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Services We Offer in Penetration Testing

We, a software development company, keep testing on the priority list. From all the testing that our quality assurance team performs, pentest is something we prioritize and expect most of the vulnerabilities as possible. Our penetration testing services include:



We leave no stone unturned to detect security loopholes in code structure, app architecture, and business logic of all apps, which are even built using blockchain, AR/VR, and cloud AI. Here is the list of software we perform pentest on:

  • Mobile applications
  • APIs
  • Websites and web portals
  • Web apps
  • Desktop apps


Hire penetration testing consultants who are well-versed in security risks related to BYOD policy, cloud migration, IoT devices, and remote work. We offer pen testing services for:

  • Endpoints
  • Networking devices & network management tools
  • Email services
  • Firewalls, VPNs, DLP, and IAM (Identity and Access Management)
Data Security

Data Security

Our pen testing as a service includes measuring data security and unveiling security loopholes through which malicious actors can access critical and confidential data on-premises and in the cloud. We reveal security vulnerabilities in the following:

  • Data storage
  • Data encryption
  • Data in transit
Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness

Availing of our penetration testing services benefits you with unsafe user behavior. Besides, we even disclose the personnel for whom security and compliance knowledge is required.

  • CTOs and C-suite
  • Employees
  • Vendors

Who We Test For

We ensure that no company, regardless of size, remains vulnerable to security issues or data leak threats. We perform penetration testing on digital products of all sizes, given the severity and importance of data. Below are some benefits companies have enjoyed by leveraging our penetration testing services:

Penetration Testing Services: Preferred By The Clients Worldwide

We have highly skilled and experienced penetration testers who leverage modern tools and technologies to scrutinize digital infrastructure with a promise to meet clients’ business-specific requirements.

Penetration Testing Consulting

Penetration Testing Consulting

Penetration testing is a complex and essential task that requires as much attention as development and deployment. It has a rigorous roadmap that requires dedicated expertise and must be strictly followed. Hiring penetration testing consultants can help you define your testing strategy, interpret the findings, and develop preventive measures.

Automated Penetration Testing

Automated Penetration Testing

Another penetration service for which clients reach out is automated penetration testing. This one demands less manpower and offers all the security issues that likely harm you. The rapid testing ability and frequent testing also contribute to the demand surge. If you want to leverage automated penetration testing services, connect with us and unveil the hidden threat in your system.

Manual Penetration Testing

Manual Penetration Testing

Be it manual or automated, penetration testers are a must-have manpower to figure out the flaws. The benefits of manual penetration testing and why most clients prefer this one primarily include the ability to think like cyber attackers, which is quite rare in automated testing. Besides, they can offer tailored solutions, which again seems out of boundary for automated ones. Lastly, you can count on humans for detailed reporting about the flaws and how to overcome them with clear execution ideas.

Find the Cracks in Your Security Armor

We are a software development company with the top 1% of global talent, all well-trained, not even to leave a percent of a flaw in our client’s digital sphere. Count on our penetration testing providers to run a test on any specific part that you feel either vulnerable or likely to be.

External Penetration Testing

Our pen testing as a service provider meticulously inspects all perimeter systems, including networks, web applications, routers, switches, login systems, and subdomains. The service providers imitate cyber attackers and leverage tools to find the flaw in the system. Once the flaws are identified, the pentest consultant offers crucial solutions.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal pentesting, or white box testing, is a simulated cyber attack on any business’s internal network. The pen test is performed to identify the loophole that a malicious actor could leverage to gain unauthorized access. You can ask your in-house team to perform or hire a penetration testing services provider to run a thorough test on your internal systems and fix that loophole.

Web Application Pen Testing

If the web application is one of your revenue-generating streams, it’s important to detect and fix all security vulnerabilities proactively. Count on our penetration testing consultants since they are well-experienced in running automated and manual penetration testing. The consultants have hands-on experience in testing techniques like SQL injection, fuzzing, and cross-site scripting. Connecting with a pen testing company can benefit you with improved security posture and compliance with all the regulations.

