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Welcome to Bacancy Technology.We have been providing AngularJS development services globally since last 3 years, and have reached a milestone of working with over 300 clients. If you are looking for an organization to build Javascript framework based front-end development platform, then hire AngularJS developers from us to get your projects developed by vetted industry experts. If you want to build dynamic applications making use of contemporary technology, then hire dedicated Angular 2 developers from us. A glimpse of some of our work using AngularJS-Portfolio.. A glimpse of some of our work using AngularJS- Portfolio

Apparently, you can also hire dedicated AngularJS developer from us on hourly, weekly, monthly, and project basis. Choice is yours! We are all set to serve you.

What is AngularJS?

In simple words, AngularJS extends and enhances the HTML. Just add a pinch of AngularJS to your HTML recipe; and an amazing dish is ready to be served (to your target audience).

Why Choose AngularJS?

AngularJS best suits front end development and single page applications. AngularJS can be used to create applications akin to Gmail, Google Analytics, Real Time Applications, and more.

AngularJS is developer friendly, quick, and robust. This is why we choose AngularJS, and may be this is the reason why over five hundred thousand websites and web applications employed it.


AngularJS Development Services

Get the best AngularJS development solutions as per your requirement in short time. Our expert developers are quite ingenious in developing AngularJS based website and front end in fast and reliable way for all kind of business.

The main domain expertise of our developers is to build rich website user interfaces & create a responsive single page web application using AngularJS. With the help of these strong points we are providing you the following services:

  • Consolidated AngularJS Development with different server side technologies like ASP.NET, JSP/JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lasso, etc.
  • Development of Web Applications
  • Interactive App. Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Custom App. Development
  • Portal Development
  • Content Management Tools
  • E Commerce, Shopping cart Development
  • Plug-ins Development

Hire AngularJS Developer for Quick Solutions

We will provide you dedicated AngularJS developers. Our AngularJS developers possess the following skills.

  • PHP, Ruby on Rails & .Net
  • CSS 3, HTML5
  • Ajax, Jquery
  • Angular, Ember, Backbone and NodeJS
  • Twitter Bootstrap (Responsive designs)

Angular 2 is not just another framework, it is much more important than you think

You should go for Angular 2 for the additional features that boosts your productivity. Angular 2 is actually a lot simpler and much more elegant as well as important than you think. The upgraded version of Angular2 has come up with a lot of improvements and has fixed almost all the issues, which were in the previous JavaScript application framework. Hire Angular 2 developers from us to improve performance, experience the powerful template, create simpler APIs, and for better &easier debugging of the modern web browser.

Why Angular 2

You should choose Angular 2 for the listed additional features that boosts your productivity.

  • Angular 2 makes mobile apps easier to handle things and improves performance, load time, etc.
  • Angular 2 is component driven. The complexity of the core AngularJS is removed for better result performance.
  • It targets ES6 and make harder for any hacks or workarounds that, make sure about the security of the particular business domain

Remote AngularJS developer to Save time & Money

Hire Remote AngularJS developer from UK, US, Australia and more to get expert JavaScript developer working under your requirement and stipulation. Feel free to contact and share your requirement as well as estimate of your project.

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