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Salesforce Einstein Copilot is a generative AI assistant integrated into the Salesforce platform, created to boost users’ productivity and efficiency. It is like intelligent assistance that understands the ins and outs of your organization’s Salesforce data. The AI CRM assistant also assists you in initiating a return on an item for a customer, summarizing chat support responses, or generating sales and marketing language for emails.

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Businesses are evolving, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this change. However, AI is no longer a futuristic concept. It is here to stay, evolve, and impact every industry, transforming how we operate and empowering businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and success.

According to a Gartner survey, in the last 10 months, about 55% of organizations were either in piloting mode or implementing generative AI solutions into their business for efficiency.

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, is another forefront of the AI revolution. The CRM platform understands the need to streamline communication and interaction within businesses, and therefore, it introduced the Salesforce Einstein 1 platform, an AI-powered platform. This blog will provide insights about a powerful AI solution– Salesforce Einstein Copilot. Let’s discuss AI assistance, its key features and benefits, how to customize it, use cases, and how to access it in your Salesforce.

An Overview of Salesforce Einstein Copilot

On February 27th, 2024, Salesforce announced Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant for seamless interaction and communication within CRM. Salesforce Einstein Copilot is a customizable and generative AI assistant for CRM that allows clients to generate business information rapidly. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates across all Salesforce applications, which boosts productivity through a cohesive user experience and personalized.

It is explicitly designed for CRM so that you can customize and obtain personal data. For instance, you can ask them to generate specific information to email the client; it will create an answer within a few sections. Hence, it saves you time searching and developing data, whereas, with Einstein Copilot, you can simply ask and get the answer.

As a result, it boosts your business’s productivity and efficiency. Einstein Copilot offers reliable and accurate information based on your data. Additionally, it is suitable for companies who want quick data and information regarding their business. It also enables Salesforce users to create or utilize reusable prompt templates to meet the company’s needs.

It can answer questions, generate content, and dynamically automate any action within the Salesforce ecosystem. To help validate the need for Einstein Copilot, Salesforce released new research from its Slack business, claiming that 86% of IT executives expect gen AI to impact their enterprises significantly. The study also found that 80% of employees using gen AI tools are already experiencing a boost in productivity.

Note: Salesforce Einstein Copilot can integrate with third-party tools, but Salesforce users can only use it.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Key Features of Einstein Copilot in Salesforce

The Salesforce Einstein Copilot empowers customer interactions with data-driven insights. It can boost sales outreach and streamline customer service processes, enhancing the overall experience.

1. Data Cloud Prompt

Unlike traditional AI assistance, Salesforce Einstein Copilot provides solutions from your CRM and responds to your business data. It obtains specific data within the Salesforce Data Cloud, offering personalized and relevant responses.

Imagine having a personal AI CRM assistant within Salesforce to answer your questions instantly. Simply use prompts to query any data stored in the secure Salesforce data cloud. No more time-consuming searches – Einstein Copilot will intelligently retrieve the most relevant information tailored to your needs. This ensures precise and reliable answers based on your company’s unique data, saving you valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

2. Out of Box Actions

The generative AI assistant comes with a library of pre-programmed actions that perform tasks when users provide specific prompts. These actions can automate responses and suggest the following steps based on your data and workflow.

Supposedly, if you plan to close a lead, Einstein assistant Salesforce might recommend sending a follow-up personalized email based on insights and best practices from your data within Cloud Data. Hence, out-of-the-box actions help you plan and move your tasks forward efficiently with recommendations and prompt actions.

3. Customization

Contrary to traditional AI prompts, Einstein Copilot does not offer general solutions. It crafts responses and actions based on your data, perfectly aligning with your business workflow and process. As a result, it ensures that the information and suggestions are highly relevant to the Salesforce user’s role.

For instance, if you are working in Sales, it will suggest sales trends, forecasts, and lead assignments; a customer representative might recommend sending particular emails or escalating tickets. Likewise, several companies require a specific workflow for handling custom queries or managing sales opportunities. Copilot can configure integration with that workflow.

Thus, it provides relevant and accurate suggestions based on your experience and the company’s process.

4. Content Generation

Einstein Copilot is a response generator and creates content according to your requirements. Copilot implements generative AI capabilities to assist you with content generation based on your past interactions and crucial data. Simply, it understands your way of conveying information or writing from your data and generates similar content.