Network (Internal and External) Testing

For network penetration testing, our pen test consultants attack your business network similar to how cyber attackers would do. The testing identifies the security flaws in firewalls, web servers, DMZs, workstations, databases, ERP systems, CRM systems, and wireless networks. With network testing, you can expect security enhancement, prioritize security remediation measures, test the efficacy, and abide by the industry standards.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Like web apps, networks, and internal and external pen testing, cloud penetration testing simulates a cyber attack on the cloud environment. It results in identifying and fixing the security loopholes that could be exploited if left unfixed. Our pentesters offer security remediation strategies to eliminate the chances of cyber attacks by malicious actors.

Cloud Configuration Review

Our pentesters meticulously evaluate cloud configurations to assess settings, implement best practices, and inspect network security, data security, logging, and monitoring. All the pen test experts are highly experienced in configuring cloud environments and making them robust enough to avoid any cyber attack, causing financial, reputational, and documental damage.

Mobile Security Testing

We provide comprehensive mobile security testing of client- and server-side components and functions, utilizing a proprietary suite of dynamic and static tools. This identifies and allows us to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities early, preventing costly and damaging breaches. Our dedicated teams of Android and iOS experts leverage OWASP's top guidelines, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest quality results.

API Penetration Testing

The CI/CD pipeline is a crucial step software engineers follow to automate maximum software development tasks. Under the CI/CD pipelines, our engineers even perform API penetration testing using BreachLocks human-led API testing and hybrid cloud platform-enabled agile DevSecOps remediation. The testing detects flawed codes and security threats that could easily give unauthorized access to malicious actors.

Social Engineering Testing

Consider engaging a pen testing company for social engineering testing. This involves performing a comprehensive dark web scan to identify any compromised confidential information. Our team of social engineering experts leverages open-source intelligence (OSINT) and dark web monitoring to assess your susceptibility to social attacks.

Penetration Testing for Compliance like HIPAA, PCI, DSS

Be it PCI DSS or HIPAA, we have a team to perform penetration testing on any compliance to determine loopholes. Besides, the pentesters even help you with the objective, requirement, and implementation of your next HIPAA-compliant penetration test as a service.

Remote Access Pentesting

Remote work has introduced new security threats and vulnerabilities. Our team of experienced penetration testers excels in using Nmap, Burp Suite, Wireshark, Metasploit, and Nessus to identify and mitigate these risks. We perform both active and passive testing, involving continuous attacks on remote systems to find vulnerabilities and monitor for signs of threats. Engage with us to ensure your remote workforce is secure.

Wireless Penetration Testing

This is a neglected penetration testing; however, it can cause reputational damage if not fixed on time. Connect with a pen testing company to understand the areas of security vulnerabilities and how cyber attackers would gain unauthorized access.

Red Team Penetration Testing

This is a hit-and-trial method under which a group of pentesters attacks a client’s system without any prior information. As a result, it gives meticulous insights into the readiness to fight against the attacks, attack detection tools, preventive measures, awareness, and incident response time.

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Our Areas of Expertise In Penetration Testing

Testing projects, it is essential to eliminate the chances of system or software compromise. We have been performing different pen testing on multiple projects, which has delivered the expected results over the years.


We perform black box testing on our client’s software without letting them know. It helps gather information like the system’s response, unexpected system behavior, event responding time, and reliability issues. In this scenario, our pen testers simulate real-life users of your system or software and check how the digital platform reacts.


Another area of our pen testers’ expertise includes white box testing. The scenario is quite the inverse of what happens in black box testing. The tester has a complete idea about the test, including source code accessibility and design documentation. White box testing identifies the invisible cracks in gray and black box testing.


Gray Box testing is a combination of white and black box testing. The tester gains only a little information about the software or the application's architecture. The testers have documentation, design specifications, and test cases on their platter. In the gray box testing, the tester remains short of source code. Using path coverage, dataflow, and control flow testing, our penetration testing service providers detect and fix vulnerabilities.

Tools Our Pentesters Use

To perform penetration testing, our pentesters have hands-on experience with different tools and technologies that detect and fix security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Tools for Vulnerability Inspection Siege w3af BurpSuite Nessus sqlmap AIR Acunetix NMAP Metasploit OpenVAS Skipfish SlowHTTPTest Fuzz OWASP ZAP Fierce Nikto DIRB Zmap Wireshark SSLScan VOOKI KiteRunner Postman Gophish
Tools for Reviewing Security Code AppScan IBM Security Immunity Debugger Static Analyzer Security Scanner
Reviewing Smart Contract Security MITHRIL Slither Contract Library MythX

Our Recent CyberSecurity Case Studies

Deep dive into our cybersecurity case studies to notice how sturdy the digital space has been built by our software developers and pentesters.

