Parameters ReactJs Angular VueJS
Language JavaScript Typescript JavaScript
Virtual DOM React’s virtual DOM improves application performance by allowing changes to be made in a duplicate DOM without affecting the original Angulars uses the standard DOM which leads to performance issues as its renders the entire webpage even for a single update Vue also utilizes virtual gives DOM, which higher performance
Scalable Excellent scalability with a component-based approach Scalable with a component-based approach Less scalable due to template-based syntax
Community Strong and Extensive community Angular also has a large community Vuejs has a small community in comparison to Reactjs and angular
Data-Binding Follows One-way data binding, which ensures the changes in the view do not impact the model and vice versa Follows two-way data binding where modifications in the view can impact the model and vice versa, which is incompatible with larger projects Vue also follows two-way data binding
Rendering Fast Slower due to Real DOM manipulation Fast
Learning curve Moderate Steeper Easy