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Our Profound React Native Code Auditing Offerings

We have a team of React Native experts who analyze, review, and go through your code audit to ensure no errors. Our React Native Code Audit specialists conduct end-to-end testing, optimize codes, and follow best practices to meet quality code standards for your applications.

General Assessment of the Code

To lower your security risks, we will conduct a code assessment to check its quality and issues. Our experts ensure streamlining the development process by performing React Native end-to-end testing and reviewing that the code is written as per current standards.

Tech Stack/Architecture Review

With a proficient team of React Native professionals, we will perform thorough testing to identify libraries, technology, and relevant frameworks. Our experts will certify your development process is error-free and that an outdated library eliminates the security risks of your application.

iOS/Android Compatibility

Entrust our React Native consultants to ensure seamless compatibility between your application for React Native iOS or Android using the right combination of technology and skills. We conduct tests to check the support of old or new versions and provide technical guidance for enhancement.


Implementing years of experience and expertise, our React Native experts recommend or advise code modification. Whether it is an existing app to upgrade or launching a new one, we analyze your application code and improve the overall development process.

Identifying Easy Wins

Our React Native development team will define, analyze, and review code that is beneficial in the long run for your application. From the development lifecycle to correcting code, our expert team provides solutions for all complex tasks and identifies coding issues that can be solved quickly.

Secure Your React Native Code Audit With Our Experts

We ensure you’re matched with the right talent resource based on your requirement.

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Technology Stack We Utilize to Enhance Your React Native Project






Redux Toolkit



Type checking

State management

Benefits to Avail From React Native Code Audit

Changing Your Team of Developers

Changing Your Team of Developers

You can hire dedicated developers when you want to expand or add skilled individuals to your team. We will thoroughly provide result-driven solutions to code audits thoroughly.

A General Assessment of a Possible Investor

A General Assessment of a Possible Investor

Maximize the potential of React Native with our code auditing services. Get a positive outcome and improve security by addressing serious issues and risks in your application.

Before the Product Release

Before the Product Release

Identify risks and eliminate expansive bug fixing after the product launch. We will advise on potential matters, security vulnerabilities, and code modifications to ensure safeguarded data and privacy.

New iOS/Android Release

New iOS/Android Release

Our team performs regression React Native testing suites on iOS and Android versions to ensure your app functions and features work correctly. As a reliable React Native consulting service, we ensure upgraded versions are compatible with your React Native app.

React Native Checklist for Efficient Code Auditing

We marked checklist ensures your application performs well, provides high-quality performance and robust security, and enhances the overall React Native app.

  • Our skilled React Native expertise ensures updated versions are implemented and keeps up with the latest trends for seamless code testing.
  • With rigorous React Native end-to-end testing, we guarantee application dependency through third-party applications or APIs.
  • Experts verify the proper usage of APIs and endpoints for error-free code auditing and to simplify React Native code audits.
  • Our specialists demonstrate code accurately and maintain quality to streamline application development.
  • Conduct multiple tests and reviews to ensure error-handling practices follow React Native code auditing.
  • Providing and upgrading new features and functionality aligns with your React Native application for code quality.
  • Acquiring React Native app migration services for moving one code to another for a seamless application.
  • The team marked to evaluate the usage of frameworks and libraries for performing secure and reliable React Native testing.
  • Automate and maintain quality checks by following streamlined development process methods for code checks.

Why Choose Bacancy as Your React Native Code Auditing Partner?

We have a team of React Native specialists with 3+ years of experience auditing and developing successful applications. As a trustworthy React Native app development company, we follow agile approaches and every code best practice to keep your application safe and secure. From code upgrades to potential security risks, our experts thoroughly analyze, review, and perform regression tests to ensure your app operates at its best.

React Native Code Auditing Partner
  • Utilize the latest technology and tools for code auditing
  • Stay up to date with the latest standards
  • Flexibility and transparent pricing
  • Our team of skilled 80+ developers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

By choosing us as a React Native partner, we will offer services like detail analyzing, paying attention to key details, following best practices, implementing standard code quality, follow-up support, and ensuring processes that have lasting improvements.

Yes, at Bacancy we provide follow-up support like

  • Technical assistance
  • Upgrade code support
  • Continue communication
  • Ongoing support
  • Thorough code review

A code quality in React Native can be checked in three different ways-Testing: unit testing, end-to-end testing, and integration testing Static Analytic Tools: ESLint and Analyzers, Manual testing.

To improve React Native quality, our React Native specialist performs end-to-end testing, ensures code as per the React Native checklist, and follows the best practices.

For an efficient React Native code audit, it is crucial to identify security issues and detect technical debt. Security considerations must include-

  • Encrypt sensitive information for secure storage mechanism
  • Protect data storage for safe details
  • Authentication and authorization to secure system
  • Safe HTTPs to encrypt data transmission
  • Validation and sanitization to prevent attacks

Yes, the code audit is important while changing the service provider because it ensures that code quality is proper, pinpoints potential security risks, addresses new standards and is robust and operational.