Earlier I have posted some articles about React – Initially right after two weeks of its usage and later about React components – I won’t lie, but I was a little skeptical and have complaints about React. This is because I was only familiar with KnockoutJS and AngularJS framework that is indeed different from React. After successfully delivering 9 commercial projects and now working on my 10th project, I can firmly say that React is just AWESOME! It is indeed!

So, in this blog, I would like to express my thoughts and opinions and I would also like to explain what has made me change my mind, the best parts about it:

Well, I have worked with all the types of ReactJS projects, I mean more advanced websites. Yes, obviously earlier, I have made some beginner level mistakes for example, I have used Redux only for those parts of the applications those were connected to the external API, leaving the majority of the components to accomplish their own state. Now, at the time of developing a much tech advanced and bigger project – I ensure to use Redux like how it should be used: the complete state of the app is stored in the Redux store that is a real – single source of truth. From the time I have started using this approach and have avoided the use of internal state of components the application code is much logical and cleaner. Now everything makes sense and I am loving it.

Yes, this is what confirming that Flux architecture is far a better approach than the approach that has been used in the AngualarJS (1.0) framework! Internet is flooded with loads of information about Redux on the internet. Dan Abramov – the author of the Redux has made a great tutorial that is worth watching. Where in detail there is mentioned that Redux is an implementation of FB’s Flux architecture.

I think I should stop here extolling React and its technological advances, My IT technical background is the reason I dig into development things rather than how it can empower your business– now let me serve the purpose of writing this blog and let me get you through how an eye appealing React based website can help you grow your business.

For every client I work, they keep on reiterating to build a feature-rich, functional and user-friendly website to retain and attract the customers in today’s competitive scenario. As quality and front-end web development plays a key role in making a business website more appealing flawlessly performing. Apart from simplifying complex business operations, the front-end takes care of customer needs and branding. It enables the company to come up with a robust and strong digital representative- A website!

Yes, React is awesome! There is no doubt about it.

  • Virtual DOM can upsurge the performance of highly loaded applications that eliminates the potential inconvenience and expands user experience.
  • The isomorphic approach allows render web pages faster that helps your user feel more comfortable when they make your application. Since the same code can be used both on client side and server side and there is no need to duplicate the same functionality. As a result, development time decreases, and the cost is reducing.
  • It is so easy to build mobile apps due to its reuse code nature. The same code can be reused to build a mobile app that was used to build a web application. Fortunately, you can build a website along with a mobile application and for that there is no need to hire big development teams. Website code can be reasonably adapted to mobile development needs.
  • React accurately makes use of HTML and JavaScript mixing them ideally that supports all the time. However, the idea further incorporates CSS that checkout problems related to CSS development that includes global name space and variable/scope isolation.
  • It provides the correct data regarding snippet of code and the exact section that has been used to generate specific bit of UI. Such process not only improves error, but simply makes development process even easier.

There is a lot to love about React

Certainly, it will become a cup of your tea. The benefits of React include:

  • A free and open-source library widely supported by top-notch tech firm, with a strong developer community
  • An upfront learning curve, makes adoption so simple. React’s ease of use is the core reason of its growth and popularity after programmers began looking for an alternative to Angular
  • A lightweight DOM equates to strong performance
  • The ability to build, reuse and combine components in your code React and its adoption

React has gone far beyond the walls of Facebook. Today major industry leaders have integrated React into their production web applications, including the New York Times, Twitter, WordPress and Uber.

  • Netflix: Need no introduction. The company’s user interface programmers have decided to use React to transform the desktop and mobile user experience. ReactJS was selected to bring improvements to improve their runtime performance and ReactJS successfully did it.
  • Airbnb: To my surprise, the company has developed its own JS testing utility, Enzyme, just for examining the output of React components.
  • Yahoo: After evaluating the Ember and Angular frameworks, engineers choose to React for the next generation of Yahoo Mail. Subramanyan Murali praised React for offering favourable benefits including, “predictable flow” and “independently deployable components”.

The Bottom Line

By deeply analyzing the above-mentioned advantages, if you want to avail the pros of ReactJS development services to empower your business, then you have landed on the right page. Bacancy Technology is a leading contributor to this ReactJS development community. If you are looking for experts to build something simple yet significant, then hire ReactJS developers from Bacancy Technology. We are a top-notch React development company and have always strived hard to achieve client’s given targets by delivering results beyond their expectations.

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