Feature AWS Auto Scaling Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing
Scope Manages scaling for various AWS resources (e.g., EC2, ECS, DynamoDB) Designed explicitly for EC2 instances Focuses on distributing incoming traffic across instances.
Scaling Resources Supports various AWS resources, not limited to EC2 instances Primarily focuses on EC2 instances Does not scale resources but distributes traffic
Scaling Policies Allows defining scaling policies based on conditions and metrics Provides both manual and Automatic scaling policies No scaling policies; Designed for load balancing
Launch Configurations Supports the concept of launch configurations Requires the definition of launch configurations for EC2 instances No launch configurations; deals with traffic distribution
Integration with Load Balancing Can work with Elastic Load Balancing for distributing traffic Often used in conjunction with Elastic Load Balancing Essential for distributing incoming traffic across instances
Integration with CloudWatch Integrates with CloudWatch for monitoring and alarms Integrates with CloudWatch for monitoring May use CloudWatch for monitoring target instances
Use Case Ideal for applications with variable workloads using various AWS resources Suited for EC2-based applications that need automatic scaling Useful for improving availability by distributing incoming traffic