Know How Our Pentesting Works

Penetration testing undergoes a streamlined process through which you can count on desired results. The testing phase consists of beforehand, during, and after the cyber attack. So, let's check out how your software undergoes penetration testing.

Pre-attack phase/Planning

Pre-attack phase/Planning

  • Determining the scope of the intruder model.
  • Elaborating objectives, source of information, project scope, and testing targets.
  • Defining the scope of the target environment.
  • Enabling the testing methodology.
  • Creating communication channels.
Attack Phase/ Testing

Attack Phase/ Testing

  • Identifying a different set of services.
  • Customized scanning or use of intrusion detection tools.
  • Detecting security threats and loopholes and segregating false positives.
  • Exploiting security loopholes and accessing systems authoritatively.
  • Leveraging the compromised system as a reference to exploit the system further.
Post-attack phase/ Reporting and Remediation

Post-attack phase/ Reporting and Remediation

  • Designing and implementing the best security remediation solutions.
  • Categorizing networks, fine-tuning security configurations across network apps, and implementing code fixes.
  • Following up to ensure all the flaws are fixed.
What We Provide in Our Penetration Testing

What We Provide in Our Penetration Testing

Bacancy, a penetration testing services provider, ensures to hand over every document supporting pentest. It includes every detail, flaws found, fixing methodologies, and proof of pentest.

  • A comprehensive and professional summary of the key findings of the scrutinized project.
  • The penetration testers will report all detected security vulnerabilities, threats, and loopholes prioritized by risk.
  • The test protocol includes the pen testing methods, phases, tools, and techniques to identify and fix security issues.
  • Penetration testing service providers offer actionable remediation guidance to help clients detect and prevent security-related threats.
  • We offer an attestation letter or security badge to our clients as proof of their security posture.
Prevent Cyber Attacks Now

Save Yourself From Major Cyber Threats With Our Penetration Testing

The market is flooded with several cyber attacks, but we are ready with counters to prevent those attacks from compromising our wealth of information. Connect with a pen testing company to test your digital platform, and rest assured of cyberattacks.

Why Choose Bacancy to Leverage Penetration Testing Services?

Bacancy has been serving the software development industry for more than a decade now. The experience contributes to the software development for all industries with unique requirements. We have not only evolved with the changing requirements but also upskilled ourselves to match the present technological trends.

Having said that, we have even hired subject matter experts for all the industries that stay updated with trends and guide our developers and clients about the same. If necessary, we even suggest to our clients what should be done to attract an audience and generate revenue.

  • Expert team with diverse industry experience and adherence to industry standards.
  • Specialization in comprehensive security testing practices for various industries.
  • Compliance with major security standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS/SSF, GDPR, SOC 2, NIST SP 800-53, GLBA, etc.
  • Tailored security solutions for remote access, payment gateways, cloud components, IoT devices, blockchain, and AI/ML applications.
  • Notable certifications, recognitions, and a track record of successful projects.
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications ensure high-quality service and data security.
  • Recognized as a top outsourcing provider and a fast-growing company in The Americas.
  • A complete view of vulnerabilities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Avoiding the cost of system/network downtime

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Several factors contribute to penetration testing cost, including the software size and complexity, the type of penetration testing to be conducted, and the experience and manpower requirement for running a pen test. A typical pentest costs around $25,000 to $50.000.

Factors like software complexity and size pen testing type and SMEs remain the same for both the cost and timeline of penetration testing. The average time for penetration testing for basic software is 4 - 8 weeks.

You can encounter cyber-attacking risks, compliance risks, reputational and financial risks, and business losses endlessly.

Several factors should be considered when selecting a reputational penetration testing company:

  • Subject matter expertise: The company should have SMEs to share their wealth of knowledge in the crucial aspects of the business.
  • Certifications: The company should have an offensive security certified professional (OSCP) and certified ethical hacker (CEH).

The pen test report includes the following information:

  • Complete list of security loopholes found during the pentest
  • How every single loophole can cause damage
  • Security remediation strategies