Name Description
AWS Well-Architected Framework Fundamental guidelines for establishing dependable, protected, streamlined, and economically viable cloud infrastructures.
Connected Mobility Integrating technology into transportation systems to enhance mobility.
Container Build Best practices for designing and building containers
Data Analytics Insights and recommendations for analytics workloads
DevOps Structured approach for high-velocity, security-focused culture using DevOps
Government Creating and providing governmental services using AWS
Healthcare Industry Guidance for healthcare workloads in the AWS Cloud
IoT Managing Internet of Things workloads on AWS
M&A Value Creation Provides additional questions for driving company growth, like mergers and acquisitions
Machine Learning Managing Machine Learning resources on AWS
Migration Best practices for migrating to the AWS Cloud
SaaS Designing and deploying software as a service workload on AWS
SAP Design principles for SAP workloads on AWS
Serverless Applications It offers best practices for building serverless workloads on AWS, covering various scenarios