For instance, if you want to draft a personalized email to a lead, Einstein Copilot suggests content from your experiences with that lead and comes up with content that includes past inquiries and interests. As a result, it saves time and improves communication efficiency; it also ensures that your content sounds professional while maintaining the personal touch.

Moreover, it analyzes your writing and data to understand the relevant information about your company. Einstein Copilot Salesforce AI suggests content that matches the context of your report, email, and more content generation.

5. Intelligent Decision-making

Another unique feature of Einstein Copilot Salesforce is that it analyzes the context of your request broadly and understands the actual core reason behind it. As a result, it provides more insightful and nuanced responses. It is powered by Salesforce Einstein GPT, which understands complex data and questions.

For instance, what are the chances of closing the deal if you ask for an AI assistant? The Copilot will analyze data points, such as past deal history, lead behavior, and the latest market trends, to offer accurate predictions. Moreover, you get a detailed solution rather than a simple yes or no answer.

In addition, the Copilot understands the complexity of providing data-driven recommendations for your business. Thus, making informed decisions based on insights and suggestions simplified by generative AI can be helpful.

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Benefits of Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot Salesforce offers numerous advantages that improve efficiency, boost user experience, and streamline workflow within the CRM platform.

1. Data Security

Einstein Copilot operates seamlessly within the secure confines of Salesforce, a CRM platform renowned for its robust security practices. Your customer data remains shielded within a data-protective environment, further bolstered by features like the Einstein Trust Layer.

This comprehensive approach ensures compliance with stringent privacy laws, access control protocols, and data encryption regulations. Furthermore, Einstein Copilot safeguards against potential breaches by eliminating the risk of data transfer to third-party language model providers. Additionally, data masking techniques anonymize sensitive information like personally identifiable details and payment data, offering an extra layer of protection.

2. Customizable Functionality

For engagement, Einstein Copilot enables Salesforce users to choose the best languages and builders, such as Prompt Builder, Copilot Builder, and Model Builder. Another crucial benefit of integrating AI with your Salesforce Data Cloud is access to linking LLM of your business requirements.

Additionally, the customization functionality helps you generate data visualizations, digital storefronts, and actionable insights into different industries. Also, with customized prompts, you can boost engagement and enhance user experience with interactive information.

3. Enhance Efficiency

The last yet significant advantage of Einstein Copilot Salesforce AI is that it simplifies the Salesforce communication process. Einstein Copilot assists in creating data-driven strategies and automated routine tasks. Moreover, it provides reliable responses, eliminating the human error of generating detailed reports and analyses.

In terms of increasing efficiency, adapting Einstein Copilot AI into your Salesforce can boost productivity by an average of 300%, according to a study. Hence, you can upscale your business by 3× times and streamline process workflow efficiently.

Data-Driven Facts About Salesforce Einstein Copilot:

  • According to Salesforce, 86 % of IT leaders expect generative AI to play a prominent role in their organizations Soon.
  • 71% believe generative AI will eliminate busy work.
  • 71% of businesses claimed that generative AI will allow them to focus on more strategic work.
  • The potential generative AI will save them over five hours per week – the equivalent of over a month per year at work.
  • Research also found that 80% of employees using gen AI tools are already experiencing a boost in productivity.

How Can You Customize Your Einstein Copilot in Salesforce?

To maximize Einstein Copilot Salesforce AI capabilities, users can customize their assistance and fix AI actions and prompts across any CRM app. The following are the Einstein 1 Studio tools integrated with Data Cloud and low-code to boost the workflow’s efficiency.

1. Copilot Builder

You can customize an AI assistant with Copilot Builder, a library of actions or capabilities that support Salesforce users to choose their needs. It also helps to enhance AI’s capabilities with workflows and additional actions. For instance, users can use it to train their hello assistant to perform specific tasks like updating invoicing or modifying records.

2. Model Builder

Another way to customize your business in Salesforce Copilot is through Model Builder. It is part of Einstein Copilot Studio, which ensures your companies can choose between one of Salesforce’s Large Language Models (LLM) or another integration method. Moreover, it instructs custom AI models to utilize data stored in the Data Cloud, empowering Einstein Copilot functionality. As a result, it helps you acquire accurate insights and improve efficiency for your particular needs.

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3. Prompt Builder

This builder enables Salesforce users to create, test, and deploy prompts that match their company’s communication and standard style. The Einstein Copilot Salesforce responds to generated prompts with personalized messages. It provides low-code experience and access to the Einstein Trust Layer. Moreover, these prompt builders can be customized and reusable, boosting the user experience of generative AI conversational interfaces.

