Laravel for Enterprise Web Application

The latest business application and modern enterprises always thrive for more effectiveness and competency. To achieve the right web application for enterprises, there needs to be a right mix of features, technology and implementation.

Here are the top 3 reasons why laravel is suitable for enterprise grade web application.

Laravel suitable for “enterprise- grade” web app
  • Laravel queues provide a centralized API over the various queue backends and for a relational database.
  • Laravel executes dependency injection and powerfully manages class dependencies.
  • Laravel events let you implement an observer to assist you to subscribe to any event occurring in your application.

User-friendliness is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Laravel as it simultaneously upsurges the scalability of your application as it grows

When it comes to dealing with the domain problem of the application the issue allied with the framework is least concern. Laravel is capable of binding the large-scale application with a million counts of views. There are several factors that you can use to secure your application.

  • It is advisable to make use of Memcached or Redis to use t cache or session driver. In the case of Laravel, it is mandatory to apply route: cache, config: cache. Furthermore, make sure you are working on composer dump-autoload-optimize.
  • Ensure to separate your database from the web server. At the time of scaling, it is handy to add to another server.

Top 12 Hidden Laravel Eloquent Features

The Object Relational Model (ORM) implements a pattern known as Active Record pattern which offers a smooth way to interact with your database. Each model represents a table in your database with which you can work.

Let us go through the best 12 hidden Laravel eloquent features to improve your code.

1. Get original attributes

To execute the get original attributes, simply call getOriginal() and you’re done. Here is it:

Copy Text
$user = App\User::first();
$user->name;               	//John$user->name = "John";    	//John$user->getOriginal('name');	//John
$user->getOriginal();      	//Original $user record

2. Check if the Model changed

Check the attribute using isDirty() method and it will look like:

Copy Text
$user = App\User::first();
$user->isDirty();      	//false$user->name = "John";
$user->isDirty();      	//true

Check if any particular attribute is changed or not.

Copy Text
$user->isDirty('name');	//true
$user->isDirty('age'); 	//false

3. Get changed attributes

Now, retrieve the modified attributes using getChanges().

Copy Text
    "name" => "Peter", ]

4. Custom deleted_at column

Laravel also handles soft deletes using the delete_at column like:

Copy Text
class User extends Model
   use SoftDeletes;
const DELETED_AT = 'is_deleted';
Or by defining an accessor.
class User extends Model
   use SoftDeletes;
   public function getDeletedAtColumn()
       return 'is_deleted';

5. Save models and relationships

Save the corresponding relationships and all the application models using the push() method.

Copy Text
class User extends Model
{   public function phone()
     return $this->hasOne('App\Phone');
}$user = User::first();
$user->name = "John";$user->phone->number = '1010101010';$user->push();

6. Reload fresh model

Using the fresh() method, reload a fresh model from the database.

Copy Text
$user = App\User::first();
$user->name;               // John// user record get updated by another thread. eg: 'name' changed to // John.$updatedUser = $user->fresh();
$updatedUser->name;   	// John$user->name;          	// John

7. Reload existing model

Reload the existing model from the database using refresh()

Copy Text
$user = App\User::first();
$user->name;           	// John// user record get updated by another thread. eg: 'name' changed to // John.$user->refresh();
$user->name;          	// Peter

8. Check if models are the same

Check if both the models have the same ID using is().

Copy Text
$user = App\User::find(1);
$sameUser = App\User::find(1);
$diffUser = App\User::find(2);$user->is($sameUser);       // true
$user->is($diffUser);   	// false

9. Clone a model

Clone the database’s model using replicate() method

Copy Text
$user = App\User::find(1);
$newUser = $user->replicate();$newUser->save();

10. Specify attributes in find() method

Using find() method, you can specify the attributes as your second argument.

Copy Text
$user = App\User::find(1, ['name', 'age']);$user = App\User::findOrFail(1, ['name', 'age']);

11. Expressive Where Syntax

You can enhance where clause and make it more expressive while retrieving a particular record. Usually when you grab a record, you would do something like this:

Copy Text
$product = Product::where('category', 2)->get();

12. Increment & Decrement Model Attributes

Using increment() and decrement() methods you can set the increment or decrement model attribute, as shown below:

Copy Text
// adds one view to product model
// or you can add any number
Product::find($productId)->increment('views', 5);
// Remove one view from product model
// or you can add any number
Product::find($productId)->decrement('views', 5);

The Future of Laravel Development in 2022 and Coming Years

The Laravel PHP framework can offer compelling methods for defining routes. It automatically loads all the routes implemented in the PHP file as app/HTTP/routes, making the process faster.

The in-built library of Laravel offers support for a distinction of influential log handlers. Using cloud-based services, it becomes easy to send emails without wasting time using SparPost, Amazon SES, and Mandril.

Routing services that compensate for laravel app development make the maintenance and deployment look natural. Laravel makes testing easier to encourage users’ behaviors by using various outputs on the application.

Laravel’s out-of-the-box introduces a new method, Gate:: inspect, that makes it easier to provide custom messages during the authorization request process if declined.

Though various reasons prove the importance of Laravel app development 2022, there are multiple ways for grabbing relational databases.

Here are some great features which will help you decide why use Laravel as the PHP framework prevalent in the developer community:

  • Inversion of IoC is one of the most practical features of the Laravel framework.
  • Laravel allows you to build authentic application features required to activate full-fledged authentication modules.
  • Laravel cache helps retrieve user-related data quickly from all the view routes.
  • Laravel routing can create websites that are search-engine friendly.
  • Laravel offers various modules that help you smoothly create complex and large applications.
  • Artisan features of Laravel allow you to run iterative tasks.
  • You can develop highly secured web applications using Laravel.

Wrapping Up

In the end, it seems obvious to relate to why use Laravel as the top web development framework. It makes the process of creating compelling websites faster and better. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, Laravel will serve all your needs.

If you are wondering how to get started with the process, reach out to the best Laravel Development company as your remote development partner. You can also augment your existing team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Laravel 6 is the most relied-on and long-term sustaining support version. It will include security fixes by September 2022. You should decisively weigh your user authentication options before taking a call.

Laravel’s simplicity and ease of installation make it popular.

MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server are the databases supported by Laravel.

Blade is an easy yet powerful templating engine incorporated with Laravel. The best part is that Blade offers the benefit of working with plain PHP code for your templates.

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