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React Js is one of the most preferred frameworks in 2021 for web application development. Therefore, the demand and need for highly skilled developers are going to remain the same. If you want to have a successful web app development, this blog will help you to understand the Top 8 React developer skills the developers should have to create web applications using the ReactJs framework in 2024.

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At present, React is the ultimate JavaScript library for better front-end development. It is the only powerful framework that runs in the browser and allows you to build highly responsive web applications. The React community offers custom HTML elements to develop powerful web applications that can be reused as needed.

When you plan to develop a JavaScript-based application, hiring a skilled developer can ease your job. Alongside the choice of the framework, supporting the development of JavaScript applications is also significant. As it appears, ReactJS is one of the most widely used frameworks enabling software developers to build engaging applications.

ReactJS is a perfect fit to build dynamic user interfaces that simplify your business. “Though some belief ReactJS to be the replica of front-end development frameworks, in reality, it is the library of user interfaces leading to the creation of eye-catching and feature-rich applications.”

Additionally, virtual DOM enhances the performance of complicated apps as modifications can be done without affecting the other components in the hierarchy. The strong community support and inbuilt tools further upscale the app’s scalability.

Without a doubt, ReactJS is an excellent choice for developing JavaScript-based applications. However, as mentioned earlier, both the developer and the development framework are responsible for developing high-end, scalable applications.

True that the application development framework eases the task of development, but to ensure that the framework is utilized to its total potential, you would need a developer with excellent React developer skills, so here is the list of top 8 skills needed in every developer

If you are planning to hire react developer for your business, ensure that the ideal candidate possesses the needed skills.

React js developer

Top 8 React Developer Skills


React JS is a front-end development framework. The app interface is fascinating to attract users and lure them into engaging with the same. Irrespective of the type of business or the application you are about to build, every ReactJS developer must possess extensive knowledge in the fields of HTML and CSS.

Whenever we say extensive knowledge, we emphasize beyond basic information. Every front-end developer is familiar with HTML and CSS and can work on user interfaces and build amazing web applications for the enterprise-level organization. The ability to work on CSS selectors or semantic HTML tags are very few, and the developer having these skills and understanding of border-box and flexbox is a plus.

2. JSX

Similar to HTML, JSX is the extension of the ReactJS environment and is also a fascinating part of React.

When working with react JS, the developer hardly delved deep into HTML. Instead, many of the interaction is via JSX, the syntax extension of ReactJS.

In technical terms, JSX is the React.createElement() API abstraction layer. What turns JSX to be an important part of the development is that it allows developers to create applications using the above API, which otherwise would be an aww-full task. It is an abstraction on top of React.createElement() API.

3. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

Yet another skill to seek within your potential developer is the knowledge and hands-on experience in JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6.

When a developer has sound knowledge of both can make the most out of the framework. And it isn’t just the JavaScript fundamentals that count as a skill but the fusion with ES6 that makes a developer adept in web application development.

Top ES6 skills include

  • Variables & Scoping: A common trend of storing variables is to use the ‘var’ keyword. With ES6, a developer can take a step forward and choose from a range of keywords such as `let` and `const.` This creates an impression that developers can avoid using var when not needed.
  • Array Methods: Storing and accessing data is tough to crack. Even if you had the ease of storing data in arrays, retrieving and manipulating them is difficult. Thanks to the bundle of tools offered by JavaScript such as “.map”, “.filter” and “.reduce” to play with array methods.

4. Git

Every developer must be familiar with the Git toolkit. It gives them the flexibility to add or update projects on different coding forums such as GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.

Some commonly executed tasks include merging strategies and handling conflicts, using push and pull to interrogate changes. The developer must know how to use these platforms, which includes:

  • Keeping track of modifications with a comment
  • Merging and branching strategies
  • Managing merge conflicts.

5. Redux

The state management library of React, Redux, is another essential feature or skill that every developer must have. Earlier developers had a hard time dealing with the asynchronous nature of React updates. To help with this, react came up with this hot button feature called redux.

It is more like the principles of immutability and functional programming. However, don’t get wrong by considering it one solution that fits all. The applicability of the same depends upon the state, and hence, your developer must excel in it.

6. Node + NPM

Lastly, the knowledge of the node. Ok, you might find this a little vague, but trust us, a developer with decent knowledge of nodes can effectively exhibit the development needs of the client side. There are specific packages in the node that can be extended to the react library; hence the knowledge of the former adds more to the development process.

7. Fetch data from both APIs (GraphQL & Rest)

As we know ReactJs is a front-end development framework, therefore in web application development react can be used for front end to fetch data from back end. The most common way to fetch data from back-end is by Rest API. However, GraphQL is the newest way to do the same. The developer having this skill to fetch the data by using both GraphQL & Rest API will be very helpful.

8. Should be Skilled at Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies
  • Sentry for real-time monitoring and fixing crashes
  • Bitrise – Increased automation
  • Hockeyapp – Crash reporting, managing testers, beta distribution
  • Redux – Manage the application state
  • ESLint – To validate the code in compliance with JavaScript patterns
  • Jest – Ready-to-use tool for testing JS code
  • Enzyme – Facilitate the testing of React apps

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In addition to the above, it is expected that the developer is well versed in the NPM registry. This place hosts software that facilitates the development of another software solution.


Hire JavaScript developer could be a stressful experience, but when you know what you are looking at, things become easier. So, the next time when you look for a React JS developer skills set, make sure you consider all the React developer skills stated above. At Bacancy Technology, we always emphasize the essential front-end developer skills as these are the important skills of ReactJS developers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

React allows developers to develop large web pages without changing existing data. One of the main reasons to choose React is that it gives scalability to the business and helps in developing faster web applications.

The major role of ReactJs developers is to design and implement the UI elements of web applications and cross platforms based on JavaScript.

React JS is a highly used framework and companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and many others have used React Js, because of that more and more entrepreneurs are planning to hire React JS developers with the above mentioned skillset.

The four major features of React Js are JSX, Virtual DOM, High Performance, One way data binding and many others.

React Js helps in developing dynamic web applications, it also have dedicated tools that are used for debugging.

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