Use Cases: Einstein Copilot Salesforce

As stated by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “Einstein Copilot is the only copilot with the ability to understand what is going on with your customer relationships truly.” It is developed to simplify the workflow of Salesforce users and automate multiple business processes. These real-world examples demonstrate a 3x boost in efficiency made possible by Einstein Copilot within Salesforce.

1. Sales

Einstein Copilot can craft personalized emails and help you follow up on leads. The generative AI utilizes historical sales data to predict future sales trends, which helps businesses plan inventory, manage resources, and set realistic sales targets. Einstein Copilot in Salesforce offers AI-crafted sales communication to achieve potential sales goals.

Activity Manual Mode Copilot Turbo Time Saved
Find customer info 30 min/day Instant Access 15 hrs/month
Update opportunities 10% miss rate 95% accuracy 1 hour/week
Data entry and admin 2 hours/week Automated 8 hrs/month
Sales calls completed 10 calls/day 15 calls/day 10 calls/week
Win rate 60% 65% 5% increase

2. Customer Services and Field

Through Einstein Copilot’s capabilities, service agents can efficiently navigate and address complex issues. The Copilot tool helps generate relevant queries, offers, and data from multiple systems in an accessible format. As a result, it empowers agents to offer dynamic solutions and support at Salesforce to resolve customer inquiries precisely and proficiently.

Activity Manual Copilot Benefits With Salesforce Einstein Copilot
Research and resolution Time-consuming searchers and trial-and-error Instant customer context suggestion solutions and knowledge base Up to 25 min/interaction
Communication and reporting Manual typing and tedious data entry Automated email drafts and report generation Up to 45 min/week
Efficiency and customer success Inefficient workflows and frustrated customers Optimized scheduling and faster resolutions Up to 2 hrs/week
Accuracy and first-time fix rate Manual tasks prone to errors and repeat visits Real-time updates and troubleshooting tips Improved accuracy and first-time fix rate
Paperwork and follow-up Manual paperwork burden and frequent follow-up Automate workflow and reminders to take follow-up Improved customer experience

3. Financial Services

Financial service providers like bankers and wealth managers streamline their financial services with Einstein Copilot’s quick response and data-driven recommendations. Salesforce Einstein Copilot automates data collection and analysis to smoothen client onboarding processes. Moreover, it provides strategic financial advice for risk management and compliance and optimizes personalized financial plans.

Activity Manual Mode Einstein Copilot
Time Saved
Client onboarding Paperwork-heavy process, manual data entry Streamlined digital onboarding, automated document collection 30 min/client
Personalized investment planning Time-consuming analysis, generic recommendations AI-powered insights,
customized financial plans
1 hour/consultation
Risk Management and compliance Manual monitoring, the potential for errors Real-time transaction analysis,
proactive risk detection
2 hours/week
Client communication Time-consuming report generation, generic updates Automated reports, personalized
client communications
15 minutes/interaction
Wealth management efficiency Repetitive tasks, limited client
Task automation, focus on strategic
wealth advice
2 hours/week

4. Marketing

Salesforce Einstein Copilot supports the marketing team by planning and executing data-driven, impactful campaigns. Moreover, Copilot optimizes workflow by generating personalized messages tailored to each individual and target audience. Maximize efficiency by automating aspects of the marketing process, such as audience segmentation and message creation.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot supports marketing
Activity Manual Einstein Copilot Advantages
Campaign targeting Manual analysis, limited segmentation AI-powered audience insights, hyper-personalized campaigns 2 hours/campaign
Content creation Time-consuming brainstorming, generic messaging Content recommendations, automated personalization at scale 1 hour/piece of content
Campaign optimization Manual A/B testing, slow iteration Real-time performance analysis, automated optimization 30 minutes/campaign
Lead generation & nurturing Static landing pages, generic email sequences Dynamic landing pages, intelligent lead nurturing journeys 1 hour/lead nurturing campaign
Marketing ROI measurement Scattered data sources, manual reporting Unified data view, automated performance report with actionable insights 2 hours/week

5. Commerce

The Einstein Copilot assists with personalized recommendations and streamlines the rapid launch of new products with quick responses. Businesses can implement tailored solutions for specific segments, which drive sales and enhance engagement. Moreover, it helps achieve a targeted approach and foster customer loyalty to enrich business commerce.

