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Why Should You Migrate Your App To React Native?

Our React Native App Migration services bring aboard many features and functionalities that contribute to scaling your business in the long run. Our industry-vetted professionals implement the development best practices to help upgrade React Native applications and enable you to leverage the benefit of migrating your existing legacy applications to the latest and most robust React Native ecosystem. Here are the reasons you should consider migrating your app.



Seamlessly integrates Android and iOS views with React Native views. Offer flexibility to your developers for a smooth transition and prioritize which parts of the application to migrate first.

Unified Development Team

Unified Development Team

Streamline your development process with a single team proficient in React Native iOS and Android app development. Save costs and efforts to manage development resources and oversee multiple teams.

Shared Code and Code Reusability

Shared Code and Code Reusability

Achieve up to 95% code reusability across iOS and Android platforms. Expedite your development efforts and reduce the time, resources, and cost of creating apps on multiple platforms. Along with our effective React Native code audit efficiency.

Native Look and Feel

Native Look and Feel

Our app migration professionals deliver a native look and feel that rivals the traditional native apps. Improve user engagement and satisfaction with React Native’s 60 fps animations and dynamic interactions.

Straightforward Updates

Straightforward Updates

Experience a simplified approach to updates with tools like CodePush. This ensures your business can quickly deploy enhancements and fixes to keep your apps updated and responsive to user feedback.

Our Custom-Made React Native App Migration Services

React Native Consulting Services aims to transform your existing app seamlessly. Experience a smooth migration process tailored to your specific needs with optimal adherence to industry best practices at every step of your development process. Our comprehensive set of React Native app migration services includes

Migration Assessment and Planning

Hire React Native developers from us to thoroughly analyze your existing application, including architecture, dependencies, and performance metrics. Based on this, we formulate a strategy for a seamless migration process, ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions.

Efficient Data Migration

We seamlessly migrate your data to React Native, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our specialists seamlessly transfer user profiles, database records, and complex datasets, minimizing downtime while maintaining accessibility and accuracy.

Smooth UI/UX Transition

We ensure a seamless UI/UX transition to React Native, optimizing layouts and navigation for native capabilities. Our user-centric design approach guarantees a seamless transition that delights and retains your audience.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our QA team ensures your app meets top performance, reliability, and security standards. We proactively address issues by validating every functionality aspect using automated testing, manual inspections, and real-world scenarios.

Post-Migration Support and Maintenance

Our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure your React Native application runs smoothly post-migration. We address user feedback, implement bug fixes, and roll out new features to keep your app up-to-date.

Optimization and Performance Enhancement

We customize your existing application architecture and codebase for maximum performance post-app migration. From rendering pipelines to resource consumption, we enhance every aspect of your app for a seamless user experience.

Custom Migration Strategies

Our React Native app migration ensures a tailored approach based on your needs, goals, and timeline. Whether phased migration or rapid deployment, we provide a smooth transition to React Native without hampering quality or efficiency.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Empower your team with comprehensive training and ongoing support in React Native. From best practices to platform-specific insights, we ensure your team is ready to manage your React Native migration application effectively.

Improve Your Business App With Our React Native Migration Services

We ensure you’re matched with the right talent resource based on your requirement.

Leverage our React Native app migration services and upgrade your app experience for exceptional user experiences.

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Our Technical Expertise To React Native App Migration

Development Frameworks React NativeJavaScriptTypeScript
Native Integrations Native Modules (Java, Objective-C/Swift)
State Management ReduxMobX
Navigation React NavigationReact Native Navigation
Backend Integration Backend Server Compatibility
UI Components React Native ElementsNativeBaseUI Kitten
Testing Jest (Unit Testing)Detox or Appium (End-to-End Testing)
Development Tools React Native DebuggerFlipperReactotron
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) JenkinsCircleCIGitHub Actions
React Native App Migration

Why Partner Up With Bacancy For Your React Native App Migration

With 12+ years of industry experience as a leading React Native App development company in the tech development marketplace, Bacancy has a rich history of successfully delivering tech solutions across diverse sectors. When you partner with us for your React Native migration, you gain access to industry-vetted professionals who understand the implications of effectively transitioning your current application to React Native.

Our expertise extends beyond mere migration; we serve as strategic partners in unlocking the full potential of your migrated applications. We specialize in modernizing your infrastructure and integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance your ecosystem. Additionally, our dedicated support ensures a smooth post-migration experience, addressing any challenges that can affect your end-user experience.

Let’s Discuss Your Migration Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Migrating your existing application to React Native offers multiple benefits, such as reduced development time, code reusability across platforms, and potentially lower development and maintenance costs.

React Native is known for its performance, but improper migration practices or inefficient code can impact performance. Experienced React Native migration service providers like Bacancy employ optimization techniques to ensure minimal performance impact or improvements.

The renowned React Native App migration service providers like Bacancy offer post-migration support that typically includes bug fixes, performance optimization, feature enhancements, platform updates, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your app remains compatible with evolving technologies and platforms.

Yes, we provide complete confidentiality and protection for your project. You retain 100% ownership, covering NDAs, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, and other agreements.

No, the 15-day risk-free trial is completely free with no hidden fees. It allows you to assess code quality, communication, timely delivery, and our agile software development process. If satisfied, you can continue, or you can cancel at any time.