Area Angular React
GitHub Stars 83.9k 195k
Forks 22.2k 40.3k
Type Framework Library
Use of Libraries Angular is a complete solution in itself. React js can be packaged with other libraries.
Backward Compatibility Backward compatible but not for AngularJS Fully compatible between all versions
Model Based on Virtual DOM Based on MVC (Model View Controller)
Programming Language TypeScript JavaScript
Data Binding Two-Way/One-Way One-Way
Component Architecture Component-based Component-based
Learning Curve Not beginner-friendly Easier to understand with all basic requirements
Community Support Good Community Support but lesser than React though new developers are inclining towards Angular It has better community support than Angular on GitHub and GitLab
Installation Time It is easy to set up but may lead to an increase in coding time which also results in delayed project deliveries. Takes longer to set up. But, it is really fast for delivering projects and building apps.
Updates And Migration Introduce planned updates every six months Easy because scripts help to update
Testing And Debugging The single page tool performs both testings and debugging Requires a range of tools to perform various tests
Use Developing mobile apps and SPA Developing web, native, and hybrid apps