Activity Manual Task Einstein Copilot Benefits
Product recommendations Generic recommendations and
missed upsell opportunities
Personalized product
recommendations and targeted
1 hour/campaign
Order management &
Manual order processing and potential errors Automated order fulfillment
and proactive inventory
30 minutes/order
Customer experience Static product pages and
limited customer engagement
Dynamic product pages and
AI-powered chatbots for
personalized support
15 minutes/interaction
Marketing and sales alignment Disconnected data and siloed
Unified customer data
platform and personalized marketing
for purchase journey
2 hours/week
Campaign performance analysis Manual data analysis,
limited insights
Real-time sales and marketing
insights, data-driven campaign
1 hour/campaign

6. Data Analysts

Salesforce Einstein Copilot helps streamline data management, including forecasting, analyzing, and planning. It allows data analysts to obtain reliable and accurate insights, reducing unnecessary time spent finding. You can also contact Salesforce consulting services to leverage your existing data infrastructure and ensure your team gets the most out of Einstein Copilot’s capabilities.

Activity Manual Tasks Einstein Copilot Time Saved
Data preparation Tedious and time-consuming Automated and efficient 3 hours
Analysis and insights Complex and limited Innovative and more accessible 2 hours
Modeling and forecasting Manual and inaccurate Automated and improved 2 hours
Communication and sharing Static and manual Collaborative and real-time 2 hours

7. Developers

To eliminate errors in the code, AI Assistance generates content for you that describes functionality in natural language. From developing to testing, it assists developers in focusing on code improvements and debugging. Moreover, according to a Salesforce study, 85% of IT leaders expect AI to increase developer productivity in their organizations over the next three years.

Activity Manual Mode Copilot Salesforce Benefits
Code generation Manual coding from scratch Generate code from natural
language prompts
30 minutes/task
Code completion Slow typing and searching Intelligent code suggestions
and completions
10 minutes/task
Error detection and debugging Time-consuming debugging AI-powered error identification
and debugging
1 hour/issue
Documentation and testing Manual documentation and testing Automated doc generation and
unit test suggestions
30 minutes/task
Focus and creativity Repetitive tasks and limited innovation Focus on complex logic
and problem-solving
2 hours/week

How to Access Salesforce Einstein Copilot?

You can access Einstein Copilot by purchasing Einstein 1 editions or buying it on other pricing plans, like unlimited or enterprise editions. Also, you can access Einstein Copilot globally for Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, but it will be launched in Marketing Cloud in 2024.

In addition, the Einstein Copilot in Tableau will launch in the second half of 2024. Currently, it supports generative AI abilities with Tableau Copilot and Tableau Pulse. However, Einstein Copilot Salesforce supports only the English language.

Moreover, you can access Salesforce Einstein Copilot AI with the following steps:
Navigate to Setup > Einstein > Einstein Generative AI > Einstein Copilot Studio (Beta) > Einstein Copilot. Toggle Einstein Copilot for Salesforce to enable Einstein Copilot.


With a deep understanding of customer data, Einstein Copilot automates tasks, provides real-time guidance, and generates personalized content across all customer touchpoints, ultimately leading to improved sales, service, and marketing outcomes. The new generative AI assistant empowers businesses with its efficiency and ability to streamline workflow within the CRM platform. However, if you want to move one step further and execute Copilot among several Salesforce platforms, you can contact Salesforce implementation services to simplify the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Einstein Trust Layer ensures data security and protection within Salesforce. It addresses privacy, security, and ethical standards by providing transparency and control over data use and model behavior.

Einstein 1 in Salesforce indicates the first generation of Salesforce’s AI technology, also known as Salesforce Einstein Studio. It highlights the suite of AI-powered features in Salesforce, like predictive analytics, automated insights, and intelligent recommendation systems. Einstein 1 in Salesforce is designed to enhance productivity and make it easy for users to make decisions.

No, Salesforce Einstein Copilot offers a 5-day free trial and limited functionality. To access Einstein Copilot AI in Salesforce, subscribe to different plans for customization and comprehensive features.

Following are the steps to enable Einstein Copilot within your Salesforce platform:

  • Required editions
  • Enable Einstein Copilot. First, to get started, enable Einstein Copilot.
  • Allow users access to Einstein Copilot. Let your employees access Einstein Copilot by assigning permissions to users.
  • Manage Copilot settings.
  • Activate or deactivate your Copilot.

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