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Human Resource is the vitality that runs any organization, and hence it is crucial to take care of this precious asset. The HR personnel is loaded with minuscule yet salient tasks relevant to the employees. If such tasks are altered or delayed, the operational flow of the organization is hindered.

Sure, you would not want that for your company. Read this inquisitive and solved case study on HRMS where we helped an automobile company by developing a customized HRMS software for their HR department. Learn how we overcame the challenges while developing the human resource management case study with solution.

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Insights: Human Resource Management Software

Employee satisfaction has become an obsolete term these days. The HR managers are finding difficulties in catering to the employee demands and perspectives. As per a study by Gartner, approximately 13% of employees are dissatisfied with their experiences at the workplace. However, to bridge this gap, modern tools and technology have come up with a viable solution that feeds in employee needs and throws out their expected results.

Primarily, you should know the importance of Human Resource Management Software for your organization. Next, entrepreneurs are unable to decide on technology for developing their Human Resource Management System. Here is when we come into the picture. We’re sharing one of our case studies where we developed a custom HRMS software for one of our clients in Dubai.

Client Requirements

Our Client was a finance and accounting firm in Dubai having a staff of over 500 employees. The company was harmoniously growing and favorable, but the only concerning factor was managing and handling staffing issues.

At this point, they contacted us, demanding our human resource management case study examples with solutions. We enlightened them with our development process, Agile methodology, skillset, and technical expertise. They willingly cracked the deal with us, and we started working on human resource management system software development.

After reading this Human Resource Management System case study, we hope you get a clear idea of how we were able to cater to our client’s needs.

HRM Case Study Challenges

One of the major concerns of a fast-growing company is retaining its employees and providing them with the utmost satisfaction. This client of ours was lately facing troubles- they wouldn’t afford to invest in more HR personnel. The HR team struggled with handling employee queries, tackling their issues, consolidating grievances, executing training, boosting productivity, and keeping them motivated. Along with managing these routine administrative tasks like attendance, leave, and payroll management, the HR department needed an automated solution that would diminish their burden and be fruitful with the desired output.

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management Case Study with solution: Our Approach

We started building the pitched Human Resource Management Solution for our client using the Agile Scrum project management like always. The client was impressed with the routine feedback and meetings that we arranged and asked to execute the project development as per their requirements.

Our developers build the software so that the users (employees of our client) can manage their details, update, inquire, apply leaves, and track performance on their own without bothering HR.

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We decided to develop the software using PHP Laravel because of the following reasons:

  • PHP Laravel is scalable
  • It is flexible and provides external frameworks/plugins
  • It is quite easy to develop applications using Laravel
  • Supported by a large community
  • Laravel is secure
  • Comes with eloquent ORM
  • RESTful routing
  • Consists of Object-oriented libraries, Blade templating engine, & Artisan CLI

Functions & Features of Human Resource Management Software

Features of Human Resource Management Software

Following are the features that we added to our HRM Case Study.

Employee Information Management

A self-service portal for employees to access their personal information like joining date, leaves applied, age, salary group, and other factors.

Payroll Management

Accounts management department covers reimbursement of claims, pay slips printing, view access, gratuity, and settlement.

Recruitment & Onboarding

A hassle-free and speedy post-hiring process for newly joined employees.

Managing Attendance & Tracking Absenteeism

Automatic attendance calculation by accessing data from the biometric system, time-tracking software, and more.

Employee Benefits Administration

Employee benefits life cycle management, online open enrollment, automated communication about enrollment and life cycle, statutory compliance, and much more.

Workforce Management

Aiding employee choices, legislative compliance, automatic event management, and contribution breakdown.

Performance Reviews & Appraisals

HR managers can schedule goals, manage employee performance tracking, schedule appraisal meetings, and review employee improvement.

HR Analytics

Calculating employee training expense, voluntary and involuntary turnover, time to hire, absenteeism, human capital risk, etc.

Employee Scheduling

Handling the complex shift patterns in a large workplace, creating schedules, setting priority tasks, and more.

Learning & Development

Web-based software for learning, uploading docs, calendar integration, managing goals, targets, streamlining learning administration, etc. Some companies like CustomWritings can provide a variety of custom writing services to help identify and target specific markets for optimal success

Talent Management

Enables HR to track and retain fresh talent, recruitment campaigns, aligning with business goals, individual employee career development, and more.

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Why Use Laravel?

Human Resource Management Software: Technical Stack

We used the following technologies in developing the proposed Human Resource Management System Software.

HRMS Technical Stack

Business Benefits of Human Resource Management System

Our Client was immensely relieved and satisfied by the software product that we developed. They could now emphasize their operational and functional undertakings more as the HRMS software has now automated most of their staffing tasks.

They need not worry about the expenses or resources spent on the HR department anymore.

Below are the notable advantages that they gained with our Human Resource Management System Software:

  • Automated Workflow
  • Data security
  • Employee self-service

We have some more ongoing future modules that we are planning to add to this solution: Discipline Management & Exit Management.


I hope this Human Resource Management case study on HR issues with solutions helped you understand how we tackled and handled our client’s problem. If your organization is looking for Laravel Development Services and has such or other internal operational glitches, share your issues and get a quote from Bacancy. Our expert business analysts and project managers will come up with potential solutions that will meet your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WorkDay, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, Bamboo HR, etc., are the top HRMS Software vendors.

An HRMS software solution deployed on the cloud instead of on-premise servers is known as a Cloud HRMS. Here, the data is directly saved and accessible from the cloud hassle-free.

Core HR, Talent Management, Human Resource Management System, Human Resource Information System, Human Capital Management, and HR Administration Software are the different types of HR software available in the market.

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